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Lisa daniels



I seem to be posting a lot of her recently this is Lisa Daniels. But this photo set comes from her personal website. Wher eyou can see her giving head, fucking and getting her face spackled with cum.

Lisa Daniels



Many of you will recongize this pornstar her name is Lisa Daniels. She has starred in many adult flicks, where she does go hardcore. This is a nice photoshoot that is softcore that shows off lisa really slender fit body, with her massive fake tits.

Lisa Daniels



Lisa Daniels here who is a pornstar and has starred in many adult flicks, and has got her pootang pounded repeatedly shows off her nice huge fake titties and the pussy that has brought her so much plesaure in her life.

Dani Getting Dirty


Dani Getting Dirty

Click to watch this Dani Daniels video!

You guys know I don’t keep up with Reality Kings much and that’s not because it’s not a good site I do it because they update so damn often it would literally…READ MORE

Dani & Kenna


Dani Daniels and Kenna James

We Live Together went ahead and found themselves a new girl I have never heard of her name is Kenna James. She of course is having her first lesbian sex experience with a woman this is a straight up pro. That round big ass you see there is Dani Daniels and she just looks so awesome in lingerie doesn’t she guys? Dani takes it to Kenna at first having her lay on her back and she licks that perfectly shaven pussy that she has from ass to clit over and over again and she makes Kenna come pretty fast just because she is so turned on by this first time experience. Then when it’s her time to pleasure Dani, she takes advantage of this newbie sitting on her face and having her lick her ass and then she scissors her and then they finish off in this like side 69 position that is my new favorite for lesbians!

Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression


Dani Jensen Romantic Aggression II Porn Fidelity

You guys are really lucky because I saw this Dani Daniels scene on Porn Fidelity and I totally thought it was this one and just skipped over it. Then I realized that it’s a totally different scene in fact this is for a very romantic series that Porn Fidelity has called Romantic Aggression. I think you’re going to like it because Dani looks amazing of course and it has that really high quality look to it and the sex is just so damn sensual I don’t know how you can’t love it. In fact that isn’t even the best part! The best part is that you get to see Dani’s perfect hairy pussy filled up with cum. Dani doesn’t just let any guy cum inside of her pussy she has to know them and her and Ryan have a good thing going with each other. I am sure Ryan asks his wife every week if he can call up Dani and bang her because their chemistry is just too great to even deny. I like that it’s by a fire and they’re just having intense sex. No weird positions or anything like that in fact it’s a lot with just Dani on her back legs spread wide and Ryan pounding away.

Dani and James


Dani Daniels and James Deen

Dani Daniels is looking pretty fuckable in this picture isn’t she? She is actually done fucking at this point James Deen has already beat that perfect tight pussy of hers up threeways from Sunday. Whatever that saying means… The two of them apparently are friends or something because this has a feel of like a fuck buddy situation. They’re in some random hotel room and the video has a lot of talking about the bible of all things. James starts off by eating out her pussy and fingering her and then when he fucks her he gives it to her very rough. I imagine it’s the type of sex that Dani likes in her personal life and that’s why he is giving it to her like this. She liked it though because after she had swallowed his load James asked if she wanted to do like a “real” video next time and she said no way she likes this way better. This is the type if porn you will see on James’ site it’s way different then anything else.

Dani and Luna


Hosts of Purgatory

The beautiful Dani Daniels is about to get her pussy licked by Luna Star while she is being fucked. This scene is from Brazzers and it’s one of their big production porn videos. Dani and Luna are playing some naughty nurses who attend to people in Purgatory. They don’t want Johnny up above and they don’t want him below let me tell you with these two fine ass babes Purgatory doesn’t look all that bad. They give him a threesome that should be legendary because these girls look so hot doing it. The video ends with Johnny fucking Dani from behind doggystyle, more like pile driving in that tight pussy of hers. When he is about to cum he pulls out of her pussy and cums on her asshole and it drips down to her pussy that Luna has been eating out the the whole time while she is being fucked.

Dani in Skip Trace


Dani Daniels Skip Trace by Digital Playground

Dani Daniels is a married woman but she loves power and so she stays close to her boss and does whatever he wants. When he is about to leave town he gives Dani a envelope full of cash and tells her to buy something nice for her and her husband. That’s not the only thing he wants from Dani before he leaves. He wants to bang her in the office like they always do and Dani knows what is expected of her. So she gets on her knees and lets her boss face fuck her until he is ready to get at that tight little hairy pussy of hers. Dani is such a hot babe she really has it all with those amazing perky little full tits and of course her perfect round ass. She gets a hard fucking on the desk and when the boss is ready to cum she wants it on her face because that way she doesn’t get pregnant by the boss and that would be quite messy if she did. This scene is part of a full fledge DVD that Digital Playground put out called Skip Trace, it has a awesome plot hot sex it’s everything you ever wanted in a real movie.

Dani and Jada Easter Special


Jada Stevens and Dani Daniels Easter Update

You can’t tell me these two girls don’t belong together! I am not just saying that cause Jada Stevens is dressed up as a bunny and Dani Daniels has her tight pussy painted up as a cabbage. This is from a Naughty America site called American Daydreams. It’s a site where basically someone has fallen “asleep” and they have a sex dream. Well the person who feel asleep in this episode is Jada Stevens and her dream is fucking weird. She is basically a bunny she has her little butt plug in to give her a bunny tail. She starts to munch on Dani’s pussy and then she moves on to a dick that is painted up like a carrot and gives that a sucking (hopefully she wasn’t biting). Then somehow Dani and Jada start having a threesome together. Then scene ends with Dani getting her pussy covered in cum and Jada goes between those legs and laps it up.

Dani Jensen and Natalie Heart


Povd dani daniels natalie heart

Hold on to your hats and britches you guys because there’s a brand new site coming down the tubes of the Internet and I think you’re gonna dig it! The site is called POVD and it’s got some pretty awesome stuff going on. If you watch porn with headphones on (and who doesn’t nowadays) you’ll be treated to moans and gasps coming from all around you with 3d audio and of course the picture and video quality is top shelf. These hardcore scenes are shot in POV style so you get to basically sit in the driver’s seat and watch what it’s like to fuck these gorgeous pornstars…in this scene for instance you’re sliding that huge cock of yours into Dani Jensen and Natalie Heart, two of the sexiest dames around!

*UPDATE* I know I posted this a couple months ago but now I’ve got the video clip for you, definitely worth another look! Enjoy.

Dani In The VIP


Dani Daniels In The VIP

I highly doubt that this is the first time that Dani Daniels has been on a In The VIP update. I do however thing this is the first time that she has ever taken the dick. You guys have to remember that Dani Daniels for the longest time only did lesbian sex stuff. She did a ton of scenes for We Live Together and had a close relationship with Reality Kings hence why I think she was in some In The VIP scenes before. Now that she is doing hardcore though Reality Kings has had her on every one of their sites you can think of except for this one! Dani looked stunning in this little dressed that showed off that big white ass of hers. She shook it ont he dance floor, seduced a couple of chicks and then was finally ready to get fucked by Jmac. He fuck that PAWG really good I mean just look at the smile on her face in this screenshot!

Remy and Dani


Dani Daniels and Remy laCroix

I do believe that this is the first time that Dani Daniels and Remy LaCroix have done a scene together and they’re fucking each other! No dick invovled which I am pretty surprised about but I don’t mind enjoying to beautiful females eating each other out. if you want to see these girls in hardcore sex scenes you can just check out their sections on our site here is Remy’s and here is Dani’s. In this scene it’s all about them eating each others pussy having orgasm after orgasm. It’s a big plus too that both of these girls have amazing round asses and Dani has a great set of tits too I think. Remy has the raw end of the deal in this Brazzers scene I think just because she has her pussy nice and shaved yet she has to eat that hair bush of a pussy that Dani has! She gets her face at on too so you know there are pubs all up in her teeth!

Dani Back Again


Dani daniels on pawg bang bros

If you’ve been around on this site awhile you know how we feel about Dani Daniels…she is absolutely gorgeous and is always sexy as hell, so it’s great to see her spreading out (no pun intended) and doing work on some different sites! This time she’s rocking the house over at the Bang Bros network for their site PAWG, and she is truly a phat ass white girl…I know you guys have drooled over that sexy round booty of hers before and now it’s time to see it put to work as she bends over and gets her pussy eaten out from behind, then takes this guy’s huge cock in some of her favorite positions! More cushion for the pushin, so they say, and Dani Daniels makes guys want to do a whole lot of pushin with that sweet horny pussy of hers. I believe this is Dani’s third time in the drivers seat over at PAWG, and the previous two updates were just as hot as this one so be sure to check those out too!

Dani Sex and Submission


Dani Daniels in Sex and Submission

Dani Daniels is in quite the hardcore scene from Sex and Submission. The setup of the video I am not quite sure but from the beginning of it you can see that it suppose to be that her and James Deen and her had dated in the past and they just couldn’t make it work looked like a messy break up. So fast forward and she is going for a job and James is the man standing in her way. So he asks for 1 hour of her to be his little sex toy and she agrees. She gets fucked every which way but my favorite is when she is tied to the desk and he is just ramming her doggystyle. This is actually the very first video that Dani has ever done for Kink and I can’t wait to see the other ones they get her to do!

Lily & Dani


HD Love Lily and Dani

I would be pretty stoked if these two just had lesbian sex together but that is not what HD Love had them do! Nope you get to see Lily Love and Dani Daniels in a hardcore scene together sharing a cock and looking like they are loving it. I think they are loving it to be honest it’s hard to fake that kind of stuff. The name of the scene is Heavy Pampering and there is a lot of fucking, pussy eating and pretty much everything you want to see in a high quality erotic video. This is a brand new site so buckle your seat belts you’re about to see a lot of their porn in a short amount of time on our site.

Holly & Dani


Holly Michaels and Dani Daniels

Here is the gorgeous Holly Michaels getting her pussy eaten out while the beautiful Dani Daniels rides this guys cock. It’s a amazing Passion HD scene called Sweet Candy. I was going to save this as a Christmas present to you guys but Christmas is coming early this year for you guys! Holly is like a staple on Passion HD they have a least one new scene with her a month but Dani Daniels is kind of new to this hardcore scene. If you guys didn’t know Dani used to just to like nudes and lesbian sex scenes but just recently made the switch to full boy / girl. I have always though Dani had the perfect body and now seeing her fuck I know that she has everything a guy wants and more. These two matched up together in a video is just perfect and I know you guys are going to love it.

Dani Country Girl


Dani daniels country girl passion hd

Lovely brunette Dani Daniels is just a country girl at heart, so she gets back to her roots in this update from Passion HD! Dani is brushing down some horses wearing a cute hat, a flannel shirt pulled up and the hottest little shorts I’ve ever seen. Naturally the cowpoke behind her can’t stand the sight of that ass for too long before he’s gotta do something about it, so we get to watch these two make out on the porch before he gives her a little cowpoke of his own, pulling off her shorts and panties to lick and fuck that tight wet pussy on top of a bale of hay.

Dani The Deep End


Dani daniels deep end passion hd

Get ready to head to the deep end as Dani Daniels takes a dip in her sheer white swimsuit on Passion HD…you can see her nipples and that beautiful ass perfectly clearly through the thin see-through fabric and so can her lover, who gets so turned on he just has to slide his cock between her lips right there at the pool. She gives him a blowjob at the water’s edge to drive him crazy with desire before heading inside and fucking him like there’s no tomorrow! He pounds her pussy every which way from Sunday before releasing his load in that wet pussy for a sexy creampie.

Dani Passion Vibe


Dani Daniels Passion Vibe

I have another Dani Daniels hardcore gallery for you guys. This one is called Passion Vibe and is once again from Passion HD. Dani Daniels has always been that girl that I wished did hardcore and now that she does I don’t even know what to do with myself! Dani has a amazing body and just a perfect round ass that looks great when she is riding a cock up and down. This gallery is just a video because well I didn’t want to send the time and hunt down pictures of this scene, you guys will forgive me I imagine.

Dani Does Hardcore


Dani Daniels Hardcore Scene

How long have we been watching this perfect round ass of Dani Daniel just eating pussy or getting her pussy eaten on all the lesbian sites I can think of. Well Reality Kings finally put a end to it and gave her some dick! If you thought she would be a good fuck you are right! This girl can ride dick, suck dick like she has been doing this for a living for the past 2 years and not just eating pussy. I bet these guys have a lot to live up to when they go down on her, she probably just stops them and says this isn’t that good lets fuck. That’s why she is so good at it I would guess. It’s been a long time in the making and I feel like this is a pretty big deal being Dani’s first hardcore scene and all. I could be wrong the she could have done it before but it sure is a first for me.

Dani & Karlie


Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana

How can you not click on this gallery I mean those are some pretty fine asses if you ask me. The scene is from In The Crack and in this scene you get to see Karlie Montana and Dani Daniels giving each other orgasms with a vibrator. I think it is a massage scene when you watch the video but videos are only available for members so I just get to share with you the matching picture set. If either of these girls use the vibrator on the other though you know that girl is going to cum and that’s just hot to see isn’t it?

Dani and Jeanie


Als Scan Dani Daniels and Jeanie Marie

Dani Daniels and Jeanie Marie are all over each other in this hot lesbian gallery from Als Scan…there is making out of course but man they go above and beyond the call of duty, fingering and rimming and even busting out the double-ended dong to fuck until they’re both satisfied and lying in a nude sweaty pile of hotness.

Hayden & Dani


Hayden Winters and Dani Daniels

I love seeing Hayden Winters eat a pussy and that’s why I am hooking you guys up with this lesbian sex scene with her and Dani Daniels. It’s amazing quality because it’s on Joymii so you don’t have to worry about feeling cheated when the video isn’t as good as the pictures or anything like that. I love that Hayden just gets down on Dani hairy pussy sometimes a girl won’t be into it but not Hayden she loves herself a hairy bush.

Anikka Albrite


Anikka albrite on blacked

We’ve seen beautiful blonde Anikka Albrite once before on the site BLACKED with her girlfriend Dani Daniels back in this scene but now she’s on her own and is ready to take on this guy’s huge black dick all by her lonesome! With that incredible body of hers I had no doubt she’d be up for the challenge but I didn’t expect her to take every inch of that big black cock up her ass, did you? Anikka starts things off in her business attire having a meeting with a prospective business partner and I guess she wanted to figure out how compatible they were with a merger, if you know what I mean! She takes off her skirt and panties to show off that round perfect smooth ass, getting pounded doggystyle as she leaned over on a chair…they moved to the bedroom and Anikka got busy sucking that huge dong of his, taking him as deep in her mouth as she could fit before sliding that cock into her tight backdoor for a nice anal pounding…it’s pretty amazing to see this beautiful blonde hottie getting her ass fucked like this, she takes on that dick with no troubles and fucks him until he pulls out and blasts a nice big load of cum on her chin for a facial finish!

Alina Li Maximum Penetration


Alina Li Jules Jordan Maximum Penetration

I am really disappointed in my image choice here I was just trying to crop this but couldn’t keep Alina Li’s face in this picture as well as get the hardcore action. Anyways this scene is from Jules Jordan isn’t so much about Alina Li but about this new series that is coming out on their site. It’s called Maximum Penetration and it stars of course Alina Li but also Dani Daniels, Romi Rain and Summer Brielle. The video kind of just goes over everything that happens in the DVD, so you get a little of each girl in this video. The way that Jules Jordan kind of works is that he comes out with a DVD and sells that right. Then he releases each scene on his website a little later. It makes more money if you buy a DVD but the membership is totally a better deal. I mean for example you can get access to Jules crazy library of porn for just $29.95, that’s crazy when a DVD usually goes for $69.95.

Licking Labia


Licking Labia We Live Together

This is a lesbian scene that you guys should all see! It’s from We Live Together and it features the beautiful Dani Daniels and Valentina Nappi. The scene is called “Lickign Labia” and as you can see there is a whole lot of that. This pictures shows Dani licking that perfect hairy pussy that Valentina has. I really do like We Live Together is the only lesbian site that Reality Kings makes but when you do something right you don’t need to have a bunch of different sites. I think both of these girls are drop dead gorgeous, both with great tits but the real win here is their amazing asses, I mean just check out this picture and tell me that isn’t amazing. The video starts off with the freaky stuff I don’t really get it but lesbian love having their ass licked, it’s like the kinky thing they have or something. Valentina is all up in Dani’s ass to start practically tongue fucking it. Then she starts to lick her pussy and that makes her cum but Valentina doesn’t stop there she goes for the g-spot orgasm next fingering the hell out of that tight pussy that Dani has.

Soak and Fuck


Dani daniels passion hd soak and fuck

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath on a cold day…Dani Daniels knows this and loves getting into a steamy tub to soak her cares away, letting her hands lazily drift up and down over her perfect full breasts and down to her sensual thighs. This bathing beauty was not destined to finish a long soak, though; her boyfriend came into the bathroom and when he caught a look at how stunning she looked nude in the water he just had to get his hands on her! She was more than happy to receive the attention and soon she had his cock in her mouth, licking his shaft and feeling him get harder and harder before leading him by the hand into the bedroom. He gave her pussy a nice deep dicking, sliding his big cock into her hole and making her gasp as she held her leg up to take him even deeper…I know there’s a certain amount of acting obviously for most if not all of these hardcore scenes but man it always seems like Dani really does enjoy every moment of a good hard fuck. Maybe it’s just the way Passion HD shoots things, hard to say! Speaking of shooting, this guy tosses his load right into Dani’s wet pussy for a nice creampie finish.

Pool Side Service


Fantasy hd dani daniels pool side service

On a site known for having some of the hottest women in the adult business, I’ve still gotta give Dani Daniels the nod for being one of the hottest! She’s just sexy from head to toe in this update from Fantasy HD as she gives this guy a little pool side service…he’s the pool cleaner so you’d think he’s the one doing the servicing but she’s just inside the big glass doors stripping down and pressing her big tits and round ass against the window while he peeks, sitting down on the couch and masturbating until he heads inside to lend a helping hand or more like a helping cock! She mounts him and goes for a ride, bouncing that wet pussy up and down on his shaft as she moans and bucks her hips, pulling him deeper inside until he shoots his load into her cunt for a nice creampie! Looks like this guy will be back to ‘clean her pool’ pretty much every day from now on if he can manage it.

Pornstar Vines


Pornstar vines

The world is becoming a sexier, more fun place every day if you ask me…every new piece of technology seems to have porn-related applications! For instance, take Vine…if you haven’t used it, basically it’s like Twitter but instead of a certain amount of characters you take a 6–second video with your smartphone for everyone to see. Some people suck at it but pornstars appear to excel at this new way of showing off those crazy titties and sexy pussies…check out this little roundup of some hot pornstar vines, with appearances by some of your favorites like Dani Daniels, Siri, Kendra Lust and Natalia Starr! It’s always hot to see them behaving sexy in their everyday lives and not just in front of the cameras for a website…these girls just love having fun and love getting naked for everyone to see!

Stripper Sex


Fantasy hd stripper sex dani daniels

If you’ve ever been to a strip club, and I bet you have, I’m sure you know that you’re not allowed to touch the dancers (well I guess it depends what club you’re in), but we’ve all fantasized about what could go on in the champagne room if you’ve got a big enough wad of cash to throw around right? Well Fantasy HD is aiming to fulfill that dream with this hot update featuring the lovely Dani Daniels as an exotic dancer who has a hankering for a hunk of hundreds…she does a little teasing dance to grease the wheels and as she sees the size of your billfold she invites you to the back room for the ‘special’, where she proceeds to get on her hands and knees and give the best blowjob you’ll ever see! After sucking cock she spreads her long smooth legs and gets fucked in her wet pussy, looking absolutely gorgeous as she lays back and lets her big tits bounce with the rhythm. Stripper sex is the best sex they say, but for most of us this will be the only way we’ll get to experience it! From the looks of things it’s a hell of a time…Dani seems to be enjoying herself too as she gets fucked and then sucks a nice creamy facial out of that big dick in a POV cumshot that will leave you breathless.

Moist and Creamy


Dani daniels passion hd moist creamy

Dani Daniels starts out this Passion HD update with a bang, showing her perfect ass as she undresses getting ready for a shower…this is no ordinary shower though, it’s a therapeutic moist and creamy milk bath! It must be some kind of new therapy for her skin or something and apparently it works because Dani is seriously gorgeous. Watch her get that pussy of hers worked by her masseuse, mounting his dick right there in the shower and fucking him until he shoots a load of cum for a nice creampie deep in her pussy! Passion HD is no stranger to Dani’s hotness though, check this out:
[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6] six other hardcore updates, each one sexier than the last!

Playing Pool


Dani Daniels Passion HD Playing Pool

Dani Daniels was able to turn Playing Pool into a hot little sex session! This is another Passion HD gallery, quite the lucky day I would say! She is such a sexy girl and it seems like yesterday that you were only able to see her eating pussy am I right or am I right? She is now a full fledge pornstar and not many girls can make a better porn scene then her. Her and her boyfriend are playing a little boy and they just are like fuck it, we both want to have sex let’s just do that. Dani takes quite the pounding but that’s how she does it, you guys know that! I love this hairy little pussy that she has going on, I feel like people are bringing back the bush! I mean look at that Kennedy Leigh gallery I just post she too has this hairy “V” shaped pussy. I remember seeing it on Dani first so I am going to say she is bringing back the hairy pussy! I hope it doesn’t catch on too much, but every once in a while it’s nice.

Past Fantasy HD Scenes


I would like to get my Fantasy HD category up to date so I have a lot of make up galleries to do. Instead of posting each and every one of them I thought I would just give you guys a nice big dump so here you go! These are galleries I have missed:
Fantasy HD Kitchen Queen With Kennedy Leigh
Fantasy HD Model Behavior With Ella Milano
Fantasy HD Revved Up With Karlie Montana
Fantasy HD Bff Babysitters With Natalie And Chloe
Fantasy HD Poolboy Seduction With Kendra Lust
Fantasy HD Rodeo Queen With Dani Daniels
Fantasy HD The Car Wash With Holly And Natalia
Fantasy HD Camping Fun With Alice March
Fantasy HD Prize Fighter With Natalia Starr
Fantasy HD Serving Aces With Dillion Harper
Fantasy HD Private Secretary With Lily Carter
Fantasy HD The Masseuse With Holly Michaels
Fantasy HD Shower Sex With Natalia Starr

Lily Exquisite Affair


Lily Love HD Love

Lily Love on HD Love it’s like it’s meant to be! This picture might be one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen in my life. What a great ass Lily has am I right? The name of this scene is Exquisite Affair. Lily is cheating on her husband but man is she making it worth it. The guy she is fucking has to be the luckiest guy int he world because she dresses nice and sexy and she gives him some seriously mind blowing sex. If you guys haven’t spent any time taking a look at HD Love you are missing out and need to do that today! This isn’t the first time that Lily Love has been on their site so if you want to see more of her make sure to check out the related section.

HD Love Passion Of The Pussy With Lily Love and Malena Morgan
Heavy Pampering by HD Love with Dani Daniels and Lily Love

Fore Play


Mollys Life Fore Play

In this scene called Fore Play from Mollys Life Molly, Dani Daniels and Shyla Jennings decide to take up some golf I imagine more for the clothing then the actual game but I will admit they look pretty damn hot in the golf clothes. They try their hardest hitting some balls around then get bored and decide just to eat each other out which you will get plenty of because the video on this gallery is very long!

Shyla Jennings in another Mollys Life scene Bubble Butt

Silly Rabbit Dildos Are For Kicks


Silly Rabbit Dildos Are For Kicks

Click to watch this Jillian Janson & Bree Daniels video!

It’s past Easter now but check out cute bunny Bree Daniels as she meets up with Jillian Janson for a little bunny tail fuck buddy action! Jillian looks a little…READ MORE

Miss Nature


Miss Nature

They call Bree Daniels here Miss Nature and it’s easy to see why, she’s slipping off her panties in the great outdoors and getting au naturale, looking hot as…(Offsite Gallery)

Dancing Teen


Dancing Teen

Click to watch this Stella Daniels video!

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta groove! Beautiful brunette Stella Daniels here was dancing around the living room in just her shirt and panties with a pair of…READ MORE

Teen Dildo


Teen Dildo

Click to watch this Stella Daniels & Skye West video!

These two lovely ladies Stella Daniels and Skye West wanted to make it an afternoon this lucky dude would never forget and man I’d have to say they accomplished…READ MORE

Hot And Wet


Hot And Wet

Click to watch this Stella Daniels video!

She’s sexy, hot and wet…welcome back beautiful Stella Daniels in a red hot hardcore scene as she soaks in the late summer sun by the pool with her man! Stella…READ MORE

Caught In The Act


Caught In The Act

Click to see Stella Daniels on Passion HD!

Beautiful dark haired Stella Daniels was just kicking it around the house one day, dancing around un-selfconsciously wearing her headphones and looking sexy as hell…I guess she felt sexy too because after a bit she wandered over to a couch and slipped out of her clothing, laying back and busting out a big thick toy to pleasure herself with! Stella started masturbating, playing with her pussy and fucking herself but she was Caught In The Act by her boyfriend who came up and started giving her a helping hand! Soon she had her man’s big dick in her mouth and then her cunt, getting that wet horny hole fucked in this hot Passion HD scene until he busted a load of cum into her mouth and onto her pretty face.

Exotic Girl BTS


Exotic Girl BTS

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

So you don’t have to go searching around the site for this girls full on porno you can just click on that link. Going just by the hottness of the girl you should already know that it’s from Girls Do Porn the only site I would really even think about posting a BTS for. It gives you a good idea of what the girls are like and they are like sucking dick and doing things while they wait around. For example this chick here decides it would be a good idea to stick some Jack Daniels bottles up her pussy. I like Jack too girl but man, that’s a whole different level there. She was able to get two inside that nice shaven pussy of hers. She does some dick sucking but mostly you just get to hear her chatting up the camera guy. The video isn’t that long, it’s just to kind of get you guys remembering this hottie and maybe some people who missed her when she was posted will get to see the video, anyways enjoy!

Delicate Like A Flower


Delicate Like A Flower

Click to see Stella Daniels,Kiera Daniels on Passion HD!

They happen to share a last name but that’s not all they share, especially in this Passion HD update called Delicate Like A Flower! The ladies start out lounging in bed next to Stella’s boyfriend, who snoozes unaware while the girls gently caress and kiss each other…things get more serious when they start pulling off each others little panties and soon they’re both naked, making out and licking pussy! This guy might be tired but he’s not about sleep through THAT so he joins them, fucking both of these hotties while they lick each other like lesbians in the meantime! It’s a good thing Stella loves to share because this guy has had his eye on her friend Kiera for awhile and is thrilled to finally get the chance to fuck that sweet snatch…looks like everyone cums out a winner!

Tomi Taylor Panty Fucking 3


Tomi Taylor Panty Fucking 3

Click to see Tomi Taylor on Porn Fidelity!

Get ready for Part 3 of the Panty Fucking series on Porn Fidelity as the lovely Tomi Taylor shows up in her cute little underwear ready to rock and roll! She was busy in the kitchen baking up a batch of cookies but Ryan Madison had a hankering for a different solution for his sweet tooth. Tomi loves playing with her panties and in this Porn Fidelity action she has a blast, showing them off and changing in and out of them, pulling them down over that sweet round sexy ass and letting them peek out of her jeans…but once the panties come off and Ryan’s dick gets whipped out she gets absolutely rocked! It’s a messy sweaty cum-soaked squirting fest of sexiness and I don’t think Tomi Taylor will be walking right for a week afterwards…if you love panties or beautiful women or blowjobs or hard passionate fucking or rough deep uninhibited sex with a creampie finish or any combination of all that, make sure you check this one out! Porn Fidelity doesn’t mess around, that’s for sure…the Panty Fucking scenes are always red hot, check out this one for instance when you’re done watching Tomi do her thing!

Morning Threesome


Morning Threesome

Click to see Sammie Daniels & Naveen Ora on Passion HD!

What better way to wake up than with a sexy morning threesome courtesy of gorgeous babes Sammie Daniels and Naveen Ora in this Passion HD update! Don’t bother trying to answer, that was a rhetorical question because obviously there can be no better way to wake up than by hanging out with these two nude beauties, getting your cock sucked and pounding both of those tight wet horny pussies. This guy was already out of bed though, but hey it still works so don’t argue…the girls were sleeping in the buff next to each other and when they woke up they were all in the mood for a hot hardcore threeway fuck session! The girls took turns making out and eating each other like lesbians and of course licking and sucking that big thick cock that this guy was swinging around…little blonde spinner Sammie went for a nice hard ride on that meat, then brunette beauty Naveen got on her hands and knees to get fucked from behind while she licked Sammie’s tight cunt! I don’t know which girl is hotter but luckily there’s no need to decide, they both get fucked and then share a big cum facial to finish things off. Looks like it’s time to go back to bed for these three, gotta rest up again!




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You’ll lose your mind over this girl Bree Manuel (also known as the stunning Bree Daniels) in an X-Art update called, cleverly, UnBreeLievable! She looks like a dream cum ture in her little blue top and sheer black panties, laying on the bed showing off those sweet perky breasts. Her man came home from a long day at the office and found her there, taking Bree in his arms and kissing her passionately before slipping his hand into those little panties and tickling her clit, feeling her tight little cunt getting wetter and wetter! Soon she was on her knees with that perfect tight butt in the air, getting her slit and ass both licked before this guy slid into her hole…he didn’t even bother taking his button-down shirt off before fucking this redhead knockout, and Bree couldn’t be happier! She takes that big thick dick of his to the hilt, rocking and rolling on it and then going for a ride in the guy’s lap. She’s got a perfect tight body that looks hot as hell and has the face of an angel, so it’s no wonder the guy had to work to keep from blasting off so to speak! After awhile he just couldn’t take any more of that pussy, it just felt too good and he had to pull out as he shot his load all over Bree’s snatch to finish off this red hot hardcore X Art scene.

Birthday Pussy


Birthday pussy on passion hd

Talk about an awesome birthday present…this guy was getting quite the surprise when his girlfriend Macie Winslett invited over her sexy blonde friend Sammie Daniels and they both led this guy to the bedroom for a little threeway birthday pussy action here on Passion HD! These girls are both sexy as hell, Sammie has that tight little spinner body and this guy has been lusting after her every time she came over to visit. I guess Macie knew about it and wanted to make his dreams cum true and in this red hot group sex scene both of these tight sexy babes got a nice deep dicking! The guy gave Macie’s pussy a nice hard pounding before moving his attentions to Sammie’s cute little cunt, taking her for a hard deep ride and making her moan like crazy! It’s nice that Macie isn’t the jealous type, she knows how horny her boyfriend is and just wanted him to be happy so she got her cute friend Sammie into the mix like this…I suspect that maybe these two girls have spent a little time together in the past too without the guy around; they definitely love licking each others wet and tight pussy, that’s for sure. This is Macie’s first time on Passion HD if I remember right, I hope she comes back for plenty more fun because she’s got one hell of a sexy body!

Angel Of The Morning


Sammie daniels passion hd angel of the morning

Just call her Angel of the Morning! Beautiful sexy blonde spinner Sammie Daniels is back on Passion HD and is showing her stuff here, relaxing in bed with her man and feeling his hands all over that tight little body…she sat in front of him grinding her hips and moving that sweet little ass against his cock to feel it growing and stiffening behind her, enjoying the sensation and knowing that she was driving her man crazy! Sammie had already warmed herself up so to speak, grabbing her big purple rabbit vibrator and sliding it in and out of that tight pink little pussy so she was already wet in the panties and turned on when she took her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then going for a nice deep hard ride in his lap! She had those skinny legs in the air getting her cunt rocked, grabbing onto the sheets for support so he wouldn’t fuck her right off the bed…I mean can you blame him for trying? This girl is smokin hot and has an incredible tight little body, getting her in bed would be fantastic…this dude certainly thinks so, pounding that pussy before getting Sammie on her knees, blasting a nice big facial on her that she got into her mouth and swallowed down!

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