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I hope you guys are ready for this because this hot 20 year old cutie named Ivy is ready to go for it and she won’t stop until she’s reached her…READ MORE

One Last Fling


One Last Fling

Click to watch this Peyton Coast video!

Looks like beautiful blonde Peyton Coast is ready for one last fling with this guy before she ties the knot…she’s engaged but has a fantasy about getting…READ MORE




Click to watch this Bell video!

Meet Bell, a gorgeous amateur chick with stunning legs and a lovely smile…she was interested in being part of the calendar app that these guys were developing,…READ MORE

Adriana Chechik


Adriana Chechik

Click to watch this Adriana Chechik video!

Beautiful Eastern European chick Adriana Chechik was feeling those kinky desires again so she led her man to her hotel room, letting him help her out of her sexy…READ MORE

Piper Perri Bound and Waiting


Piper Perri Bound and Waiting

Click to watch this Piper Perri video!

I would imagine a ton of guys have a fantasy about a beautiful little sex slave like Piper Perri bound and waiting in the bedroom, eager for any chance to please…READ MORE

Charlotte Sartre


Charlotte Sartre

Click to watch this Charlotte Sartre video!

I hope you’re a fan of goth chicks because Charlotte Sartre here looks like she came straight out of a Tim Burton flick…she doesn’t exactly dismiss that…READ MORE

Rebel Lynn


Rebel Lynn

Click to watch this Rebel Lynn video!

Skinny hottie Rebel Lynn here is a mischievous teen who can’t wait for her punishment! She was busy rubbing her tight little snatch when her man showed up and…READ MORE

Unleashed Lust Kimmy Granger


Unleashed Lust Kimmy Granger

Click to watch this Kimmy Granger video!

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about the beautiful woman like Kimmy Granger? She is absolutely gorgeous and in this hot update she has a collar and leash on! It’s a…READ MORE




Click to watch this Alysha video!

Alright fellas, buckle up because this is gonna be one wild ride courtesy of naughty Alysha here! Seriously, take a minute to think about what you’re about to…READ MORE

Kristen Part 2


Kristen Part 2

Click to watch this Kristen video!

I told you guys the other day that Kristen here was more than meets the eye and today I’m gonna show you just how much more haha! This is day 2 of her shoot and…READ MORE

Madi Meadows


Madi Meadows

Click to watch this Madi Meadows video!

Some girls (such as Madi Meadows here) just need a bit of discipline to feel complete, like they just don’t feel right if they don’t have some kind of structure and discipline…Madi was feeling that old craving again so she headed to Ryan Madison’s house, waiting patiently on his porch for him to get home from work. When he got there he established his control right away, fucking that hot horny teen right there on the porch before bringing her inside to make this Teen Fidelity update, part 4 of the Tie Me Up series! Madi loves being bound and blindfolded, she’s got a kinky streak a mile wide so when Ryan tied her to the bed and put his cock by her face she was instantly strainging against her restraints to get that dick in her mouth…she gave him a blowjob and then he fucked that sweet tight hole of hers as a reward, ending up busting a load of cum into her snatch for a creampie ending!




Click to watch this Roxy video!

Buckle up buttercup because this chick Roxy is quite possibly the kinkiest, most extreme girl I’ve ever seen on FTV Girls…at least in a long time, that’s for…READ MORE

Joseline Kelly


Joseline Kelly

Click to watch this Joseline Kelly video!

Submissive slut Joseline Kelly was waiting patiently at the house for Ryan Madison to get home and once he did, she got right to work sucking his cock! He pounded her tight teen pussy on the front porch before bringing her indoors and up to the bedroom to blindfold and bind her…Joseline loves getting into bondage, she’s a kinky horny vixen with nice titties and a horny wet pussy! Ryan teases her hole with his tongue and finger and cock before going all out, pounding Joseline hard and fast and deep in part 3 of the Tie Me Up series here on Teen Fidelity, ending up shooting his load of cum into her hole for a nice creampie finish to this hot hardcore fuck scene!

Cherie Deville


Cherie Deville

Beautiful blonde Cherie Deville is right where you want her in this hot update from Sex And Submission…she’s all tied up on the bed spreadeagled and helpless with those huge tits out! This guy takes full advantage of that delicious situation, sliding his cock down her throat and putting her in the stocks as he fucked that tight pink pussy, cranking her legs wide open and pounding her in every position he felt like putting her in. If you’ve ever wanted to have a hot horny blonde pornstar under your complete sexual control just take a look at this update and see what it’s like!




Click to see Hope on FTV Girls!

This lovely leggy lass is Hope, she’s a 23 year old hottie who is surprisingly kinky, she gets into some crazy stuff in this FTV Girls update! For one thing she loves having multiple orgasms, using a vintage vibrator doggystyle to bring that sweet pussy to a quivering strong orgasm that leaves her knees shaking…Hope isn’t done yet though, she meets up with popular FTV girl Stacey who hasn’t been around in a couple of years, and Hope ends up fisting herself before they make out, then gets Stacey’s fist in there all the way up to her forearm! Hope gets into some nice spread closeups, dances around and takes toys in her ass and in her pussy at the same time for some vaginal anal double penetration…and then things really get serious! Hope busts out some corn on the cob, fucking herself with it and then a banana to get her fruits & veggies for the day, then is introduced to the absolutely ridiculous FTV Titan toy, which you’ve just gotta see to believe. Hope got extreme in this hot update, and I’m glad she made it out with her pussy intact after all that fun!

Fetish Attraction


Fetish Attraction

Watch This Dare Dorm Video!

We’ve seen plenty of different kinds of dorm room parties here on Dare Dorm but these college coeds are getting kinky with it as they throw a Fetish party here! It’s hard to go wrong with skin-tight vinyl and crazy masks and even a sex swing, and these chicks were ready to get down and have some fun in what must have been the party of the year for whatever college this was at. Things started off with the fetish bit being kind of a joke and an excuse to dress up sexy but as the night went on things got pretty intense with this sexy blonde stunner getting whipped and tied up and the girls taking turns sucking cock and getting fucked…they’d better hope the RA doesn’t bust in and break up this party because this is one hot dorm room right about now! I guess even if that happens we’ll still have this Dare Dorm submission called Fetish Attraction to enjoy…

Kate England


Kate England

Click to see Kate England on Porn Fidelity!

Fans of puffy, swollen tits and nipples get ready to be blown away because the gorgeous Kate England is here to give Ryan Madison’s vacuum pump a whirl on Porn Fidelity! She loves nipple play and gets so turned on by the suction that she takes his big hard cock and guides it into her tight little teen ass, riding that dick in this hot hardcore fuck scene! It’s bringing a little kinky fun to the table and if there’s a pair of tits around that should absolutely be played with it’s the pair that Kate England is rocking…she’s got sweet perky full breasts that look great as-is but even better getting all puffy and sensitive from the vacuum machine that Ryan uses on her. Watch Kate get that ass fucked and take an anal creampie, too!

Tara Getting Freaky


Tara Holiday getting Freaky

When I think about MILFs Tara Holiday is always up there. She is older then most of the girls we consider “MILFs” in porn but I still think she is hot as hell. One thing about Tara though is she is a straight up freak so you have to be ready for anything with her. In this scene for example you think she is going to suck his dick and then she ducks her head a little lower, and then you think she is going to suck on his balls… Then she goes a little lower… Next ting you know she is licking his asshole, something you just don’t see everyday but when you’re a freak like Tara you have to be prepared for anything. She has a great body on her especially her round ass which looks really good bouncing on this guys cock when she is not licking his ass LOL!




It’s always nice to see a hot young babe who’s not afraid to push things into the realm of kinky pleasures…meet Milena who is all handcuffed and blindfolded at the beginning of this shoot…she lifts up the blindfold to get a peek at her own pussy as she spreads her labia, playing with herself and then using a string of beads to drive herself wild! I don’t know what she did to get handcuffed like this but it must have been something mighty naughty…and she doesn’t exactly look remorseful about it! In fact it sure looks like she’s about ready to be a repeat offender…care to be Milena’s parole officer and keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get herself into too much trouble?

Jaye Summers Punished


Jaye Summers Punish Teens

This is a new bondage type scene starring Jaye Summers. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this site or not because it seems like you guys don’t really dig the whole bondage thing but I thought I would give it a shot because it’s a new site. The name of the site is Punish Teens and you can see more of their videos here. I doubt I will be posting a bunch of them and it seems like this guy is pretty up to date on them. Anyways Jaye Summers here goes over to a guys house and thinks she is about to get that everyday sex but I bet she started to get what was happening when he put on some black latex gloves. He then puts a collar around here and cuffs her up. He has his way with Jaye and she is loving it rough. She loves him touching her asshole and the rough fucking he gives her pussy all in all pretty hot scene if you’re into BDSM.




Usually when people think of a chain reaction they think of something negative, or if they’re a real dork maybe they think of the chain reaction in Star Wars when they fire a proton torpedo down the exhaust vent to blow up the main reactor. Anyway in this photoshoot sexy Inez is all chained up and her ‘chain reaction’ as you can see is one of utter sexiness! She’s a skinny fit tight nubile babe with sweet perky little titties, a nice pink shaved pussy and a beautiful face, and obviously she’s down with a bit of kink so you know this girl is gonna be a good time in bed am I right! She’s got her thigh high boots on and is all tied up and ready for a good time on the swinging chair!

Mia Pearl


Teen fidelity mia pearl

Some women really get off on roleplay, and that certainly includes sexy teen newcomer Mia Pearl! This chick loves getting tied up and taken control over, and in Part 3 of the She Can’t Take It series she definitely gets her fantasies fulfilled! Ryan Madison binds and gags her on the couch, rubbing his big dick against her taped up mouth to tease her a little before untying her hands, giving her the opportunity to stroke and then lick and suck his big fat cock until it was rock hard! Mia gets a nice Teen Fidelity style pounding as she gets bent over with that firm young ass in the air, taking Ryan’s dick in her tight little hole as he reached around to grab and squeeze her firm juicy titties…things finally cum to a close as Ryan unleashes a torrent of cream, hosing Mia down all over that sexy tight teen body of hers! One thing about Teen Fidelity, they are certainly never afraid to push the envelope with their hardcore fuck scenes and this is a pretty good example of that…but Mia seems to love every minute of it, so despite the title of the series I’d have to say She Can Take It!

Odette Delacroix


Odette delacroix on teen fidelity

I don’t even know where to start with this Teen Fidelity update so let’s just dive in shall we? These guys are on a whole other level entirely…this latest scene features sweet sexy newcomer spinner Odette Delacroix, she starts out caged like some kind of kinky animal in a little wire kennel wearing a furry hat and little panties, waiting for her Master to come home. Her Master, of course, is the one and only Ryan Madison and when he shows up Odette demonstrates what a good little doggy she is as she gets on her hands and knees in the kennel, sucking Ryan’s big dick as he sticks it between the bars and then turning around and dropping her little panties to get that tight teen pussy of hers fucked! Ryan patted her on the head and rewarded her good behavior by letting her out of her cage, propping her up against a wall and pounding that sweet little hole of hers, stretching her petite pussy with his big dick! This girl is seriously itty bitty, she looks pocket sized but loves taking a huge thick cock and she goes to town on Ryan’s, riding him until he shot a load of cum inside her hole for a creampie that she let drip out onto a silver platter! Weird, no doubt about it, but undeniably sexy as hell…that’s what Teen Fidelity is all about.

Bella Danger


Bella danger fucking machines

Sometimes a girl just can’t be satisfied with a human cock…beautiful Latina honey Bella Danger for instance has ‘graduated’ from dick and now is on Fucking Machines getting her hole worked over by a robot! She’s all kinked up and fetished out too in this out fucking standing site debut, she gets clothespins on her nipples and her pussy lips and gets ballgagged and tied up as she takes this robo-dong in her mouth and of course in her dripping wet pussy! This mechanized prong is merciless as it pistons in and out of her face and then in and out of her cunt, making Bella moan and scream around her ballgag…she was struggling against her bonds but after she got untied it turned out she wasn’t trying to escape, she just wanted to work her clit with a magic wand vibrator while she got her pussy drilled! This girl loves a deep hard pounding and it doesn’t get much deeper or harder than an automatic fucking machine. I just don’t know if a human guy will be able to slake her thirst for sex after this pussy pounding she takes here….you know what they say, once you go mech you never go bech! Or something along those lines.

Rachael Madori


Rachael Madori on porn fidelity

At first when I saw this Porn Fidelity scene I thought I was gonna have to call the feds or something but as it turns out, Rachael Madori here just loves bondage and loves a nice hard rough pussy pounding! She was all tied up and gagged at the beginning of this scene, lying on the floor in her bra and thong panties before Ryan Madison started feeding her his dick…Rachel was already moaning from the sensation of being tied up and only able to use her mouth and lips and tongue on that cock! Ryan let her free and proceeded to give that sweet wet horny pussy of hers the pounding she was moaning and begging for…Rachel is hot as hell by the way, she’s got a cute edgy look with her mohawk and tattoos and has an incredible body to boot! Sweet perky bouncy titties with nipples that stand at attention, a perfect round juicy ass that looks amazing in the air as she gets fucked doggystyle and a pussy that is insatiable! She takes Ryan’s cock in this scene as deep as he can pound it and finally he shoots a big load of cum inside her hole for a big creampie finish…right before tying and gagging her right back up again, ready for next time.

Bring Me To My Knees


X art caprice bring me to my knees

I would bet dollars to donuts that if there was one chick on X Art who you would love to see tied up and blindfolded and bottomless it would be sexy little Caprice! Well lucky for you that’s just who’s tied to the ceiling in this red hot update called Bring Me To My Knees as she awaits her man, her pussy already getting wet in anticipation! He teased her a bit before letting her down to drop to her knees, sliding his cock into that sweet little mouth for a nice blowjob as she sat there with her wrists bound and eyes still blindfolded. He took off the strap covering her eyes so she could see what he was doing as he came up behind her, slipping his dick easily into that wet cunt and fucking her after tying her back up! Caprice is exploring her kinky side in this X Art scene, enjoying a bondage fetish she’s been thinking about and moaning in pleasure as the guy pounded her pussy and then her mouth, finishing with a nice facial that dripped cum down her chin as she looked up at him! Hopefully he let her loose after shooting into her mouth but hey who knows, maybe he left her tied up down at the bottom of the stairs there so he could have his own personal fuck-slave anytime he wanted a taste of that tight perfect pussy! Caprice doesn’t look like she’d mind that idea too much, that’s for sure.

Do Me Blind


Colette do me blind

So obviously right now 50 Shades of Grey is all the rage in the theater and everyone is ‘discovering’ bondage and kinky play, so why not check out how a hottie like Maria does it in this Colette update called Do Me Blind! She starts off slipping a blindfold on herself and getting handcuffed on a chair with a black bra and corset and sexy sheer thigh high stockings, inviting her man to come over and have his way with her! He teases her with his silky tie, giving her goosebumps as he dragged the fabric across her skin teasing her tight slit with it and then with his fingers to drive her wild before slipping his cock betwen her lips. She gave in to the sensations, submitting to his whims and giving up all power as she accepted his cock in her mouth, then bent over at his command to get her pussy and ass licked from behind, moaning as he finally thrust his cock into that dripping wet hole! This is a red hot kinky bondage shoot from Colette, this girl looks amazing and the fact that she’s into a little sexual exploration makes her even hotter…let Maria make your fantasies cum true in this hot hardcore sex scene!

Fifty Shades of Patty


Fifty shades of patty

So as I’m sure you already know, Fifty Shades of Grey is blowing everyone’s minds in the theaters…a lot of women are having their first explorations into the realm of kink and that’s always nice! In this update from Sexy Pattycake‘s own solo site though we only get to see about five shades of grey…she has grey panties, grey stockings, a grey (well, silver) dildo and of course she gets covered in grey paint moaning her head off! Patty is all tied up getting her pussy teased and fucked with that dildo, making her cum already before things even get nice and messy…Patty’s always up for a messy adventure and gets coated wiht paint that she rubs all over her big round titties and her sexy round juicy ass! I’d hate to have to wash those sheets after this sloppy scene but this redhead vixen does look foxy as hell and is apparently loving every second of it as she gets her body worked over! Whoever is wielding the vibrator doesn’t even bother taking her panties off, he (or she) just pushes the fabric aside and gives that sweet tight pink hole of hers a few teasing strokes just to make Patty shake and gasp and moan! It’s Fifty Shades of Patty if you ask me…I’d be a whole lot more likely to go watch that movie, that’s for damn sure.

Pearl Bondage


Pearl Bondage

Now this is something new for me…this hot Asian babe is hanging out in a pink room on a plastic chair indulging in a little pearl bondage. What’s that you say, you thought you misheard me? No sir, Pearl Bondage is just what this is…she’s got strands of pearls wrapped around her beautiful tight nude body, sliding between those big titties and one strand going down between her thighs rubbing against her sweet clit! Speaking of those big boobs, by the way, she’s got rhinestones or something stuck in a starburst pattern all around her nipples looking like sparkly snowflakes or something…wouldn’t you like to catch those snowflakes on your tongue? This hottie has a beautiful face, nice shaved pussy, perfect tits and a sweet tight firm ass, she’s just a stunner all over!

Eva & India


Eva Lovia and India Summer Moms Bang Teens

Usually guys I make a gallery when it comes to Moms Bang Teens just because it’s such a great site I couldn’t endorse it anymore. Well today I am still in the Holiday mood so that means i am doing the bare minimum. Another reason is this video is really long and I know how much you guys love the long videos. So this video is about Eva Lovia and her step mother India Summer. They think they have the whole day together after Eva’s tutor has left. They get comfortable in Eva’s bedroom and India begins to eat her out something the two of them do quite often. The thing is though is that Eva’s tutor has forgot his keys at the house so when he walks back in to get them he sees these two going at it. It’s so kinky he just has to take some video of it so he can jerk off to it later. The problem is he is quite stupid and ends up getting caught but it’s the best thing to ever happen to him. That’s because Eva and India think the only way to keep their sorted affair secret is to bring this guy in on the secret. So the two of them give him a blowjob and then let him take turns fucking their pussy. You can tell India is trying to teach Eva how to have good a threesome throughout the video. When Eva is getting fucked India is almost always licking her asshole or sucking on the guys balls. You can’t say the same for Eva when India is getting fucked though. As you guys know Eva has just started doing hardcore porn and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever! I think pretty soon though she is going to become the Digital Playground contract girl, she seems like the clear favorite to me.

Slave Girl


Slave Girl

Check out this sexy kinky blonde as she gets all gussied up in her leathers and mask…I like that top too, it’s like strips of leather connected by metal rings and ends up being like a chessboard or something. She’s also bound at the wrists and has her ass and pussy exposed, she can’t keep from touching herself so I guess she loves being all bound and helpless! This hottie (I assume she’s a hottie, you can’t really see her face because of the mask but from what I can tell she’s pretty) is helpless and tied up and horny as hell, can you imagine wandering into the bedroom and finding this babe all tied up with her pussy dripping wet as she looks over her shoulder, begging you with her eyes to fuck the hell out of that sweet tight hole? If you’ve got a thing for boots this girl’s got you covered too, she’s got her thigh high vinyl boots on to complete her look!

Ariana Returns


Ariana returns on ftv girls

You might remember this gorgeous girl from her previous FTV Girls shoot (if not it’s right here, make sure you check it out because man this girl is a knockout) but now beautiful Ariana is back and she’s getting into some extreme hotness, pushing her limits with some huge toys like the FTV Monster and stuffing her pussy full of markers and golf balls and even getting fisted! Looking at this hottie you wouldn’t think she was into such awesome fetish extreme action but Ariana is full of surprises…she loves masturbating, loves fucking herself with huge dildos and of course loves showing off her sexy perky titties and sweet round ass in public so she fits right in at FTV Girls! The pictures are amazing, the videos are sexy as hell and Ariana has never looked hotter as she masturbates her way to orgasm for us to enjoy. Check out all the fun she has with that pussy of hers and see what you think, I wouldn’t be surprised if this hottie comes back for a round 3 on the site but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I can’t even imagine what kind of antics she’ll get up to next time she cums around…

Gracie Glams


Gracie Glams

Gorgeous Gracie Glams was in the mood to push her boundaries a little so she got all tied up and blindfolded in this hot Sex And Submission scene, getting fucked by her Master in a back alley before heading inside to get even kinkier! Clothespins on the labia, arms and legs tied to the bed, this girl isn’t afraid to get a little freaky deaky before getting that wet pussy pounded…the guy fucks her helpless hole as hard and long as he wanted, then shot a load of cum inside for a creampie for her to remember him by!

Sovereign Syre


Sovereign syre on porn fidelity

There are surprises at every turn at the Porn Fidelity house, you never know what you might find when you open a closet door or turn a corner…for instance, you might run across sexy submissive Sovereign Syre all tied up and gagged like she is in this hot update! Ryan Madison keeps Sovereign all bound and helpless and has his way with her whenever the mood strikes him, and the mood strikes him pretty often apparently…in this update he takes her gag out of her mouth and then immediately replaces it with his big hard dick, fucking her face until her eyes tear up and then moving to her pussy to give it the pounding she’s been begging for (at least I think that’s what she was begging for, it’s a little hard to hear with that gag in her mouth and even harder when she has a cock in her throat). This is part 3 of the Take The Condom Off series so you know she’s in store for a nice big creampie and so does she! If you missed out on the other two parts they’re right here: part 1 and part 2 so enjoy.

Taylor Rain


Taylor Rain

Gorgeous Taylor Rain shows off her flexibility as well as her personal fetishes as she slips off her nylon stockings and then plays with her pussy, getting her legs behind her ears and then bending over to slip her fingers into her ass…and not just her fingers, she pretty much fists her ass! You can see from her perky nipples that she’s loving every second of it, too…she plays with her ass, fingers her pussy and stretches her pink hole as she rolls around on the bed for this hot photoshoot.

Anal For Ava


Ava Addams Hardcore Anal

This is a really hardcore anal scene right here guys and it comes from one of the hottest MILFs I can even think of. I am pretty sure these tits that Ava Addams have just keep getting bigger to me. I know they’re fake so maybe she is going in and getting them filled in or something. Just look at the curves on her in this image I mean it’s crazy right? Pretty sure any 20 – 30 year old would kill someone to have a body like this! The video looks like it’s being taken place in Ava’s home. The guy comes over and licks some powered sugar off Ava’s tits, ass and pussy and then he goes straight for that ass. There is of course oil involved so that Ava can enjoy this anal and enjoy this anal she does! He pounds the hell out of her asshole and it looks like it’s giving Ava the best pleasure she has ever have. That’s what makes her porn scenes so great she always looks like she is having such a great time. This gallery also has some images and I would suggest you guys check them out because she is seriously just amazing.

Jeri Lynn Returns


Ftv girls jeri returns

It’s been a few months since we last saw lovely Jeri Lynn on FTV Girls (her introductory update was right here if you somehow missed out) but she’s back for round two and she’s got a few naughty tricks up her sleeves! This chick looks like she’d be a bit shy and timid but man she loves to get kinky and takes it to some extreme lengths in this FTV update. Jeri gets naked in public of course, flashing those sweet titties and her nice round ass but she pushes it to the next level when she starts fisting herself in public and even fucks herself with a baseball bat! Back inside with a little more privacy and comfort she experiments with some double penetration, sliding a couple of big toys inside her cunt and even stuffing a double ended dildo in there until it completely disappeared! Pretty crazy stuff, this girl is just not afraid to push her limits from the looks of things…she’s a gamer girl too and shows off a little of her geeky side again in this update, playing with a sword that might just be Frostmourn. At least she doesn’t fuck herself with the sword, that would be just plain dangerous.



Ftv girls sophia

I don’t think I even put it on this site but if you’ve been keeping a close eye on FTV Girls for awhile you might remember this chick from an update about a year ago when she modeled with her friend Cortney…back then this girl was known as Sophie but over the past year I guess she’s matured a bit and now she’s Sophia! She also had a kid, as amazing as that sounds when you look at that tight little teen body of hers, and she’s still lactating so if you’ve got a fetish for breast milk you’re about to lose your mind! Sophia gets into some very hot and pretty extreme situations in this new FTV shoot, she flashes in public of course (an FTV classic move) but also gets busy with some truly massive toys in private, sliding some of the biggest dildos FTV Girls has to offer into that teen hole of hers, not to mention doing some fisting and getting a hand from the lovely assistant! Cucumber stuffing, vagina gaping, this girl is red hot and the fact that she can squeeze some milk out of those perky titties is just fetish icing on the cake.

India Summer


India Summer

Brunette knockout India Summer is hot enough that she usually takes charge of a sexual situation and has no problems in getting guys to do what she tells them to do, but this time she’s up for total submission and has to just let things happen as they will! Starting out blindfolded she is introduced to her Master by means of a big fat cock sliding down her throat and soon theyr’e off to the races…India tries all kinds of fun stuff like being tied up, ballgagged, caged, bound to a rack and even takes an anal pounding while she’s there helpless with that tight ass in the air! India’s not used to giving up so much control but she does so willingly here, trying her best to please her Master until he blasts a massive load all over her face and tits. Then, back into the cage she goes to wait until the next time he wants to play!

Ana Foxxx


Ana Foxxx

This is what I call date night! Ebony hottie Ana Foxxx showed up at her man’s place which turned out to be basically an industrial warehouse and when she got a look at the tables and straps and chains all over the place she about creamed her panties then and there. This hottie loves to get kinky, loves bondage and loves being fucked while she handles a little pain at the same time! In this hardcore action from Sex And Submission she gets plenty of that…her man knows how to bring her to the extremes of pleasure and pain without going over the limit on either, tying Ana up hand and foot and spreading that pink pussy open to pound her while she lays there helpless moaning her head off!

Karmen Karma


Karmen Karma

In this shoot from Sex And Submission, beautiful Karmen Karma is learning the hard way that her handsome new boyfriend is into some pretty kinky stuff! She gets stripped down naked and led around in public, getting her ass spanked and getting tied up, blindfolded, having clothespins pinching her nipples and getting her tight pussy pounded! Man, sounds like quite the afternoon…Karmen loves a good hard fuck session as much as the next girl but this is almost too much, I guess she’s just going to have to learn to be a submissive slave if she wants to hang around her new fella for long!

Femdom Fetish


Busty buffy femdom

Gorgeous topheavy teen Busty Buffy gets to explore her kinky side a little in this update from her own website as she shows off some of her FemDom skills, making her sub slave bitch do anything and everything she wants…he has to wear a gimp mask as she leads him around by the neck with a collar and chain, luckily there’s a mouth-hole so he gets to eat out that sweet tight pussy of hers while she plays with her huge 32G natural tits! Buffy’s got her thigh high pink latex boots on and he has to lick them up and down before she rewards him for his obedience by sucking his cock til he’s hard, then pulling on his chain to force that dick into her pussy from behind as she bends over doggystyle. She doesn’t want to hear his bitch ass moaning and gasping though so she sticks a ballgag in his mouth, he’s pretty much at her mercy throughout this hot hardcore update! Buffy’s big boobs are of course on full display as well, it wouldn’t be a Busty Buffy update without those huge breasts bouncing all over the place.

Melissa Mandlikova


Melissa Mandlikova

If you’re a fan of huge soft titties and especially those big tits when they’re lactating, this photoshoot is for you! It features lovely blonde Melissa Mandlikova as she pulls up her top to show off those massive breasts, then cups and massages and squeezes them to bring a little milk out. She even pulls her panties aside to flash that meaty shaved pussy in this hot photoshoot, so if you’ve got a thing for curvy babes flashing the goods make sure you check it! I don’t get the fetish about breastmilk personally, but hey I’m not one to judge, I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t get my fetish about wearing clown shoes while I watch girls doing cartwheels into swimming pools full of mayonnaise either. Do you think maybe Melissa here is into that?

Alina Li


Alina li sex and submisson

Stunning Asian teen Alina Li is the newest student at this prestigious school but she’s about to learn the hard way that they have some pretty strict rules of conduct! When Alina gets a little disrespectful towards one of the teachers he decides to test her dedication to success at the school and bends her over his desk, spanking that tight round ass of hers and jamming his cock into her mouth! I guess she didn’t inspire confidence in him though because she ended up down in the school dungeon stripped out of her schoolgirl uniform and chained up, where she gets spanked and whipped and fucked nice and hard in this Sex And Submission update! Alina has a bit of a fetish side to her apparently, she loves a bit of bondage and discipline and of course she always loves a big hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth and tight wet pussy.

Slave Christy


Slave christy brcc

I can’t say I’ve seen a kinky fetish scene from Backroom Casting Couch before, but it’s a nice change of pace so to speak! Slave Christy here is a tall, leggy drink of redheaded water and has been living a full-time slave lifestyle with her Master…she came over to BRCC to kick off her nude modeling career but unfortunately there’s no callback from this particularly casting call! Christy loves anal too, which works out mighty well…at the beginning of these scenes the girl always gets naked and masturbates, and when Christy is stroking her pussy she also fingers her ass at the same time to let the guy know she’s down for a little backdoor loving. Her Master taught her how to suck cock and I guess she’s a good learner because she gives a magnificent blowjob before the guy slides his cock into her pussy and then fucks her ass for some anal fun. Christy even chokes herself out as she gets pounded, cumming over and over until the guy can’t help himself anymore and has to bust his load all over her face and into her mouth!

Eva Karera & Shae Summers


Shae Summers and Eva Karera

Eva Karera is back on Moms Bang Teens this time with Shae Summers one of my personal favorites I might add. Shae has an amazing set of natural tits and you can just look at her and tell me she isn’t drop dead gorgeous. Eva has been on Moms Bang Teens before in a episode with Heather Night. This is Shae’s first time though and as always she does a bang up job. She has her boyfriend over and is hanging out with her around her house with her step mom Eva. Eva is doting on them and he remarks how nice of a step mom she has. Shae agrees but little does he know that’s because Shae has been having lesbian sex with her stepmom for some time now behind his back. Today though she is going to do something else with her step mom and that’s fuck him. Shae just needs to get him in the mood though so she goes to shower up after hanging out by the pool and her boyfriend joins her. In the shower Shae starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard and kind of freaking out because her stepmom is around. Shae ignores him because she knows any moment her stepmom is going to come through those doors. She does and Eva tells them not to stop but she needs to shower too. While in the shower Shae asks Eva for a little help washing her man so Eva does help by washing the shaft of his cock. The two of them then take the guy to the bedroom while they both take turns fucking his big cock. Eva does a lot of ass licking on Shae but Shae doesn’t return the favor she just isn’t experienced enough I guess.

Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed


Phoenix Marie Breakfast In Bed Pure Mature

Pure Mature needs to start thinking of some better names for their episode, or maybe a bigger variety or something because this is the third “Breakfast In Bed” scene from their site. This one though is starring a new model and if you can recognize her from that thick body of hers it’s Phoenix Marie. She walks in wearing a sexy little bra and panties set. She puts her breakfast to the side and slowly wakes up her man by rubbing his stomach and dick. She doesn’t go straight to giving him a blowjob though instead she sits that fat round ass of hers on his face and he starts to lick her asshole and pussy. She stays on his face eating her breakfast while he eats her and she is loving it. Then she decides not to be so mean and goes down on him taking his balls into her mouth and of course his dick. I haven’t really scene Phoenix Marie ever have a real orgasm before until today that is. This trailer shows a couple of times where she is on top grinding on his cock and she has a orgasm. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she looks a little weird but hey nothing better then a girl looking weird from a real orgasm am I right or what?

Misha Cross


Misha cross porn fidelity

Are you in the mood for a slow, sensual lovemaking session? Well keep on moving there Skippy because this is Porn Fidelity…slow and sensual is, to put it simply, not what they do. Gorgeous edgy babe Misha Cross gets her pussy absolutely pummelled by Ryan Madison’s big hard insatiable cock! She heads to the infamous Porn Fidelity white room and gets that tight cunt pounded forwards and backwards, getting tied up with chains and choked and slapped and spanked as Ryan shoves his cock so far into her hole I’m surprised it doesn’t poke out of her mouth when she screams and moans. This horny pornstar loves every second of it though, clinging onto Ryan as he fucks her until finally he shoots a huge load all over her face! If you’ve seen Ryan Madison before though you know that one facial isn’t going to be the end of things and he finishes off this update by dragging Misha off to another room for some more fun…I have the feeling she’ll be sitting on a pillow for a few days after this!

Destiny Pussy Is Too Good


Destiny Dixon Pussy Is Too Good

This guy is resorting to licking Destiny Dixon’s ass because he just can’t hold his liquid. It’s pretty funny in this gallery he is fucking Destiny Dixon and he is just about to cum like every two seconds. The camera crew tries to make it look like he isn’t about to bust but it’s just a fact he is. This video was edited so you can see all the times he has to abruptly pull out of her tight little pussy. The one thing I might have a problem with in this gallery is that Destiny Dixon isn’t a MILF to me she is more of a babe. The guy who made this gallery runs a MILF only site so that’s a little weird. I guess she did show up on MILF Hunter so that means she must be older then she looks. She has a great body with big fake titties and her ass is just perfect. Nice and big and round as fuck. Watch the end of the video where he is fucking her doggystyle and tell me dat ass isn’t just amazing. The video is from Bang Bros and to be more specific it’s from Big Mouthfuls a site that has girls swallowing cum and that’s it. So if you like seeing girls swallowing sperm don’t worry join Bang Bros and you will have hundreds of videos to choose from but the first one you should watch is this one cause Destiny is fucking awesome!

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