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Slut Contest


College Rules Slut Contest

This is the new College Rules scene for all you College Rules junkies out there. This one is called Slut Contest because these girls film themselves practicing for their upcoming sex video they are about to film by deep throating a large dildo, putting a finger in each others asses and eating each other out as well. The girls knew they would need to fuck a guy and aren’t they experienced so that’s why they did their little games. I am pretty sure there is a lot of girls out there that have done the same thing.

Bad Girls At Kai


College Rules The Bad Girls At Kai

This is the brand new College Rules update and it’s from a sorority who we can’t tell you the full name because we / they will get in trouble but it ends in Kai that’s why this episode is called The Bad Girls At Kai. This sorority isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are just trying to win College Rules $10,000 dollar prize. They even watch past episode and just straight up copy them! Well I guess cheating does get you a head in this world because they still won the prize and the sex tape is pretty awesome I must admit.

Students At The Ranch


College Rules Students At The Ranch

This is the new College Rules episode it’s called Students At The Ranch. The college students are just drinking and partying and one of the coeds parents ranch. Some body has a video camera because they caught a lot of the sex and nudity that these students delivered. Also whoever filmed it decided to piss off everyone who is in this tape by selling it to College Rules for a cool $10,000 bucks.

Bubble Butt Bang


The Bubble Butt Bang College Rules

This is one perfect round ass isn’t it guys. You are probably thinking oh I just get to see her naked but you’re wrong! This is a gallery from College Rules and the name of the episode is The Bubble Butt Bang. That’s because you get to see this bubble butt babe getting fucked by her boyfriend. She need to make some money for school so instead of getting a actual job she just fucked her boyfriend on film and sold it to College Rules. During their sex her friend comes in and gets in on some threesome action. As soon as her friend gets a orgasm from this round ass chick she just leaves, no fair exchange there!

Slosh Ball


College Rules Slosh Ball

I am so ashamed that I didn’t post this College Rules gallery sooner! This girl is so damn hot I mean a perfect 10 wouldn’t you guys agree! You get to see her completely naked in this scene called Slosh Ball. These college students are on break and when to someone’s house with a big yard and basically played nude dodge ball and they called it Slosh Ball.

Anything But Clothes


College Rules Anything But Clothes

This is a awesome new game you guys in college should try out on your college girl friends. They girls call it Anything But Clothes so you can cover up if you want to but you have to use boxes, plastic wrap or anything else but clothes! The girls here played a game of twister in their little costumes and then this hot chick right here sat on one of the guys dicks who was playing. She is super hot and has a great ass and probably knew they couldn’t win College Rules prize if they didn’t fuck so she just wanted to get it out of the way, even though it looks like she loved the dick.

Girls Cant Get Enough


College Rules Girls Can't Get Enough

This is a older gallery from College Rules that I forgot to post so I am sending you to my favorite College Rules free site. The name of the scene is Girls Can’t Get Enough and if I remember right it’s three friends who get together and swamp boyfriends, and as you see here take turns eating each other out.

Hall Pass


College Rules Hall Pass

This is a great idea by these college girls, I give them props for thinking of it. So these girls heard of the site College Rules and that they could make $10,000 bucks by submitting a sex tape to them. So they thought of a way they could do this that would be fun and sexy at the same time. So they saw the movie Hall Pass which basically is giving your boyfriend a free pass to fuck another chick with no consequences. Well these girls just didn’t want to give one out they put their boyfriends to the test to see if they would cheat or not. 1 guy failed the other two passed and the ones that passed got to fuck their girlfriends friends!

Lola Foxx


Lola Foxx Amateur Allure

If I didn’t have a College Rules gallery going up today this Lola Foxx gallery from Amateur Allure totally would have been number one! This scene is super hot mostly because they have a hottie like Lola Foxx and that nice round ass of hers. She does a great job swallowing two different loads from the guys at Amateur Allure and man does she know how to fuck just check out this free video I have attached to the gallery.

Happy Birthday Mike


college rules happy birthday mike

I just love titties and this girl from College Rules has some really nice ones! I don’t know her name because she is just a girlfriend of a girl who got her boyfriend Mike a foursome for his bathroom in the dorm showers. These two girls do have lesbian sex together and its probably my favorite part of this long sex tape that was submitted to College Rules.

Sexual Tendencies


CollegeRules Sexual Tendencies

Stan and his girl are predators. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at her… innocent… unassuming. But she lures them in, gets them in their room, builds the anticipation then whips out his dick to seal the deal. You can see the girls are just dying for cock by the time his zipper comes down and his girlfriend beams with hunger and pride, waiting to fuck in front of the unsuspecting. Great great video winner from College Rules, definitely differen than their normal videos.

Girl Power


College Rules Girl Power

I am so behind on this College Rules update I am almost ashamed! This is another amazing real amateur scene for you guys from them they call it Girl Power. These chicks love to fuck and thought why not get some guys to bang them, film it and make $10,000 bucks from College Rules. The girls do a awesome job and I miss college every time I see a scene from this site and you will too!

Show Us Those Tits!


Show Us That Ass For Cash

This is a scene from Bang Bus and the name of it is Show Us that Ass For Some Cash but I would rather see this girls tits they are amazing! She has a good ass don’t get me wrong but her titties are out of this world. You get to see her get picked up on the rainy streets of Miami and then getting banged out on the Bang Bus its a awesome scene with a really pretty girl I hope you guys like it.

Carrie on College Rules

Sex 101


Sex 101 College Rules

This is the Sex 101 lesson that this Junior is teaching a college Freshman in the dorm room for a College Rules tape her and her friend are making. This girl has perfect natural tits as you can see and she loves riding this guys cock. Before this she and her friend share sucking a dick together and then if that wasn’t enough she sealed her $10,000 dollar prize with this fuck session.

Show Me Your Pussy


Show Me Your Pussy

If that isn’t a perfect round ass I don’t know what is! This is a scene called Show Me Your Pussy and its from the amateur college girl site College Rules. In this gallery the girls are trying to make a tape worthy of College Rules prize of $10,000 bucks and well it was definitely worthy because its on the site! There is some lesbian sex as you can seee here as well as some hardcore action its a amazing video and a must see so check it out!

Hunt For Cock


College Rules Cock Hunt

We all know those college girls who go out ever Friday night on a cock hunt, well these girls from this College Rules episode do that but instead of just doing it for free they made a video and sold it for $10,000 bucks! The blonde college girl in this update is super hot and she is the one getting her face sat on in this picture. The girls get a bunch of guys to come in and show them what they have to offer and a couple guys luck out and get their cock sucked, and two guys even got fucked because you know you have to have sex in order to win the College Rules prize.

Panty Raid


College Rules Panty Raid

I do like College Rules and its my favorite site ever, but this scene is just a little to scripted unlike all their other ones. These college students like wrote a script and stuck to it to win their $10,000 bucks in a scene they call Panty Raid. I do like seeing amateur college girls fucking though I mean look at the body on this one pretty damn hot don’t you think? If you like real amateur college girls having hardcore sex there is seriously only once place to go for that and its College Rules so stop messing around and check it out.



Brittany Bang Bros Tryouts

Many of you guys will remember Brittany here from a episode of College Rules called Amys Perfect Ass and Tits. She didn’t do any hardcore there except for sucking a dick, but not we have full on hardcore for you guys. This is her first scene with a dick inside of her and it comes to us today from a site called Bang Bros Tryouts which is one of the sites the Bang Bros is starting to roll out though you can only see its updates if you join the Bang Bros Network right now.

Toga Orgy


College Rules Toga Orgy

I wish I could say I have been to a toga party before but I haven’t and if toga parties are anything like this episode from College Rules I really missed out. The name of the scene is Toga Orgy and that should basically say it all for you guys. The college students have a huge Greek party and then afterwards they finish it in authentic Greek style having a orgy in the living room.

The Sweethearts


The Sweethearts College Rules

This is the Queen of all the Sweethearts on this episode of College Rules called The Sweethearts. The idea is this frat puts on this party were these girls are invited and basically each guy depending on his rank in the frat gets to pick a girl to bring to the backroom and fuck basically. This chick right here made her guy cum so fast with those amazing natural tits that she was crowned queen and the freakiest girl on campus.

Brittany & Amy


Brittany Harper and Amy on Bang Bros

Here is Brittany Harper and Amy on a Ass Parade scene which is part of the Bang Bros Network. The girl on the right is Amy and the girl on the left is Brittany you may remember Amy from her College Rules scene. Amy doesn’t do any fucking in this scene but she helps out by like massaging Brittany Harpers pussy or sucking on a nipple that kind of helping hand.

Fall 2009 Pranks


College Rules Fall 2009 Pranks

This is a gallery from College Rules called Fall 2009 Pranks at Fontanta Hall and it is pretty much the best update they have had. I suspect they didn’t release it back in 2009 for some legal issue but now its all cleared up and we get to see all the hot things these college girls did at Fontanta Hall. There are a couple of funny scenes in this update as well, like when some guys stole a girls towel and clothes while she was showing so she had to run naked back to her room which was locked!

Our Own Fuck Team


Fuck Team Five Our Own Fuck Team

Here is a group of girls who already made money from College Rules and decided to submit another sex tape this time to Fuck Team Five showing them that you don’t have to be pornstars to have a fuck team. The sex is a amazing and it just seems all these girls have awesome asses, and check out the pussy on the girl in picture three.

Shake That Ass


College Rules Shake That Ass

This is the new College Rules episode this week its called Shake That Ass and its from a college in the south. It seems like all the girls on this update have awesome asses and I really like this chick in the white shirt. You actually get to see her fucking some guy after the party. The party is in a dorm room and pretty much all the girls their do a little strip and some ass shaking and every single on of them is good at it!

Girls Having Fun


College Rules Girls Just Like To Have Fun

This College Rules update is called Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and if this is how college girls like to have fun I am game! The people who put on this party really wanted to win College Rules $10,000 bucks I mean they started out the video with some roommate lesbian sex, and then ended the tape with this hot coed fucking her boyfriend on the floor of a dorm room party!

Amy’s Perfect


College Rules Amys Perfect Ass and Tits

This College Rules episode is called “Amys Perfect Ass and Tits” and the funny thing is this isn’t even Amy I am a showing you. Amy does in fact fuck too, but she is the busty blonde in this gallery you will see her in the first couple of pictures. The girls throw a dorm party in Amys dorm and they get their fucking out of the way because they know thats the only way they will win College Rules $10,000 bucks!

Spring Break


College Rules Episode Spring Break

This is the new College Rules episode called Spring Break and I am actually surprised this is the first Spring Break episode they have received. I guess College Rules hasn’t been around for a full year yet, so that would explain why this is the first Spring Break scene. The scene has some really hot girls on it, and they go out drinking and come back to the hotel room to film their sex scene which is needed to win the $10,000 prize that College Rules gives out to winners of submissions that actually appear on the site.

Skin Gets You In


A Lil Skin Gets You In

Here is the new College Rules episode and its called “A Lil Skin Gets You In”. Guys at a frat house made what they call a little audition tape of girls asking to be able to go to their spring break party. We all know what really went down though, these guys just wanted to make $10,000 dollars that is the prize each submission gets that appears on College Rules!

Indoor Pool Party


Indoor Pool party

Just when you thought you had seen everything from College Rules a group of students get together to throw a Indoor Pool Party. They know the site and what it takes to win the $10,000 bucks so they get down and dirty and fuck each other. I like this girls ass a lot but it might not even be the best one! Check out the girl in 3 and 7 she has a ass that I think is just super hot!



College Rules Tailgating

Here is a awesome college gallery for you guys from College Rules the name of the episode is “Tailgating” and I am pretty sure you can figure out why on that. A group gets together before a game to make their tape for College Rules to make that lofty $10,000 prize they give away. They first just get drunk and crazy with all the fans outside, and then they take it to the trailer were this girl fucks two lucky guys, and then 3 girls fuck another 2 guys in the same trailer its pretty hot scene because its real college students just doing what they usually do and filming it!

Show The Money!


College Rules Show Us The Money

This is the brand new episode of College Rules for you guys, its called “Show Us The Money”. These girls are not shy about saying why they are doing this they want the $10,000 that College Rules gives the winners of each months sex tape submission. These girls won for a reason because not only did they have hot lesbian porn, but they all had some guy come over and they gave them a nice fucking, in a true amateur style.

Naughty Girls


College Rules Naughty Time Girls

I am back, and giving you guys some good porno today! I have the new College Rules update this week its a episode called “Naughty Time Girls”. I think there are 6 different girls that do things from eating pussy, to full on hardcore sex. This girl in the middle of the picture here does it all and its really hot and my favorite girl in this update. This is all real deal porno, students from college around the world make sex tapes and send them to College Rules in hopes of making $10,000 dollars.

Turn Out Lights


College Rules Turn Out Lights

This is the brand new College Rules update for you guys, this episode is called “Turn Off The Lights and Get Freaky”. There are 6 girls in this update and most of them are really hot college girls there is two chicks that are not that good looking. You guys are really going to like see these girls fuck and eat each other out all for a chance to win 10,000 dollars from College Rules!

Foos My Balls


College Rules Foos My Balls

Here is the new update from College Rules its called “Foos My Balls Baby”. I usually don’t take this long to get a College Rules update so for that I am sorry and this one is really really good. I think there are like three college girls in this update that are bangable for sure, and all of them have sex!

Fun-Loving Coeds


College Rules Fun Loving Coeds

This is a College Rules episode called “Fun-loving Coeds” and its was actually updated over the weekend but I was a little lazy and didn’t feel like updating the site with it until today. Its really another awesome update from College Rules because this blonde girl is really hot and its pretty awesome seeing her fuck her college boyfriend for 10 thousand dollars.

Coeds Perfect Tits


College Rules Hot Babe

I don’t think you guys are going to find a hotter girl then this chick from College Rules episode “Wheel Of Fun”. I just love her tits, and she has a ton of other hot friends who spin this wheel that tells them what they have to do from giving a topless lapdance, to sucking dick and eating pussy. If you want to see it all then I suggest you head over to College Rules now and get it while its hot.

Sorority Girls Fucking


College Rules Sorority Sisters Fucked

I got the brand new College Rules gallery for you guys, and this time their are some sorority chicks showing off how far they can deep throat with fruit and what not. Then the tell the guys that they are going go fuck them in order to win College Rules 10 thousand dollar prize they give out each month. So, the girls do just that and I am not showing you the finished product. The name of this episode is pretty funny as well, its called “Ladies by Day Freaks At Night”.

House Party


College Rules House Party

Well this is just a awesome update from College Rules, and they paid more then their usual $10,000 for it too and I appricate that. This was a huge house party that some coeds threw out in the midwest. They have three diffrent girls getting banged out during the party 2 room and a bathroom filled with sex, what I would give to be at that party!

Dorm Train


College Rules Dorm Train

I like a pretty Persian girl and thats exactly what we got in the update from College Rules called Dorm Train. These two guys and this curvy exotic girl team up to make a tape were the guys run a train on her and they got paid ten thousand dollars for this because they were the winners of College Rules submission this month. If your in college and want to make some quick cash find a girl that is willing to fuck in a dorm room and submit your tape now!

Hot Coeds


Drunk College Girls

Here are some Drunk College Girls getting fucked and one of them is having sex with a one legged man! Its pretty awesome these chicks throw a beer pong party and get all drunk and have some friends film them fucking dudes at the party so they can submit it to College Rules for a 10 thousand dollars cash prize.

Coed Porno


College Rules

I have some awesome coed porno for you guys from a site called College Rules, I have another gallery right below this one so you guys can check out both. It has real college students doing a porno in the hopes of making $10,000.00 bucks. I mean for that much money I would do it too if I was back in college!

The Munchies


The Munchies

Click to watch this Dare Dorm video!

Dare Dorm loves the submissions where a group of horny college coeds get together for a dorm party and play some icebreaker games…this time around it’s a game called The Munchies and these college girls are about ready to bust right out of their clothes since it’s nearly the end of the school year and they’ve got some steam to blow off! I’m not super clear on the rules of the game but there’s a spinner wheel on a wall that has a bunch of things on it like ‘spank it’ and ‘suck it’ and stuff like that, I assume whoever spins has to do that to someone else but hey, the rules probably went right out the window anyway so who cares! Once the girls started making out with each other the guys started whipping out their cocks and before you know it, this icebreaker game has turned into an all out college orgy in this dorm! These girls have fantastic tits and even hotter asses and they love sucking dick and getting fucked, I wouldn’t want to be studying next door to this party but I’m really glad they recorded the whole night and sent the footage in to Dare Dorm!

Our Wild Side


Our Wild Side

Click to see Renee Marie on Dare Dorm!

So apparently what these college coeds are doing is throwing a Cube Party. If you don’t know what that is don’t feel bad, I had never heard of it either…basically the idea is that everyone is dressed as a Rubik’s Cube with mismatched colors, you play games to get someone else to lose clothes or swap colors and the first person to get all the same color is the winner. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be done, but in this Dare Dorm update called Our Wild Side it goes a little differently…about five minutes in people are just pitching their clothing and drinking and having fun and before you know it the girls are naked and sucking cock and getting fucked! The Cube thing was a fine idea for a party but factor in a handful of gorgeous nubile college girls getting more and more naked and you can see how the rules go right out the window pretty fast. It’s great seeing these chicks goofing around doing party games and shaking those perky titties and nice round sexy asses though, not to mention eating each other out like lesbians and then getting fucked!

Bubble Bath


Bubble bath for ccgfs

When you were a teenager growing up did you ever have your parents go out of town and invite your friends over, do you remember how freaked out you were about keeping the house clean and not letting your folks know you broke the house rules? That’s basically what’s going on in this Crazy College GFs update as Chloe invited her cute college girlfriends over and they ended up getting naked and hopping into the tub for a Bubble Bath. One of the girls mentioned she had never been naked with other chicks before and had certainly never taken a bath with other girls, so her friends took the opportunity to introduce her to all kinds of things as they all ended up making out and fingering and licking pussy in this smokin hot sapphic scene! These lesbians all ended up tongue-deep in poontang and having the time of their lives…it’s a good thing it was rainy out that day so the girls had to stay indoors and it’s definitely a good thing one of the chicks had a video camera to capture the whole thing and send it in to Crazy College GFs for us!



Melody for exploited college girls

This girl Melody is an 18 year old senior in High School so I’m not sure she quite fits the title of the site but hey, she’s hot and horny and has a great body so I guess we can all bend the rules a little bit for her. She’s got a very pretty face and nice perky titties that look fantastic as she gets fucked in this POV scene for Exploited College Girls, and she cums like a freight train multiple times as she gets her tight little pussy pounded! I guess the high school boys don’t know how to use their dicks yet so when she met up with the ‘casting director’ here it was like a dream come true for her wet teen cunny. Melody gets fucked nice and hard and deep in a few different positions, it’s hard to tell what her favorite one was because she was having a great time throughout the shoot…it might have been when she was pinned down and drilled from above with her face buried into the pillow, tough call to make. She giggles when the guy busts his load all over her face, so she’s obviously not afraid of facials…can’t wait to see this girl around if she makes it to some other hardcore sites!

Chicks Up


Dare Dorm Chicks Up

This scene is from Dare Dorm and its has a group of college students playing Kings Cup. If you have never played the card game before just check out the rules I have a link in the gallery for you newbs. It starts off as a fun game or whatever, but then one girl takes it a little to far and at the point the party could have gone two ways. Everyone could have went YUCK and left, or like what happened here the other girls joined in finding the nearest cock and sucking and fucking until they milk a cumshot from the guy.

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