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Lisa Ann Loves A Ride


Lisa Ann Loves A Ride

This beautiful ass belongs to a pornstars I am going to say most of you know. It’s Lisa Ann arguably the most famous pornstar on the planet. She is doing a Bang Bros scene and it just came out today and I thought you guys should see it. The video is pretty long but it does contain a lot of video that isn’t her fucking. If you want to skip right to the sex you’re going to need to go to the about the 3 minute mark for the outdoor stuff and then that kind of just transfer into them back home. Lisa is pretty amazing in this scene and you get to see plenty of that ass of hers because it was shot for Ass Parade. The best part like most scene from Lisa is when she is on top riding this guys dick, its just magically to watch this woman riding a dick.

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa ann returns to pawg

I thought for sure Lisa Ann had done some updates before for this site PAWG on the Bang Bros network and sure enough, she was in one quite awhile ago taking it up the ass right here…well now she’s back and is putting that big round juicy booty to work once again! She’s a thick busty MILF with a big round ass, huge round tits and big plump lips ready to suck this guy’s big dick and guide it right into her wet pussy with that bodacious booty up in the air. The guy loved slamming into her hole from behind, slapping against that spankable ass and making Lisa moan, her huge boobs swinging and bouncing with every thrust of his hard cock. She’s had plenty of experience shaking and working that butt of hers and is pulling out all the stops here, showing why she’s a natural for the title Phat Ass White Girl! She doesn’t get into any anal fun in this episode sadly but she does love playing with her ass so she fingers her pucker while the guy rails her pussy, it’s pretty hot.

Lisa Ann Steals Cock


Lisa Ann Steals Cock

Lisa Ann walks into the bathroom and see’s a girl in her heels on her knees blowing a guy she just met at the club. This girl is quite excited because she has found a random guy and he is hung like a horse! She is on her knees blowing him and she can’t get hard fast enough because she is going to be riding that dick. Lisa Ann hears that this guys is big and she wants it for herself and this MILF isn’t scared to get what she wants. She she opens up the door and tells the girl to get the fuck out. The girl is pissed of course but she can see the cougar in Lisa and she scrams. Lisa then starts off where the other girl left off but she gets him hard right away and then as you can see from this image here gets to riding him. She looks really good on top of his dick riding him but Lisa always does, it’s my favorite part of the video but to each their own I suppose.

Lisa Ann and Co


Lisa Ann and Co

When you are in a scene and one of the other co-stars is Lisa Ann it’s always going to be Lisa Ann and Co. Here she is teaching these two girls how to have proper lesbian sex. Keisha Grey and Allie Haze wanted to try things out before they actually got with other people. So the two friends undress each other and are just kind of fumbling around when Lisa Ann comes into the room and asks them what in the hell is going on. She takes her tone down however and instead asks them if they would like some help figure it out. So then Lisa goes ahead and teaches these two girls the ends and outs of lesbian sex. The reason I am posted this site for you guys is because it’s a brand new website that just came out and well everyone likes new porn. This is the first time I have seen a all lesbian site like this so it’s really unique. Watch the video and see if it’s up your alley and if it is then join up!

Lisa Ann More Mr Anal


Lisa Ann Mr Anal

I am not going to lie I liked the first Mr. Anal scene Lisa Ann did a little more. The chainmail lingerie she was wearing is what I think did it for me. I mean don’t get me wrong anytime you get to see Lisa Ann having anal sex is a good day I am just justifying why I didn’t make a gallery of this. This one is a little weird also because Bang Bros actually blurred out this guys face in like all the pictures and what not but then in the video. I wonder if this guy is like a personal friend of Lisa’s or something I just can’t think of a reason why they would spend the time to do that. They have a Bang Bros prototype in this video it’s the anal probe. Basically these geniuses just strapped a camera onto the end of a dildo. Lisa Ann has such a nice ass and is the perfect MILF to film anal with because if there was a pro of pros it’s Lisa Ann here. She can take a ass pounding like a champ and she thourghly enjoys it. She has beenin porn for so long and is still just putting out amazing stuff. She has a nice tight pussy and she just knows how to talk to the camera. Anyways enjoy this nice long video I found for you guys and then join Bang Bros it will be the best money you ever spent.

Like A Boss


Lisa Ann on Bang Bus

Lisa Ann is getting her pussy eaten out like a boss in this episode from Bang Bus. This was the very first guy that she picked up and it looked good for a bit. He got hard after Lisa sucked on it but he just couldn’t keep it together so Lisa kicked him to the curb. Of course she waited until after she got her pussy eaten out for a bit and she was really enjoying this smoking on her e-cigarette while she was getting licked. Then she kept on driving on the Bang Bus and found a guy that was selling warm water on the side of the road for $2.00 that right there is a rip off because you can get access to Bang Bros for half that! Anyways he wasn’t able to get his dick hard and he blamed Lisa’s blowjob for that, and let’s be real Lisa gives some of the best head you will see this girl isn’t the #1 MILF in porn for nothing. Then she goes on and finds this gangsta white guy walking down the street shirtless. She brings him in and he literally can’t even get his dick bigger then his balls, Lisa was hoping it would quadruple in size but it never got past being the size of a pinky. Bang Bus wasn’t going to let Lisa Ann go home without being fucked so they called up a male stunt cock to fuck her and fuck her he did! He pounded this amazing MILFs pussy into a really hard orgasm.

Afternoon Tease


Pure mature afternoon tease

Some people like to fuck in the morning, some people like to fuck in the evening, but for people like Lisa Ann the entire day is fair game…in this Pure Mature scene she’s giving her man an afternoon tease, giving him the old ‘yoo hoo’ frrom above on the balcony and dropping her bra to show him those huge bouncy titties of hers. He had been laying down for a nap but when he saw those big melons he about tore a hole in the stairs from going up them so fast! The afternoon tease quickly turned into a hardcore afternoon fuckfest as he pounded that MILF pussy with his big dick, laying her back on the couch and spreading her long legs to penetrate her hole as deep as he could. I think a lot of women would just lay back and hold on for dear life with a pounding like that but not this lady! Lisa Ann got that predatory look on her face and pulled him even deeper, and I didn’t have m headphones on but I could see her lips moving and I think she was saying some mighty dirty shit to this guy as he gave her a deep-dicking. She ends up with a mouthful of cum, but I would imagine that with tits that big her facial probably dripped right down onto them as well.

Lisa Ann and Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust and Lisa Ann Naughty America

This is like the MILF power couple right here. Kendra Lust has her legs spread apart while Lisa Ann helps her orgasm by rubbing her clit and thighs. This scene isn’t a new video from Naughty America it’s actually old but man anytime these two are together in a scene you just have to share it! The video is for Naughty America’s site called 2 Chicks Same Time and the plot of this video is that this guy answered a ad for a roommate. He shows up and Kendra Lust answers the door and he is already willing to sign the lease then he see’s her roommate Lisa Ann and he pops a boner right there. These two MILFs don’t mind that because what they’re looking for in a roommate is someone to fuck them during those lonely nights they can’t bring anyone back from the bars. The give him a test run of what it would be like fucking them each taking a turn on his cock and giving him a threesome he will NEVER forget.

Lisa Ann PV Locker


Lisa Ann PV Locker

I wanted to post this gallery for you guys not because those are some fine looking big titties that Lisa Ann has but because the site this is promoting is actually pretty cool. It’s called PV Locker and what it is is a cloud based storage for all your porn! You just simply buy clips on their webpage and they stay on their server never ever touching yours so it stays clear and your girlfriend / wife doesn’t have to find out about it. Pretty cool idea I must say. This video is rather long and it starts off with Lisa Ann showing off everything that makes her so special. The stunt cock at one time just can’t take it when Lisa bends over to show him her ass and pussy and he just sticks his face right in those big fat ass cheeks and starts licking her pussy. Lisa likes it so much she pushes him on the ground and then sits on his face and rides it until she cums, it’s very hot. If you can make Lisa cum you’re in good shape because she is going to blow your mind with the sex afterwards. She loves to come and when you do it to her she wants nothing more then to give you the bliss that she just felt, that’s what makes her so damn special.

Lawn Service


Lisa Ann Lawn Service

Lisa Ann has always hired her sons friends to come over to the house and do yard work. Ever since he moved off to college. Well one of his friends is over today and he is about to get paid by Lisa when he lets her know that he has always dreamed of fucking her. Lisa tries to brush it off and just give him cash for the job but she hasn’t been laid in a long time. Being a single mom isn’t easy and what she wouldn’t do to have a young cock in that tight little pussy of hers. She gives into this college boy and fucks him like he has never been fucked before. Of course she makes him eat out her pussy for some time before he gets to fuck her as well as lick that asshole. She is a freaky MILF what can I say, but you guys would eat that shit till the sun goes down if it gave you a chance to fuck Lisa.

Workin Out My Ass


Pure mature lisa ann workin ass out

An ass like the one sexy MILF Lisa Ann has doesn’t just appear one day out of the blue, she’s got to keep it in shape with a strict regimen of stretching, yoga, and of course anal sex. She’s doing a little dancercise or something when her man comes home, and he just sits down to enjoy the show…can’t say I blame him with those huge tits of hers bouncing all over the place! Soon he was giving it to her from behind, fucking that pussy and then sliding his cock into her ass for a nice hard anal session. She bounced up and down on his prong, taking him deep in her back door before he pulled out and shot his load all over her pussy and stomach for this Pure Mature update entitled Workin Out My Ass!

Lisa Ann Creampie Live


Lisa Ann Live Gonzo Creampie

Live Gonzo has a really hot scene with the MILF goddess Lisa Ann. She has to be the most popular MILFs on the Internet if not one of the most popular pornstars. She has such a great ass and those big fake tits of hers she is a real winner. She just loves to have sex too as you will see in this nice long video from Live Gonzo. It ends with Lisa getting a sensual fast fuck in the missionary position and this guy doesn’t pull out… He fills up Lisa Ann’s pussy with cum for one awesome creampie! I haven’t see Lisa do many creampies so get it while it’s hot gentlemen, and ladies too I guess…

Lisa Ann Little Black Dress


Lisa Ann Little Black Dress

I might be the only person in the world that didn’t know this but did you guys know that Lisa Ann has her very own person site? That kind of blew my mind when I found that out today. Here is a simple little picture gallery from that site to show you guys a sample. It looks like good stuff but all Lisa Ann porn looks good doesn’t it? I meant hose big tits her perfect plump round ass you just have to love this MILF. She will do anything to please a man from anal to wearing a sexy little black dress like you see here.

Lisa Ann and Casey Calvert


Lisa Ann Casey Calvert

I had a feeling you guys would want to see this as soon as you could. It’s a scene from Bang Bros starring the one and only Lisa Ann. Lisa is teaching how to have great anal sex to the young starlet Casey Calvert. When Lisa Ann was 18 years old Casey was just fucking born can you believe that! Here we are 18 years later and Casey is licking her MILF crush asshole getting her ready for a big dick. Lisa of course returns the favor as she is just a sweet woman. Then both of these get fucked in the ass for probably the best MILF Soup scene that has ever been filmed on Bang Bros what do you guys think?

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa Ann Tonight's Girlfriend

Lisa Ann is back fucking guys for money in this episode of Tonight’s Girlfriend. She isn’t doing anal like her last time probably because she wasn’t paid the big bucks but it’s still a really hot scene. It’s kind of funny because as we all know Lisa Ann is one thick MILF and the guy who is fucking her looks like a little mouse. I bet Lisa has a couple LBS on him so it just looks funny when that big ass of hers is riding him. The guy is one of those young successful engineers and has a lot of money to blow and a really boring marriage. So he went to Vegas when Lisa was in town and booked her to come over to his hotel and fuck him like crazy. Lisa Ann never disappoints when it comes to sex and this is no different, the video is nice and long and you’re definitely going to love it. If you somehow missed Lisa’s anal sex, or threesome with Jayden Jaymes Tonight’s Girlfriend scenes you’re going to want to see those to so click away.

Fucking The Poolboy


Lisa Ann Pure Mature Poolboy

Lisa Ann is a MILF that is just home alone having nothing to do because everything is done for her. So she goes out back and does a little topless sunbathing when her poolboy comes over to do his thing. She is in the mood for a little fuck so she has the guy come on over to her cabana where they get things started. Not wanting to give all her neighbors a show and the gossip that goes along with it they head in doors where Lisa shows this poolboy what a MILF can do. Lisa Ann has done a bunch of Pure Mature scenes each one of them is amazing, if you like her you have to join this site just trust me!

Lisa Ready For You


Lisa Ann Ready For You

Lisa Ann is looking quite stunning in this new Pure Mature scene. I saw her getting her massage and that ass of hers is just like the ultimate bubble and I was wondering if she had a butt implant or something. I did a little googling and from what I found I think she is all natural can you believe that shit? I really wouldn’t care either way but I know some of you would. Those huge tits of hers are fake but once again who gives a shit she is the ultimate fucking MILF. She should just go around the country and teach girls how to fuck because nothing she does is bad and I mean nothing! This Pure Mature scene is called “Ready For You” and it’s just one of those scenes you will bookmark and watch over and over again.

Mandingo Massacre 7


Lisa Ann Jules Jordan

I am just impressed that Lisa Ann can take the Mandingo in that nice little MILF pussy of hers! Then I watch this entire Jules Jordan video and saw that she ends up asking him to put it in that bubble butt of hers! He fucks it just like it’s her pussy not slowing down a bit and Lisa Ann just loves it! I bet after all the sex she has had she can enjoy just about everything. She is just such a gorgeous MILF I didn’t really care that I posted a gallery of her the other day. This one is so much different, it’s Interracial and this guy is hung like a god damn horse I mean look at that thing!

Built For Seduction


Lisa Ann Built For Seduction

Pure Mature has yet another amazing scene with Lisa Ann! This one is called Built For Seduction. This pornstar has some of the best curves in the entire world and if you like MILFs then you definitely like Lisa Ann. She is probably the best known pornstar I think that still performs right now. Pure Mature has a lot of scenes with her and every single one of them is really good, nice and hight quality just the way I like my porn. Lisa Ann starts the scene just waiting in bed in some sexy lingerie and her man comes over and starts to finger her. Then he goes down and licks that nice hairy pussy until Lisa is so turned on she needs a hard pounding. She gets him hard and then some of the best sex you will ever see ensues.

Workin It


Lisa Ann Workin It

I think I am going to try to get a picture of Lisa Ann under the definition “thick” because she is what I think of when I hear people talk about thick girls. I wouldn’t change a thing about her she has all the right curves and I even love her fake tits I think it’s a great boob job. This is a new Pure Mature scene and it’s called Workin’ It. Lisa is all dressed up in her gym clothes which I hope she doesn’t actually wear to the gym because this shit would be way to distracting. They don’t even make it out of the gym they just find different machines and benches to fuck on and I think that could be pretty fun and these two look like they are definitely having fun.

Cumming 3 Times


Lisa Ann Porn Fidelity

I posted Lisa Ann in The White Room not too long ago and that one actually came after this one. I don’t know why I posted it first I hate doing things out of order so I am just sorry. This video will make you forgive me though because you get to see a long one of Ryan fucking and getting fucked by Lisa Ann and you can tell he is just enjoying himself. Lisa was such a good fuck that she was two updates in a row on their site Porn Fidelity and that shit is just unheard of! Lisa is like the ultimate cougar with those big fake tits and her equally as juicy ass, all the right curves it’s what college students dream about and apparently Ryan as well. He didn’t even let his wife Kelly get in on this or maybe having to fuck Kelly and Lisa at the same time is just too much for one man, that’s probably it.

Lisa Does Anal


Lisa Ann Brazzers Anal

I saw that Brazzers came out with a anal scene with the hottest MILF in the world Lisa Ann. As you can see she is dressed up in some very sexy lingerie and any gallery that focuses on that perfect plump ass of hers it a winner in my mind. If you are liking what you are seeing in this gallery then make sure to head to the top of the site and click on Lisa Ann’s name as you will find a ton of her galleries there if you want them.

Young Voyeur


Pure Mature Holly and Lisa

I couldn’t really be more happy with this new from Pure Mature called Young Voyeur! It stars Lisa Ann and Holly Michaels. Holly starts off just watching in the doorway rubbing her pussy until she can’t take it anymore and needs some of that juicy ass of Lisa and this guys big cock. She goes over and joins in on the fun. Both of this girls look hot as hell especially the juicy Lisa Ann. The take turns fucking some cock and while they are being fucked they make sure to eat out the other girl to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. The guy cums right inside of Holly Michaels and then it’s eaten out by his cum hungry MILF.

Panty Thieves


Lisa Ann Wicked Pictures

This scene really seems to have nothing to do with Panty Thieves as it does with a horny MILF like Lisa Ann seducing the pool boy. Lisa Ann must have married for money and from the looks of their surrounding I would say that is the case. She goes out there and tries to get the pool boy to fuck her by he really isn’t picking up what she is putting down cause he is a dumbass. He pretty much makes Lisa tell him to stop what he is doing and please her. If a girl like Lisa says that to you I am pretty sure you just don’t say know, she probably hasn’t heard no much in her life. This scene is from Wicked Pictures a site that you can fine the hottest pornstars like Lisa Ann I don’t know how many scenes they have of her but I bet you it’s a lot.

The White Room


Porn Fidelity Lisa Ann

I am going to be posting two Lisa Ann galleries today one is not better then the other but this one isn’t on our site that’s why it’s last today. This is a gorgeous sex scene between Lisa Ann and Ryan from Porn Fidelity. Ryan literally fucked her a week earlier but just couldn’t get enough of Lisa Ann. I would say that is saying a lot because Ryan fucks some of the top pussies in all of porn and on top of that he is married to Kelly Madison so you know he gets to fuck that all the time!

Lisa Ann Seduces


Lisa Ann Naughty America

I imagine Lisa Ann really has no problems seducing pretty much anyone with the bodacious body that she has! Check out that perfect round ass and you guys aren’t even seeing those big tits in this picture! This scene comes from a fantasy series that Naughty America has that they call My Friends Hot Mom. You know that guy friend of yours who has a super hot MILF mom well they’re pretending that that mom is a little whore bag and wants dick any chance she can get. In this episodes Lisa Ann’s son isn’t hot yet but his friend is waiting for him to get home. Lisa takes that opportunity to get it in riding this guys cock like he he has never seen before. Lisa Ann has some age on him so she can teach him a thing or tow.

Door To Passion


Britney Amber Pure Mature

This is a scene from Pure Mature called Door To Passion but if I was naming these scene it would be window to passion. You see how much better mine is then theirs? I do believe that this is the first scene Britney Amber has done for Pure Mature and it remind me a lot of Lisa Ann’s first scene with them. I mean they definitely both did this sitting on the guys face while looking out the window it’s the same location and everything. Pure Mature is a great place to find erotic MILF porn and actually if I think about it, it’s the only place to find it!

Check Mate


Lisa Ann Pure Mature Check Mate

I have the gorgeous Lisa Ann getting fucked int his new erotic scene from Pure Mature the only site where you can find sexy ass MILFs like Lisa here getting fucked. The scene is called Check Mate because it starts out with Lisa playing the actual board game. I love those big titties of Lisa and she knows how to work them and from the looks of it she loves to have her nipples sucked on. Pure Mature has so many scenes with Lisa Ann I would be surprised if any real Lisa Ann fan hasn’t join Pure Mature just to see them all.

Loving Breakfast


Lisa Ann Loving Breakfast

This guy got to wake up to quite the breakfast! Pure Mature set him up with a plate full of Lisa Ann pussy and he went to town on it eating that hairy pussy because he knew his time would come. It did he just got to sit there in his chair and got some mind blowing head from this MILF superstar as well as a titty fuck between those big breasts of hers. Lisa Ann is pretty incredible and if you like her you’re just going to love this Pure Mature website because they have so many scenes from her I have lost count!

Lisa Ann Stiff Drink


Lisa Ann Pure Mature Stiff Drink

Pure Mature is just pumping out amazing scene of Lisa Ann here! The new one that just came out the other day is Stiff Drink. It is really hot as you get to see Lisa riding reverse cowgirl and see that juicy round ass going up and down in POV is something every man should see. Pure Mature is one of those sites who have the highest quality porn you will find, I am dead serious about that just check out the tour for yourself.

Wine and Sex


Lisa Ann Pure Mature

Lisa Ann is taking a hard pounding in this new Pure Mature scene called Wine and Sex. I don’t blame this guy for laying her down and fucking her kind doggystyle like this because it’s a nice ass view! The scene is very erotic and seeing a MILF like Lisa fucking is just like watching art because she knows exactly what ever guy wants, she been around for a long ass time for a reason you know?

Lisa Ann Culioneros


Lisa Ann Culioneros

I didn’t expect to see a Lisa Ann gallery when I visited Culioneros today because they are a Latina site mostly. To my surprise though they had a new scene of this gorgeous MILF and I thought why the fuck not hook you guys up with it. Lisa has big everything, she must be from Texas or something. Enjoy the long video and just a couple of my favorite pictures from their site.

Lisa Ann Rides


Lisa Ann Naughty America

I have a really good deal for you guys today because Naughty America is celebrating the 4th of July with a special discount. For a limited time only you can join their network of site for just $7.95 for a whole fucking month! Just take a look at their amazing porn and I thought who better to illustrate that then the big titty juicy ass pornstar Lisa Ann. The scene comes from a site called My Friend’s Hot Girl where guys betray their best buddies by fucking their girlfriends. I mean I wouldn’t blame my buddy if he fucked Lisa Ann no guy in their right might wouldn’t bang her.

Lisa Ann Passion HD


Lisa Ann Passion HD

You guys are in for a serious treat today because Passion HD just released a amazing scene with the gorgeous pornstar Lisa Ann. Lisa is getting ready for a big night out and doing her make-up and choosing what jewelry to wear. Her man just can’t help but want to fuck her seeing her in her sexy white thong and matching bra. So he goes up and starts to nibble on her neck and they next thing you know he has Lisa Ann beautiful round ass riding him, what a lucky ass guy!

Lisa Ann on Mr. Anal


Lisa Ann Mr. Anal

If you guys don’t find this Mr. Anal gallery awesome then you’re freaking crazy. Lisa Ann just kills it in this new scene from Bang Bros Mr. Anal and it just came out today so you guys are getting it fresh off the press. Lisa Ann is a gorgeous MILF with huge tits and a ass to match and she is just so good at having anal you won’t even believe it. The outfits the put her in are also super sexy and pleasing to my eyes, and yours too!

Lisa Ann Is A PAWG


Lisa Ann PAWG

If I was to make a list of all the PAWG I could think of I am pretty sure I would have put Lisa Ann on that list. Bang Bros made her the third update on a new site that are putting out and Lisa Ann did something special for them and that’s anal sex! Lisa is pretty well known for her amazing anal scenes and this one isn’t any different you guys are just simply going to love it. I can’t wait for Bang Bros to get enough videos together to actually launch their PAWG sites because we all love Phat Ass White Girls don’t we?

Lisa Ann Mature Anal


Lisa Ann Pure Matural Anal

This is one amazing anal sex scene from Pure Mature with Lisa Ann. Lisa has just a gorgeous be fat ass and a nice tight pussy so when she is getting fucked on her side like this you get to enjoy looking at that beautiful bald kitty. The scene is called Better Than Dreams and I would have to imagine that fucking Lisa in the ass is probably better then most everyone’s dreams. The best thing about this site Pure Mature is that you get to see really horny older woman doing anything and everything because well they’re so horny and they just want some young big cock in them and that’s about it!

Lisa Ann Pure Mature


Lisa Ann Pure Mature

This is one hot MILF many of you know her as Lisa Ann by I just know her at DAMMMN! I mean her ass is so damn juicy and she just has stupid big tits. Watch her in a very erotic scene from Pure Mature in which she makes love in the most tenderest way with a guy probably half her age. There is something the comes along with that age and that’s a ton of experience and Lisa definitely has that you can just tell by the way she fucks.

Lisa Ann Teaches


Lisa Ann Naughty America

In this gallery from Naughty America you get to pretend like Lisa Ann was your very first sex teacher! Lisa Ann teaches one of her college students she is teaching how to fuck correctly and even eat pussy. If you had to learn it from anyone it would have to be Lisa Ann she has a banging body with huge tits and you know she knows her way around a cock!

Up The Butt


Lisa Ann Bang Bros

Here is another anal gallery from Lisa Ann on Bang Bros. I think she must have gone to their production house and just had a mission to take big dicks up that big round ass of hers. Lisa Ann is like the MILF of all MILFs when I think of that word I think of Lisa Ann. She knows what she is doing likes to just please a guy that’s how this normal fuck session turned into anal because Lisa asked the stunt cock if he wanted to fuck her tight asshole and he was like hell yea I do.

Lisa Ann Anal


Lisa Ann Porn Star Spa

When you are still fucking like Lisa Ann is here when you’re older it because you a horny chick and you will do some freaky things! Lisa Ann is back on Porn Star Spa and in this update she doesn’t want a massage, she wants a anal massage. So the guy puts her on the table and goes to work on that ass. Once Lisa’s pussy is dripping wet from her ass being massaged she tells her masseuse to put his dick in it and fuck her like he has never fucked a girl before, I think he delivered on that.

Lisa Ann first time on Porn Star Spa

Lisa Ann


Lisa Ann Tonight's Girlfriend

Here is Lisa Ann and those big beautiful tits of hers on Tonight’s Girlfriend. This site takes some of the hottest pornstar out there and see’s if they will fuck a amateur girl for a bunch of cash. Basically Tonights Girlfriend has these chicks being escorts for the night. This guy has been a big fan of Lisa Ann for a long time now and has always wanted a chance to fuck that ass! Well in this gallery he has anal sex with Lisa Ann and I think his mind was blown by how much Lisa actually enjoying the butt sex, I think your will be too after you watch this video!

Annalisa for FTV Girls


Pantie stuffing Annalisa from FTV Girls

Sleepy FTV Girls Annalisa gets woken up early for another day of shooting and they don’t even make it out the door. After slipping into her dress, high heels, and thong she falls back into bed and peels off her panties. After a few quick rubs she’s wet and decides to stuff her panties into her pussy and then pull them out using the spike of her heel. Hot stuff for your foot fetish and panty stuffing fans out there.

Lisa Ann Massaged


Lisa Ann Porn Star Spa

This is the other update that Porn Star Spa has in the bank right now and its with Lisa Ann. I mean I think that’s a pretty nice site for any guy in this work, a nice set of huge natural tits and a tight pussy on top of that. Lisa Ann is just s sexual beast, she loves to fuck and does a great job in any scene that she is in check out this free video today and you will see for yourself.

Real Wife Stories


Full of cock

Lisa Ann takes time off from her job as a lazy bon-bon eating housewife to do some proper work. By proper work of course I mean properly working some lucky guy’s hard dong in and out of her sinfully hot vagina. It’s hard being a stay at home wife but she’s up for it anytime, anyday.

Lisa Daniels


super sexy

This brunette model is called Lisa Daniels and on this gallery by BabesKickAss she is posing in the bed. The gallery contains only nine pictures but they have a very high quality and are featured by one of the best paysites for sexy babes:! You can check out for more sexy babes but first visit this gallery because Lisa Daniels is a real hottie!

Lisa Ann


Lisa Ann

This sexy mommy is called Lisa Ann and hardcore pictures and videos clips of her can be found inside the members area of this great boobie sites featuring busty mommies only: MommyGotBoobs! I discovered this great gallery containing twelve high quality pictures on, my favorite boobie babeblog! Take a look at the other galleries there too!

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