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Eva Lovia Part 5


Eva Lovia Part 5

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

Bestselling romance novel author Eva Lovia continues to do some hands-on ‘research’ for her upcoming books and is going all out in this fifth installment! She’s…READ MORE

Eva Lovia and Kayden Kross


Eva Lovia and Kayden Kross

Click to watch this Eva Lovia & Kayden Kross video!

Eva Lovia is a famous author known for her steamy sex novels and she’s agreed to have a meeting with one of her biggest critics, Kayden Kross…I’m not sure what…READ MORE

Eva Lovia Part 3


Eva Lovia Part 3

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

If you’ll recall, the first couple of times beautiful Eva Lovia appeared on here we saw her as a writer grasping for inspiration for her next steamy novel…the…READ MORE

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

I’d think a lot of guys would be kind of annoyed to be referred to as ‘my fuck boy’ but when it’s Eva Lovia saying it, any guy would be A-OK with it lol! Eva is…READ MORE

Eva Lovia and Riley Reid


Eva Lovia and Riley Reid

Click to watch this Eva Lovia & Riley Reid video!

If you’ll remember, Eva Lovia is a writer who got some ‘inspiration’ for her next steamy story from her publisher and now she’s hooking up with her friend Riley…READ MORE

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

She’s a sexy author who wrote a steamy love story that rocketed to the best seller list but beautiful Eva Lovia has run into a bit of writer’s block when it…READ MORE

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

Gorgeous busty Eva Lovia moved to LA a while back to work as an intern and they’ve really been putting her through the wringer…she has basically no time for…READ MORE

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to watch this Eva Lovia video!

When you have a thing for celebrities it helps to spend a lot of private time with them, and that’s just what Eva Lovia does in her job as a stylist…she’s had…READ MORE

Sexual Release


Sexual Release

Click to see Eva Lovia on Passion HD!

If you’ve been following this site for awhile you probably know already that in my opinion, Eva Lovia is among the most gorgeous girls in the adult industry! Somehow, and I honestly don’t even know how this happened, she’s never been on the site Passion HD…until now! Someone in their head office must have noticed and sent out a priority alert to get her in there with a quickness, and she’s here now for some Sexual Release! Eva had gotten a surprise gift of roses and a card from her boyfriend who told her to undress and wait for him…he showed up and started giving her a nice oily sensual massage, rubbing her shoulders and working his way down her back to that sweet round ass, fingering her pussy to get her all dripping wet! Soon he was fucking her deep, sliding in and out with ease and getting that sexy snatch all quivering with desire until finally busting a facial on her, shooting his load of cum on her cheeks and into her mouth!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Now I’m going to be totally honest I haven’t kept up on Game of Thrones but I can only hope that it’s gone the way of this Digital Playground version that they call Game Of Balls! I know there’s lots of sex in GoT but I would venture that it’s probably not full-on penetration of a hottie like Eva Lovia like this is…the only thing I would suggest is a name change, Game of Balls is funny but doesn’t quite roll off the tongue so to speak. Might I suggest Game Of Bones? Anyway, Eva Lovia looks incredible of course with that sexy round ass of hers as she slips out of her elegant dress and gets her pussy absolutely worked over by this guy and his big thick dick.

Eva Lovia Porn Pros


Eva Lovia Porn Pros

This is one of those galleries that everyday I tell myself I am going to post it but then I forget so I am just going to get it up and out of the way. It’s not a old scene by any means I mean I think it came out yesterday but you guys know me, I want the porn up on the site the same day. This beautiful thick ass that you see here belongs to Eva Lovia. I am looking at this picture and thinking it’s not going to entice most of you but that’s okay it will be an extra surprise for those of you that actually watch this video just how hot it is. Eva Lovia has to be the hottest pornstar out there right now or close to the top. I am pretty sure she won Digital Playgrounds contract or whatever but she is still showing up on other peoples sites. So she must have shot all these before hand or maybe DP’s new contracts allow for their stars to shoot for other porn companies. This scene is for Massage Creep and starts off with Eva here getting a massage. I also wanted to mention that when you watch this video just remember what this site used to be! It has changed so much it used to be a full on reality site but now its just gorgeous pornstars getting pleasured with a massage before they’re pleasured with a big dick!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to see Eva Lovia on Tonights Girlfriend!

When you’ve got a big wad of cash at your disposal the options are pretty much wide open to find a girl for the night…but if you have discerning tastes and only a gorgeous horny pornstar will do, you’d better have the phone number for Tonights Girlfriend handy! This dude came prepared and called up to request the company of divine beauty Eva Lovia for the night…he made a fine choice, she’s absolutely gorgeous in her purple bra and panties and even hotter with her panties off and her perfect round ass in the air! Eva got that tight pussy licked and fucked and this guy definitely got his money’s worth, rocking her hole all night long and making her moan that pretty head off. Eva kept those sexy sheer thigh high nylon stockings on while she got pounded, working this guy’s dick until they were both satisfied…I would imagine this guy is going to be a repeat customer as often as he can afford it! Maybe there’s some kind of frequent-fucker punchcard he can get filled out or something for a bit of a discount…

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to see Eva Lovia on I Know That Girl!

If you’re a fan of Eva Lovia you have definitely gotta check out this shoot from the Mofos network site I Know That Girl! Eva starts out in the bathroom in her little bikini bottoms, getting ready for a big day while her boyfriend secretly recorded her…suddenly he busted in, scaring the living daylights out of her! She was a little annoyed and definitely surprised but soon she got over it and gave this guy a fantastic blowjob…Eva is a stunner with every inch of that glorious body and in this POV shoot we get to see what it’s like to get your cock sucked by this beauty and then fuck her brains out! With her big tits in this guy’s face while she rode his cock it’s amazing he didn’t bust his nut two seconds into this hardcore fuck scene but he held on, getting Eva on her knees to pound that wet pussy doggystyle before she got down to suck out a load of cum, taking that pearly white cream in her mouth and swallowing it down!

Eva Lovia in Game of Balls


Eva Lovia in Game of Balls

Click to see Eva Lovia on Digital Playground!

I’m not gonna say the name of the very popular TV show that this Digital Playground scene is based on but it rhymes with Name of Bones…I don’t wanna get sued and I guess Digital Playground doesn’t either because they called this scene Game Of Balls, starring the one and only Eva Lovia! She is if you ask me one of the hottest models in the adult industry, and is perfect for this part…she certainly looks regal as she strips out of her voluminous velvet dress and then her sheer white underthings, keeping her flowery headdress on as her man showed up to unsheath his sword so to speak! Eva takes that big cock in her mouth, sucking the guy off and then nhopping onto the couch with her sexy smooth legs in the air to get that sweet wet pussy fucked nice and hard…this guy certainly isn’t her brother, that’s for sure! OK no more hints, you know what show it’s from. Anyway Eva is looking sexy as hell here, she’s got an incredible body with those nice bouncy sexy titties and her perfect round ass…and speaking of her butt, that’s where this guy ends up blasting a load of cum after fucking her tight cunt!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to see Eva Lovia on Hard X!

The wait is over! I know that every time you guys have seen an update from the site Hard X you were like ‘yeah thats great but where the hell is Eva Lovia!’ am I right? Well now she’s here, doing her very first update on that site and man it’s every bit as good as we were all hoping. With that big round juicy ass of hers we all knew it would be hot but sit back and relax and watch this beauty shake that booty, getting all dripping wet and then heading inside where things get serious! She gets her mouth filled up with this guy’s big hard dick, then goes for a ride on his love stick…he had seen her clapping those sexy butt cheeks together outside so he just had to get Eva on her hands and knees and give that dripping wet pussy a nice hard fuck doggystyle, can you blame him? He ends up sliding his cock up and down between her ass cheeks and cumming all over her butt and back…it’s like a reverse tittyfucking and Eva just loves it, as does the guy too obviously. Can’t wait to see her cum back on the site for round two, I’m sure it’s in the cards!

Sun Kissed Beauty


Sun kissed beauty on nubile fimls

Some women seem to go into a kind of hibernation through the winter, showing up in the spring with skin so fair that just a few minutes in the sun turns them into a walking burn, and then there are women like Eva Lovia here! She is a sun kissed beauty throughout the year, somehow, always looking just incredible with a healthy tan even in the dead of winter. I don’t know how she does it but hey let’s just enjoy it as she shows up for this Nubile Films update, getting ready for a night out on the town with her man Van. He was working on tying his tie and behind him Eva was lounging on the bed wiht no panties on, rubbing her pussy slowly and getting more and more turned on…this freckled stunner spread her legs open and then came up behind Van, kissing him and guiding his hands down between her thighs! Looks like their plan of a night out on the town is out the window, they’re not gonna be leaving the bedroom anytime soon…they stripped down and hopped on the bed, Eva lifting her leg in the air to get that sweet dripping wet pussy of hers penetrated nice and hard and deep! She loves riding a hard cock and had a great time on this one, taking it deep in her hole before pumping out a huge load of cum right into her mouth to swallow down and finish up this red hot Nubile Films scene.

Eva Lovia In The VIP


Eva Lovia In The Club

It seems like Eva Lovia is pretty popular nowadays and it’s because she is doing hardcore. This I cannot blame the Internet for because Eva is just drop dead gorgeous isn’t she? I love that perfect ass of hers, her exotic look and she has some nice full boobies as well. This scene right here is from Reality Kings but more specific it’s from In The VIP. Basically they take over a club for a night and you get girls shaking their asses. They do it naked, they do it in clothes and then as the night goes on girls start messing around. Eva was one of those girls who got a little horny and decided to take advantage of this big dick guy who was looking for a girl to fuck. He gets her in some pretty hot positions but none hotter then the one I posted here.

Eva Lovia White Lace


Eva Lovia White Lace Lingerie

I should play like guess these boobs and pussy series on the site, that’s really a good idea but I am too lazy to make that happen I think. This girl right here just started doing hardcore does that help you out at all? Well if that doesn’t then nothing will her name is Eva Lovia and this gallery of her is for her personal site. I could have posted a hardcore scene of her but sometimes I like to just see a girl naked and Eva is definitely a girl I just want to see naked. She has nice small tits and I love her hairy pussy too plus you guys don’t even get to see it here she has one of the best asses on the internet. Plus look at her tan lines for that pussy I mean she takes care of this body of hers, I mean at this point it’s her money maker. Another reason I posted this is because she did come out with another hardcore scene today from Money Talks. She hit the streets and found a girl to come back to a hotel room and have a threesome with her. Along with a bunch of random people showing her their private parts.

Eva & India


Eva Lovia and India Summer Moms Bang Teens

Usually guys I make a gallery when it comes to Moms Bang Teens just because it’s such a great site I couldn’t endorse it anymore. Well today I am still in the Holiday mood so that means i am doing the bare minimum. Another reason is this video is really long and I know how much you guys love the long videos. So this video is about Eva Lovia and her step mother India Summer. They think they have the whole day together after Eva’s tutor has left. They get comfortable in Eva’s bedroom and India begins to eat her out something the two of them do quite often. The thing is though is that Eva’s tutor has forgot his keys at the house so when he walks back in to get them he sees these two going at it. It’s so kinky he just has to take some video of it so he can jerk off to it later. The problem is he is quite stupid and ends up getting caught but it’s the best thing to ever happen to him. That’s because Eva and India think the only way to keep their sorted affair secret is to bring this guy in on the secret. So the two of them give him a blowjob and then let him take turns fucking their pussy. You can tell India is trying to teach Eva how to have good a threesome throughout the video. When Eva is getting fucked India is almost always licking her asshole or sucking on the guys balls. You can’t say the same for Eva when India is getting fucked though. As you guys know Eva has just started doing hardcore porn and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever! I think pretty soon though she is going to become the Digital Playground contract girl, she seems like the clear favorite to me.

Eva Lovia Hardcore


Eva Lovia Hardcore

I am not going to lie I don’t think I ever saw this day coming but here it is! Eva Lovia is now doing hardcore! She is definitely going to be one of the most sought after pornstars isn’t she? I mean look at how big and perfectly round that ass of hers is. I don’t know if I have ever seen a more beautiful site then this image right here. She is dressed in this super skimpy bikini with bright neon colors and it goes so well with her caramel skin. She shows off her flexibility by sitting on this lucky assholes face getting her pussy licked and cumming on his face. Eva then leans him back and gives him a amazing blowjob. So we all suspected that Eva Lovia was good in the bedroom but I had no idea she was going to be this good. The way she rides this guys cock I am surprised he didn’t cum right then and there and then all the awesome positions she can get in. I mean this has to have been the best pussy he has had in a long time, and he fucks girls for a living. The end of the video is Eva getting fucked doggystyle and I thought for a second he was going to give her a creampie but he didn’t. He pops out of that sweet pussy and Eva gets down on her knees and takes the cum in her mouth which she swallows easy as 1 2 3. She is just too good isn’t she? I hope she starts doing hardcore for her solo site, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I think my video is long enough but for all you guys who need to see more I found you a longer clip over at this site.

Agent Provocateur


Eva lovia agent provocateur

I don’t think anyone is going to be fooled by Miss Eva Lovia and her innocent angelic expression, I think anyone who gets a good look at this girl is going to know she loves to get down and dirty! Apparently she’s training to be an Agent Provocateur but before she can winnow out any state secrets from a foreign ambassador she’s got to work on her subtlety…she just looks gorgeous and horny as hell at all times! In this photoshoot she’s stripping out of her flowery lacy lingerie and slipping a hand between her thighs to dip her fingers into that sweet tight wet pussy, masturbating for us before turning around to face the mirror and practice her facial expressions…it’s still a win-win because when she spins around that puts her perfect round ass with those sexy tan lines right in front of us!

Eva Lovia Tangled Up


Eva lovia green fishnets

See, this is the kind of outfit I just don’t even understand how a girl puts it on, if you follow me…I know that sentence didn’t make a lot of sense but then again neither does this lingerie that Eva Lovia is wearing. It’s neon green and is like a fishnet body stocking with the ass area and pussy area cut away for easy access, which is mighty nice with a girl this stunningly gorgeous! Miss Eva Lovia always looks incredible, even when she’s all tangled up in her funky fishnets! This photoshoot is from her own site which is chock full of pictures and stuff featuring one of the hottest girls on the whole damn internet. She loves masturbating and this lingerie or whatever it is makes that pretty easy so she dips her fingers in that sweet pussy too as a bit of a bonus here, and gets those perky titties out!

Eva Lovia Red Lingerie


Eva lovia in red lingerie

If you know miss Eva Lovia you know she always and I mean always looks absolutely stunning but I’d say in this photoshoot from her own site she went the extra mile for us! She’s hanging out in the bathroom in her sexy red lingerie sitting on the edge of the soaking tub, grinning and teasing us with those full breasts and of course her incredible round ass, then slowly starts to strip down naked and play with herself before she goes into the bath! She loves touching her pussy and we always love seeing her masturbate for us so it’s pretty much a win-win situation right here. I can’t get enough of those freckles of hers, she’s just a mind-blower from head to toe!

Miss Eva lovia


Miss Eva Lovia

You know me guys I don’t post many solo girls so if I do post some they’re absolutely amazing and Miss Eva Lovia here is just that. She has a damn nice ass as you can see here and of course her pretty face. We have had her on plenty of times on the site but she has never had her own site until this moment. It just came out today and I will start to post some of the content I have gathered of her. I will start with this scene though where she has just got out of the shower, or maybe heading in. She is in a orange towel and she takes it off and them poses for the camera. This is a good picture for those who love some feet. I am not a feet guy at all but I can see this being a nice picture for them, correct me if I’m wrong. Stay tuned for more of this lovely girl and her brand new site!

How Big Is Your Dick


Cfnm show how big is your dick

The CFNM Show ladies are back and are hotter than ever with an update called How Big Is Your Dick! In this episode, Eva Lovia and the beautiful Keisha Grey are conducting a scientific experiment regarding showers and growers…they find a willing subject and whip his towel off, inspecting and measuring (and laughing at) the size of his cock for a bit before moving on to phase 2 of the experiment. While Eva looks on and takes notes, Keisha starts licking and tugging and sucking that dick until it’s gotten as big and hard as it can get, so the girls measure again and compare notes and growth patterns…I’m not sure if they’re actually doing an experiment or if Keisha just felt like giving a blowjob or two but either way it’s pretty hot. Since the guy was such a sport about the whole thing, Keisha rewards him with a nice cumshot right onto her big round titties to finish things off on a high note! A little humiliation in exchange for a suck and an orgasm, sounds pretty fair to me.

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia pink roof

She might be posing on top of her roof but be prepared to blast right through your own as Eva Lovia shows her delectable sensual nude body in this photoshoot from her own website! She’s looking gorgeous in pink lingerie as she teases and tantalizes, then gives in to strip down completely nude and bend over to spread her ass and show off that sweet pussy of hers. Eva looks like she’d like nothing better than to get her tight hole hammered doggystyle right there on the rooftop, and I’m sure if she gave us the address of that building there’d be a line of guys around the block hoping to be the lucky winner. A gorgeous, natural chick from head to toe who loves getting naked and loves sex, nothing better than that!

Eva cute swimsuits


Eva on the beach

Man, these Zishy guys sure as hell know how to pick em…take a look at adorably freckle-faced Eva Lovia as she has a fun day at the beach, showing off her perky titties and that sexy ass in her bikini before heading back to the crib for a little swimsuit modeling session! She gives herself a nice cameltoe, pulling the fabric up between her pussy lips as she lays across the kitchen table like she’s being served up for dinner. She certainly looks good enough to eat, or at least eat out! Eva gets completely nude but you never quite get to sample the goods, they’re just tantalizingly tucked away…it’s nice being teased though and obviously Eva enjoys it.

Eva Lovia Shower


Eva Lovia Showering

I don’t post too many solo girls nowadays just because it seems like you guys are not that into them. Well this one I think you will be. If you remember her then you probably saw her FTV Girls scene and that’s where you fell in love. Well now she has her very own site that you can join to get to know her better. I just love the round ass that she has and let’s be honest a girls hottness always starts at her face and Eva is definitely passing with flying colors there. The members area has live chat, peronalized videos and it updates every single week so it seems like this is the place to go if you a Eva Lovia fan. The video I have on this gallery is kind of just the trailer for her site so you might have seen it before, sorry about that.

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia FTV Girls

I don’t even know if this is the hottest picture from this FTV Girls update I just couldn’t decide so I just picked one. The girls name is Eva Lovia and she has her own personal site but it’s nothing compared to this update. You get to see her masturbating by riding this big dildo that is stuck to the table. Then you get to see her doing a little anal play in another one! There is so much masturbation video of Eva I don’t even know where to begin with this update. FTV Girls really just is the shit if you like hot girls and real orgasms! When I was first going through this update to pick pictures to share with you guys I literally selected 67 pictures that I thought were good, that’s just crazy. It is just becase Eva is so hot and she really doesn’t look bad from any angle. Eva has a perfect round ass, awesome perky tits and that pussy she just as amazing. Enjoy all these nude pictures, some in public some not but all very very good.

Eva Lovia Tennis


Eva Lovia naked tennis

This lovely young girl next door goes by the name Eva Lovia and man is she a hot tennis partner to draw! After the game you’ll still be bouncing your balls and working on your ‘tennis elbow’ as this exotic hottie bends over and lifts up her little skirt, showing off her found ass and those gorgeous perky boobs. Head on in and see what all the fuss is about!

Eva Lovia High Socks


Perfect Ass

It amuses me greatly that Eva Lovia’s wearing pink hearts over her nipples because she’s got a perfect heart shaped ass to go along with them. It’s just love all over when you’re looking at this smoking hot little minx. Give her the love she craves and she’ll be yours forever.

Eva Lovia


Sheer black lust

Sheer and black, two of the finest words in the English language when describing the clothing girls are wearing. Black may be debatable for some people but everyone loves something you can see right through, so come check out Eva Lovia showing off the things that make us like her.

Eva Lovia


At the playground

That’s where I saw that cutie. And she was taking off her clothes and inviting me in for a closer look at her bomb ass pussy. How could I say no? I whipped out my camera and snapped some good shots of that fine body, including a nice shot of her puckered little asshole.

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