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Kelly Is Cool


Kelly Is Cool

I wanted to share this video with you guys to show you just how cool Kelly Madison is. She seems super down to earth and would probably be really fun to hang…(Offsite Gallery)

Kelly Hadnjob


Kelly Hadnjob

Kelly Madison is giving a handjob in this quick little video with her husband. She does it in this leather outfit with her awesome huge titties just hanging…(Offsite Gallery)

Madisons In Mexico


Madisons In Mexico

Click to watch this Kelly Madison video!

When Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan head down over the border you know you’re in for some fun! When we join the Madisons in Mexico they’re in Cabo getting…READ MORE

Kelly’s Morning Bang


Kelly's Morning Bang

I think this is the type of scene that people just live for, or at least those of us who are members of Kelly Madison‘s site. It’s a simple sex scene really but it’s like they’re having sex without even paying attention to the camera’s. It seems like this sex session happened in the morning as Kelly is wearing pretty much a tight white shirt and that’s it. Her boobs do look incredible underneath this shirt don’t they? The sex is really good and Ryan ends up cumming on the bottom while Kelly is riding him. A creampie scene which to be honest you don’t see much on Kelly’s site she usually likes to just swallow his load or take it on her tits and of course a facial is another one of her favorites.

Woodland Whoopee


Woodland Whoopee

Click to see Kelly Madison on Huge Tits!

The one and only Kelly Madison was on a woodland getaway with her man Ryan in this hot photoshoot…you might know her better from Porn Fidelity but Kelly has her very own site so if you’re in the mood for a blonde with truly massive titties check it out! Anyway I guess all the wood around the cabin got her thinking about Ryan’s wood that he’s packing in his trousers and soon she had those big boobs out and was slurping down Ryan’s cock, blowing him in this shoot she calls Woodland Whoopee! By the way I always dig when people refer to sex as ‘making whoopee’, it’s so quaint it’s adorable. Kelly goes beyond simple sex though, her breasts are legendary and Ryan just can’t get enough so he’s always pounding that sexy wet MILF hole of hers and always thinks ahead, bringing a camera along on their vacations and whatnot!

Kelly Madison Black Licorice


Kelly Madison Black Licorice

Click to see Kelly Madison on Huge Tits!

You might know her mainly from running Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity but sexy horny blonde MILF Kelly Madison has her very own website as well! If you’re a fan of hot mature babes with truly magnificent enormous breasts, Kelly is gonna be right up your alley…check out this shoot from her site as she relaxes on the bed in her little black lingerie, with a pair of thigh high leather boots that look kinky and slick and sexy as hell. Kelly lets those massive tits out to play and rolls around on the bed looking like a MILF dream cum true, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having a friend stop by and play for the afternoon so head on in and hop up on that big comfy bed! She calls this update Black Licorice but that’s not entirely accurate, since black licorice tastes gross and Kelly looks delicious in these pictures.

Blue Dress Desire


Blue Dress Desire

Click to see Kelly Madison on Huge Tits!

In a hot update from her very own website called Blue Dress Desire (that’s the name of the update, not the name of her website you knuckleheads) the one and only Kelly Madison puts those huge soft full titties of hers to work! She’s relaxing in a mansion, wandering around and letting her dress slip down to reveal those huge breasts before busting out a glass dildo and giving her pussy a nice fucking with it…she loves masturbating and loves being watched, so she takes herself for a ride here, even hopping on top of a glass table to watch her own reflection as she slips that toy in and out of her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every passing second!

Halloween Wedding


Halloween Wedding

Click to see Kelly Madison on Big Tits!

Most people would probably think that getting married on Halloween is a bad omen or at the very least kinad weird, but for any friends of Kelly and Ryan Madison it was a natural choice! Kelly and Ryan were at their friend’s wedding which was a dressup affair with costumes and all that, Kelly was in a dress that of course let those huge titties of hers pretty much hang right out, and Ryan was some kind of gothy jester or something. They had fun at the wedding but really what this shoot is about is the fun at the afterparty, so to speak! Ryan and Kelly headed back to their hotel room and fucked the night away, with him pounding her sweet pussy while making those huge boobs bounce and swing…this update is from Kelly Madison‘s own site, so if you like seeing this buxom blonde MILF get her thing on this is the perfect opportunity. She keeps her corset on as Ryan pounds that hole, then pumps a big load of cum out to finish things off!

Classy Tittyfucking


Kelly madison classy tittyfucking

You might not put the words ‘classy’ and ‘tittyfucking’ together but if not, you’ve probably never seen Kelly Madison do it! She starts off this shoot she was doing for her own solo site all glamourous and classy and elegant with Kelly in her big floppy hat and cute dark dress with high heeled shoes but since her photographer is her husband Ryan Madison you just know it’s going to end up with some hot raunchy sex! That’s just what happens here as Kelly gets those big juicy soft titties out and Ryan slides his big hard cock between them, slipping it up and down between those huge boobs, pouring a little oil on them to ease things along. Kelly ends up taking that dick into her mouth, sucking Ryan’s cock and getting facefucked until she takes a big load of his cum right down her throat! You might be used to seeing Kelly on Porn Fidelity but she does have her own site, so if you’re in the mood for massive titties on a hot blonde MILF you know where to go.

Arrow Head


Kelly madison bath time

I got a look at sexy busy babe Kelly Madison taking a bath and having a blast and was like what is wrong with her, nobody likes having a bath THAT much! But the more I thought about it the more sense it made…I mean I certainly don’t have a pair of natural 34FF titties to soap up and play with in the water like she does, so I would think that makes a hell of a big difference! You’ve probably seen Kelly on sites like Porn Fidelity before with her husband but this photoshoot called Arrow Head is from her own website, it’s all Kelly all the time here and that’s just the way she likes it! With those huge tits you know she’s used to getting plenty of attention and apparently has become addicted to it, so any opportunity she has to flash those magnificent big natural breasts she takes it, and I know we couldn’t be happier about the situation. Check out the fun as this MILF splashes around getting clean in the tub, playing with her tits and getting all dripping wet from head to toe and everywhere in between!

Ship Mate


Kelly madison ship mate

Get ready to batten down your own hatches because Captain Kelly Madison is on the deck! You won’t be able to help standing up and saluting if you know what I mean because she’s got those magnificent huge tits popping out of her top…if the ship goes down you’ve gotta grab those titties, there’s not way they won’t float you to safety! Man it’s gotta be nice to never have to worry about drowning. It’s been a little while since I posted a set from Kelly’s own site so if you’ve been jonesing for some big breast action I apologize…the wait is worth it though, Kelly is looking hotter than ever and I love when she does a theme shoot like this! Kelly is a big fan of seamen and I would imagine that she’s an expert at saving drowing victims by now; guys are basically lining up to jump overboard and have her do a little mouth-to-cock resuscitation on them! If you love all things Kelly Madison make sure you check out her own solo site…she’s done tons of updates on Porn Fidelity of course but if you don’t really want that variety and just want Kelly she’s got you covered.

Kelly Madison Mexican Exposure


Kelly madison mexican exposure porn fidelity

We’ve seen Ryan Madison fuck a billion other girls but it’s always nice to see him and his wife Kelly Madison gettin it on in a hot Porn Fidelity update! They headed to Cabo for a little fun in the sun and when he saw Kelly in her sexy little skimpy string bikini with those magnificent huge round juicy titties of hers just about bouncing out of her top, Ryan couldn’t help strip her down, gettin those big boobs out and laying Kelly down on the pool table to pound that wet MILF pussy hard and deep until he shot his load of cum inside for a creampie finish! Looks like they didn’t even manage to make it to the beach for Kelly to work on her tan, that bikini of hers was just plain too sexy for Ryan to handle! I hope they made it out to play in the sun at least a little bit at some point, otherwise they might as well just have stayed at home and put up a couple of posters of mexico to pretend it’s a window, and saved all that money on hotels and airfare! It’s been awhile since Kelly Madison did a scene on Porn Fidelity but hopefully we’re in for some more fun…those tits are just second to none and Kelly knows how to take care of a big hard horny dick!

Kelly Madison Oral Special


Kelly Madison Oral Special

Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan Madison don’t just have normal sex anymore they’re also doing different things. In this scene I guess Ryan didn’t want to fuck her instead he wanted a blowjob, handjob and some titty fucking. Or maybe Kelly didn’t want to fuck either way that’s what they did. Kelly was able to pleasure herself with a vibrator while she sucked on his dick. For the cumshot Ryan just stands up and then shoves his wife’s face on his cock and cums in the back of her throat. She doesn’t even fight it just takes it and she must of swallowed a lot of cum because she was swallowing for a long time LOL. Kelly is one hot ass MILF and if you join her site you’re going to have enough porn of her to watch a new day every day for a entire year. You don’t just get hardcore like some sites on this one you get her masturbating, having lesbian sex with another girl anything you want she has.

Kelly Madison Cabo Caliente


Kelly madison red dress caliente

This is another steamy photoshoot from the trip to Cabo that Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan took…you probably see her mostly on her site Porn Fidelity but she’s got her own website too so if you’ve got a hankering for those massive titties of hers make sure you check it out! In this photoshoot Kelly is rocking a cherry red dress that looks hot as hell and I guess feels that way too because soon she has to strip out of it to get into the cool water, and decides to make a bit of a show out of it as she shows off those big bouncy boobies…this MILF is looking red hot and ready for a little fun, Cabo Caliente style! I for one can’t get enough of those big tits and I’m sure you can’t either so I made sure to get this update on here for you guys to enjoy.

Kelly Madison Hotel Night Fuck


Kelly Madison Hotel Night Fuck

Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison are in L.A. and they brought their camera’s to film a sex scene of course. I thought for some reason they were based in L.A. but I gues they’re not. The name of the video is “La Casual” and it is really well put together. The videos I usually give you guys are edited but they’re edited by Kelly Madison herself. It starts off with her in a sweater wearing no bra what so ever. She is shaking them and it’s set to a nice little jam I don’t know the name of that. The video is a little quieter then other scenes you see from them but that’s because they’re trying to keep it down for the neighbors all around them. The sex on the video really starts at like the 1 minute mark if you don’t want to see all the build up. You get some titty fucking, some doggystyle, blowjob I mean it has it all and it is all shot in a very homemade way which I like.

Kelly Black Bikini


Kelly Madison Black Bikini

I don’t know how many of you are going to want to see Kelly Madison just naked and masturbating but that’s what the video is. I personally just love a hot MILF and Kelly here is one of the top MILFs in the game in my opinion. She is in this sexy little black panties and bra and she strips out of it and gives you a good boob show. She is almost doing a strip tease but at one point she puts her hand down her panties and starts to masturbate. If you guys want to see a hardcore scene we have plenty of those just check out her page to see those. This is for the softer porn loves out there that just like to see a beautiful woman doing some what naughty things.

White Pantsuit


Kelly madison white pantsuit

Sometimes the simplest things are the hottest things, as demonstrated in this scene from Kelly Madison‘s own website! She’s wearing just a simple white pantsuit that shows off those huge breasts of hers, looking almost angelic as she sits on a little box in front of some sheer white curtains. This horny busty MILF doesn’t need a crazy exotic set to be sexy as hell, all she needs is herself and maybe a little fabric! Soon she’s stripped down, showing off her magnificent boobs and masturbating with one of her favorite toys…that pussy is getting taken care of in just the right way, you’d almost think Kelly has done this before! That was just a little joke on my part of course, this hottie has gotten fucked more times than you or I have dreamt of most likely. It’s just nice of her to share her experiences with us!

Kelly Madison Hermosa Noche


Kelly madison hermosa noche

If you remember a little while ago I posted an update from Kelly Madison‘s own website called Hermosa Tarde which means Beautiful Morning (it’s right here if you missed it before), well now I’ve got one from later that same day called Hermosa Noche which of course means Beautiful Night! Kelly and Ryan Madison were tearing it up in Cabo, having a fucking ball going out to clubs and drinking and hanging out in the hot tub and seeing the sights…all that activity got Kelly all hot and bothered so it’s a good thing Ryan’s cock is always ready to stiffen up and give that pussy of hers a good hard pounding, making her huge tits bounce up and down like carousel horses! Watch this busty blonde MILF ride his cock, bouncing her pussy around on his crank until he shot his load right into her mouth and onto her face, with some I’m sure dripping down to get on her big titties.



Kelly madison breastball

The 2014 draft is coming up for football season but some people couldn’t care less…Kelly Madison for instance came up with her own game that she calls Breastball, but nobody but her seems to know the rules! It apparently involves Kelly stripping down out of her clothes and underwear, letting those huge tits of hers hang out and bounce around…I don’t know if that means she’s the ball or one of the players or what but however you want to slice it, Kelly ends up winning. Since the 2nd place prize is that we get to stare at her huge MILF breasts though I’d say nobody’s gonna be a sore loser here! This photoshoot is from Kelly’s own website, definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a hot blonde mature babe with huge tits and all kinds of attitude.

Hermosa Tarde


Kelly madison cabo dress

If my high school Spanish class memories serve me right, Hermosa means ‘beautiful’ so basically this photoshoot from Kelly Madison is entitled Beautiful Morning. She is certainly doing her part to make it so, putting on a sexy black dress and getting her huge bouncy breasts out and posing in front of her Mexico resort garden patio! It’s a beautiful setting for a beautiful MILF who loves to show off…we’ve already seen her taking a soak in the hot tub in this Cabo series, if you missed that one check it out here! I can’t wait to see what the afternoon and evening have in store for this gorgeous and mature busty blonde. This is a shoot from her own website, usually she takes part in just the Porn Fidelity updates but sometimes it’s nice to see what she gets up to on her own (or sometimes with a friend or two).

Julia Ann


Julia Ann and Kelly Madison Porn Fidelity

Julia Ann is surprisingly enough making her first appearance on Porn Fidelity. I could have swore she had been on before but I can’t find a scene before this one. So this one is called “Hollywood Hook-Up” and like last week with Valentina Nappi Kelly Madison is once again joining in on the fun! She and Julia Ann are fucking her husband of course and both of these girls have big tits are are some of the hottest MILFs I can think of. The scene starts in the bathroom with both girls in lingerie sitting on the counter getting their pussies licked by Ryan. They then take it to the bed where they share Ryan cock and his cum. You know he is always cumming multiple times and in this update he is covering both of these girls tits. For the final cumshot he has his dick fucking both of these girls titties waiting to see which lucky one is going to get a pearl necklace!

Kelly in Baja


Kelly Madison

Sometimes a gorgeous MILF like Kelly Madison just has to take a little time out for herself and go on vacation! Luckily she and her husband Ryan always bring cameras with them on their excursions because you never know what will pop up (actually it’s usually Ryan’s dick popping up). In this update from Kelly’s own personal site she’s in Baja at a resort by the sea, getting naked in an outdoor pool and showing off those huge full breasts as she soaks…in some of the photos it looks like she’s yelling with delight or something, can’t say I blame her because damn look at that view!

Kelly Madison Baja International


Kelly madison baja international

I think it’s safe to say that sexy blonde Kelly Madison is pretty excited to leave the cold shitty weather behind and head to Cabo for a little sun, a little sand, and of course plenty of naked fun! In this update called Baja International from her own website, Kelly arrives at the airport with her mouth already open in a shout of happiness and that trend continues as she settles into her resort suite, relaxing in the oceanside pool in the nude with those huge tits swinging as she moves through the water! In the trailer you get to see her getting her bikini stripped off by her husband Ryan who proceeds to fuck the hell out of her face and pussy, grabbing those massive tits as he pounds her pussy from behind. Looks like a hell of a vacation for these two horny lovebirds!

Kelly Cabo San Lucas


Kelly Madison in Cabo San Lucas

Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan Madison have been out vacationing recently at least according to her personal website. This scene right here was filmed in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas. The porn couple went out on the town and had a couple of libations before coming home and fucking until they fell asleep. This couple is serious when it comes to vacation because they didn’t leave home without their vibrator. It’s not one of those small ones either this thing is like a plug into the wall type of vibrator and I even imagine they brought a extenstion cord with them LOL! Kelly Madison does like her orgasms as you will see multiple times in this video. The couple uses the sex toy throughout the video. Kelly rides some dick and then is thrown on her back where Ryan pounds his wifes pussy until he cums inside of it.

Kelly Madison Lovers Park


Kelly madison lovers park

At pretty much any big city there’ll be a park that’s well known for being a destination spot for couples in love…you’ll see people walking around together hand in hand, making out, who knows maybe even getting naked and fucking once the sun starts going down! I’d bet dollars to donuts that Ryan and Kelly Madison have done just that but in this update from Kelly’s own site they’re just spending a little fun quality time together in Lovers Park, kissing on the bench and just enjoying each others compnay…after a little while of this though Kelly starts getting turned on and they rush back home where she busts out those huge titties of hers and turns up the heat a few hundred notches! It’s not often that I’ll put up a post from Kelly’s own site, usually she’s in the updates from Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity but hey this one seemed kinda romantic so here you go. Plus in the trailer you get to see Kelly sucking cock and getting fucked while those huge tits bounce!

Kelly Madison Denver Sex Tape


Kelly Madison Denver Sex Tape

I rarely ever post a gallery from Kelly Madison’s personal site and that’s just Tom foolery. So I went over to my favorite MILF site and found this gallery that I think you guys will like. It has that feel of a real sex tape and that’s probably because it is a real sex tape. Her and Ryan are married of course so they’re banging all the time, this time though they just happen to film it. They’re off on a vacation in Denver at least that’s what she said in her members area and they made this tape in a hotel room. It’s really good but anytime you see a real couples having sex it’s good. I especially liked it when Kelly was on top, there is something about a busty woman riding dick isn’t there? Well the something is obviously those big naturals bouncing around but I don’t know why that’s so hypnotizing to me. Anyways hope you guys enjoy and you should know if you join like Porn Fidelity or Teen Fidelity you get a discount for joining more then one site. So instead of paying $30 bucks a month you will just pay $10 or something like that, just check it out when you’re signing up.

Agent Double F


Kelly madison agent ff porn fidelity

Secret Agent Double F, also known as the inimitable Kelly Madison, stars in this Porn Fidelity update as she tracks her target, hunky Ryan, and proceeds to seduce him at an oceanside resort by means of that round booty and huge full tits until he finally shoots his load in her mouth and gives up the nuclear launch codes that she’s been hired to discover! Looks like the world is safe once again thanks to this stunning MILF of a spy…well it’s either that or Kelly and Ryan spent a romantic weekend together and brought a camera to record the whole thing but I’m pretty sure the first story is the correct one. Watch Kelly pop off her bikini top and shake those massive mammaries, taking Ryan’s cock in her mouth and just having a fantastic time!

Kelly Strips For Dick


Kelly Madison Strips For Dick

I don’t post that many Kelly Madison galleries and I am filled with shame because of it. I will try to make it up to you with this new gallery from her site. It’s a scene in which she is dressed in a super sexy dress. A dress that any normal woman could wear and you could go out to a nice fancy dinner in it. Kelly however it’s just too damn sexy. Her huge tits are just spilling out of it showing all kinds of cleavage. If you are thinking to yourself that Kelly here isn’t a all natural MILF that you’re so wrong. The gallery is HARDCORE as I said earlier it’s just the pictures and the starting image for the video are not so you might be a little fooled. Just click play sit back and relax and watch Ryan (her husband) fuck her real good.

Front Door Sex


Kelly Madison Sex At The Front Door

This giant tits belong to Kelly Madison and that’s no bra ladies and gentlmen. She sure has a great rack I mean they hang on her body perfectly. She is one of my favorite MILFs so since I was posting a video of Ryan fucking Brandi Love I thought I should post a gallery of his wife also. I remember when Kelly used to be in most of the Porn Fidelity scenes but nowadays it seems like she only shows up every once in a while. This video has a real “homemade” feel because well it is. It’s higher quality then you get with most real sex tapes because these guys actually do it for a living but you still get that real passionate sex. The video ends with Kelly wrapping those big tits around Ryan’s dick and fucking his dick with him. If I was married to this babe that is for sure the way I would end a sex session every time. Having your dick between those two big pillow breasts is just living in luxury I think.

Real Life Part 7


Porn fidelity real life brandi love

If only the name of this Porn Fidelity update was accurate…they call it Real Life part 7 but man this isn’t like any kind of real life I ever saw (besides on their site, of course)! Horny blonde MILF Kelly Madison gets her big tits out to play with the big tits of horny blonde MILF Brandi Love in a showdown of shakin’! Right off the bat they’re making out like lesbians in the limo, not even at the house yet…and when they do finally make it to the Porn Fidelity mansion the first thing they do is rip each others clothes off to caper around completely nude! They’ve got eyes for each other of course but when Ryan’s big thick dick makes an appearance they’re both more than happy to grab that slab of meat in their mouths and double up on the blowjob tip. Kelly tits win out in the size department but Brandi’s are a close second and man that ass of hers basically evens out the playing field…I just can’t decide who I’d want to fuck first! What a choice to have to make.

500th Episode Part 3


Porn fidelity 500 episode part 3

Check out part 3 of the Porn Fidelity 500th episode extravaganza as we take a trip to the circus, joined by the whole hot and horny crew including Kendra Lust, Anikka Albrite, Christy Mack, Kelly Madison, Jacky Joy, Romi Rain and Brooklyn Chase. You’ll be pitching your own tent as these sexy ladies get into a hardcore lesbian and bisexual eightsome in the big top, sucking cock and getting fucked in a sex scene you’ll flip your lid over. Apart from the sex it’s just cool to see these pornstars in vintage circus performance outfits, just kinda neat looking…in parts 1 and 2 of this series you got to see the preparations but now the real showtime is about to begin! I tell you what, I would absolutely go see this circus if it came to town. Not sure it’s very family-friendly though.

500th Episode Part 2


Anikka Albrite, Kelly Madison and Jacky Joy

Alright we are on to Part 2 of the 500th episode from Porn Fidelity! If you missed Part 1 it’s right below this post or just click on that link. Working from left to right in this picture I have Anikka Albrite, Kelly Madison and then Jack Joy. In this video I know a little more what’s going on. Kelly is out looking for some talent for her and lester circus when she runs across a lion tamer who has been keeping some show girls caged up. These girls like the freakier stuff in life and Kelly is wanting to get her MILF pussy filled up with a cock. She she asks Chester if she could try out these two show girls before she hires them on for the shower. She doesn’t want these girls dancing though she wants them to take part in a threesome with her and Chester. he is all kinds of down and takes a turn fucking each one of them. Not just their pussies though he fucks their tits too. Except for Anikka Albrite come on their just too small for that shit!

500th Episode Part 1


Christy Mack, Kendra Lust, Kelly madison

Starting from the left and working to the right you have Kendra Lust, Kelly Madison and Christy Mack! This is quite a great scene but it’s even better then you think because this is just Part 1 of 3 part series that Porn Fidelity is putting out to celebrate their 500th episode! The video is almost like a full length feature film and it’s all about Kelly Madison here and Ryan Madison starting up some crazy circus. I will be honest I didn’t check into the plot that much I just watched these three hot pornstars having lesbian sex. Theyb rough out some glass dildos, vibrators and just made each other cum. If you like this part but actually want some hardcore then check out Part 2 I am posting that today as well!

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