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Ashley Creampie Ride


Ashley Creampie Ride

Ashley Fires is fucking her first celebrity so she does what every smart girl should. She make sure that the celebrity cums inside of her…(Offsite Gallery)

Romi Never Tired


Romi Never Tired

Romi Rain is never too tired to fuck. She just got done with a run and is really hot and is trying to cool off. The problem is running that ice cube all over…(Offsite Gallery)

Ava Fucks Plumber


Ava Fucks Plumber

Ava Addams is doing the most MILF thing possible. She is fucking the plumber LOL. He comes over and finds a dildo in her pipes and one thing leads to another…(Offsite Gallery)

Ava Steak and Blowjob


Ava Steak and Blowjob

Steak and Blowjob has come and gone already but we still have a lasting memory. The memory of Ava Addams showing all the wives out there just how this day is to…(Offsite Gallery)

Reagan Foxx Workout Sex


Reagan Foxx Workout Sex

Reagan Foxx is in a Naughty America scene where she is getting help from her sons friend. Reagan is looking to start the new year working out and she wants this…(Offsite Gallery)

Angela White Anal


Angela White Anal

Angela White is a super thick and juicy MILF pornstar that you’re going to love. You’re going to like her even more because she is doing anal in this brand new…(Offsite Gallery)

Sara Says Bye To Student Teacher


Sara Says Bye To Student Teacher

Sara Jay is saying good bye to her student teacher. She has had a lot of fun with him and wishes him the best. As her way of thanking him she gives him a good…(Offsite Gallery)

Stacey Saran Fucks Student


Stacey Saran Fucks Student

This episode has a MILF from England trying to teach this guy not to be stupid but he is just not doing well at it. She is so fed up with this job and teaching…(Offsite Gallery)

Alexa Pierce Bad Teacher


Alexa Pierce Bad Teacher

Alexa Pierce is just chilling in her room helping out a student who is failing her class. He just isn’t a really good student and then she looks over and this guy has his dick out of his pants and is jerking it. Alexa just kind of shakes her head at first but then she gets an idea stuck in it. Eventually she just says fuck it, takes off her dress to show she is in a super hot matching bra and panties set as well as some thigh high stockings. She takes off her pantes gets in the doggystyle position and lets her student really wack it to her. Then she invites him over where he knows what to do. He gets between those big ass cheeks that she has and goes to town on her. The two of them fuck all over her class room and it ends with her getting a sloppy facial. At least this guy is good at one thing right Mrs. Pierce?

Yurizan Fucks Co-Worker


Yurizan Fucks Co-Worker

Yurizan Beltran is in a hot new Latin Adultery scene where she just caught her husband cheating on her and she is quite distressed. When her coworker comes over and she has an idea on how to get even with her husband. She bring her coworker upstairs and as she is walking up there she drops her robe to show him just her underwear that she is wearing. Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s the underwear girls wear all the time. Anyways the co-worker is a little freaked out by what is going to happen but once he see’s her he is totally down to bang. Yurizan gives him a good fucking, giving him one of those anger fucks. The scene ends with Yurizan being if more naughty because she tells her coworker guy just to drop his load inside of her.

Alison Tyler Helps


Alison Tyler Helps

This is the kind of secretary that every wife dreads. Alison Tyler is willing to do anything to help her boss out and right now he is really stressed. Alison knows that he has a big case that he is working on and she thinks that maybe he just needs to take his mind off of it for a little bit. So she goes ahead and gets to rubbing his junk so that its hard. At first the bossman is kind of shocked but Alison never gets turned down by a guy I mean just look at this thicky. She has amazing big natural tits and a nice giant butt hat you can just grab on to. So then they do the deed right there in his office and then he gets back to work. This fantasy is brought to you by Naughty Office one of the many sites you get access to when you join Naughty America.

Diamond Yoga Fuck


Diamond Yoga Fuck

Diamond Jackson is outback doing a little yoga and well the old pervy neighbor is spying on her and she catches him. The scene is from Naughty America and that is the main reason I am posting it because well they have a crazy deal right now where you can join their site for just $5.95. The only place I have found the deal is through this gallery or any of their galleries over at iMILFs. So it looks like September is the month to join, if you were thinking about it! The video is super long and the picture you see here is actually in the video, I know some of you get mad when it’s not and I have listened!

Nicole Exotic Positions


Nicole Exotic Positions

This is a pretty hot scene from the guys over at Naughty America. You get to see Nicole Aniston here fucking in some pretty exotic positions. I mean the guy is just sitting there not knowing what to do as she rides his dick with ankles on his shoulders LOL. The scene is about Nicole playing the horny girlfriend, she stops by her mans office and just can’t wait for him to get home to fuck. So she seduces him at the office, I imagine it’s not that hard when you look like Nicole here. This scene is actually a creampie scene as well for those of you who like that. I have noticed a lot of Nicole’s scenes for Naughty America in a creampie, she must really hate to take it to the face!

Nikki Benz Strikes A Deal


Nikki Benz Strikes A Deal

The beautiful Nikki Benz is on a hot new Naughty America scene you’re going to want to check out. You guys know Naughty America really doesn’t have “episode” titles for their videos, it’s usually just from different sites that you get access to when you join Naughty America. For example this site is called Neighbor Affair. What’s happening in it, the TLDR version is this guy is broke, Nikki is going to help him pay for his mortgage but he is going to have to fuck her whenever she wants. The guy tries to play the ole I have a wife card but once Nikki tells him to start eating her pussy he puts that excuse away and gets to licking. Once this boss is satisfied she throws him back on his little couch and gives him a good dick ride, that’s what this picture is from obviously. They make there way back to the pool table fucking on that in a bunch of different positions and what not and it ends with Nikki taking a facial.

Tara Getting Freaky


Tara Holiday getting Freaky

When I think about MILFs Tara Holiday is always up there. She is older then most of the girls we consider “MILFs” in porn but I still think she is hot as hell. One thing about Tara though is she is a straight up freak so you have to be ready for anything with her. In this scene for example you think she is going to suck his dick and then she ducks her head a little lower, and then you think she is going to suck on his balls… Then she goes a little lower… Next ting you know she is licking his asshole, something you just don’t see everyday but when you’re a freak like Tara you have to be prepared for anything. She has a great body on her especially her round ass which looks really good bouncing on this guys cock when she is not licking his ass LOL!

Mia Ryder Doesn’t Settle


Mia Ryder Doesn't Settle

Mia Ryder is about to settle on giving herself another orgasm with her toy when she hears something downstairs. She goes down there and see’s her sons friend is in the house and he is going into her sons room. She goes in after him in nothing but a dress shirt and her bra and panties. She thinks she is catching him stealing or something but as it turns out he is picking something up for his buddy (her son). This is already getting too complicated LOL but anyways Mia tells him to come upstairs because she has an idea. She isn’t going to settle for her pink vibrator this day instead she is going to get the real thing. She knows seducing this college guy is going to be a piece of cake when your a hot MILF like Mia getting a guy is never the problem, timing always is. It’s a perfect time right now because she knows her son and husband are out at a boat show and she is going to have enough time to bang this guy out and then send him on his way.

Trinity St Clair


Trinity St Clair

Click to see Trinity St Clair on Naughty America!

I can’t imagine that there’s a guy in this world who wouldn’t love a chance to tag the ass of cute tight little Latina babe Trinity St Clair! In this update from Naughty America this guy gets his chance and gives her the anal pounding of a lifetime…she might not be walking right for a few days but man oh man it sure looks like she’s enjoying the backdoor fucking he’s giving her here. Trinity has her sexy little black thigh high stockings on as she takes that big dick in her ass, somehow managing to take all of that man meat in her tight little hole. With an ass like that this hottie knows guys can’t resist her and the grin on her face makes things even hotter! Naughty America gave Trinity the ass fucking of a lifetime and gave this guy the opportunity of his as he gives that ass of hers a nice deep drilling.

Nicole Aniston


Nicole Aniston

Imagine walking into a hot coworker’s office one evening after everyone else has gone home and finding her in there with her hand up her skirt masturbating away, one leg on the desk…Nicole Aniston had thought she was alone at the office but evidently Phil from Accounting stuck around and man did it pay off! Soon Nicole had his big dick in her mouth and was doing a little collating, organizing his files by fucking his brains out right there in the cubicle with that perfect ass in the air! This is from the site Naughty Office and man there’s no office naughtier than one where Nicole Aniston works, apparently! She loves a nice deep dicking and doesn’t mind working a little overtime to get it…

Ashley Fires Cheats


Ashley Fires Rushes Home Early

Ashley Fires rushes home early with her mechanic boy toy so she can get banged before her husband comes home. As she is making out with him in their kitchen she gets a call from her husband. She tells her boy toy to be quiet while she takes this and gets on the phone and talks to her husband. She directs the guy where to go and finishes up lying to her husband and goes into the bedroom in sexy stockings and her little red panties. She let’s this guy face fuck her because well what benefits are there to fucking a older chick unless they do some real freaky stuff. Ashley gives a super sloppy BJ and then she gets what she wants a hard fucking from this really hard young cock. In the end to be even a worse wife then she already is she tells this young stud to just cum right in her pussy, that is one dirty birdie right there!



Alexa Peirce Fucks When Bored

I want to take Alexa Pierce to a musem or something because when this girl is bored this is what she ends up doing. She is over at this MILF site and I am not so sure I would call her a MILF. She just has those fake tits and lots of make-up that might make her look older. Whatever though I’ll take it because they have a long video of her. This scene has Alexa showing up at her girlfriends house because she is driving for their shopping trip. She is there way too early so she goes in and chats with her friends boyfriend. The two of them start playing some pool and he is teaching her how to do it. They get close and during one of those moments Alexa just tells him that she is bored and puts a hand on his crotch. He looks into her eyes and asks her if she is doing what he thinks she is doing. She is, so he makes her promise that she won’t say a word to his girlfriend and once she does that he is licking on this sweet pussy getting it wet and ready for a nice hard fucking on the pool table.

Samantha Gets Some


Samantha Saint Sex After Vacation

So Samantha Saint here went on vacation and was expecting to get laid. She just couldn’t get any dick when she was away and you can imagine she wasn’t very happy about this. So when she comes back to the office and see’s that her employee is just sitting around playing fake drums pretty much doing nothing. She isn’t impressed with him at all and he see’s that something is definitely up his bosses ass because she is being a complete bitch. She ends up telling him that well she didn’t get laid of vacation. So he jokingly said that he fix that problem for her. She thought about it for a second and then she was like yea, you can help me with that. So she opens up her legs and tells him to get to work licking on her pussy. She enjoys the head but she is there for the dick so she bends over and lets her employee getting drill her until he cums. This scene is from Naughty Office a site you get access to through Naughty America.

Dakota Skye Anal


Dakota Skye Anal Sex

Dakota Skye asked her best friend if she could talk to her brother alone because well she has a problem. She talks to Preston here and tells him that things are going great with her boyfriend but he wants to fuck and she wants to wait. She does not want to get pregnant so she is just going to wait until she is married then it won’t matter. Well Preston tells her a better idea would be just to do anal sex then she would technically be a virgin and she would not be lying when she tells her future husband that she is in fact a virgin. Dakota Skye is all over this but she needs someone to teach her since it was Preston’s idea she asks him. He of course can’t believe that Dakota is going for this and he is more then happy to teach her how to take it up the butt. You wouldn’t think this petite little pornstar could take this dick in her ass but Dakota does it and does it with a smile on her face.

Rose Monroe Latin Adultery


Naughty America Latin Adultery Rose Monroe

I guess today is the day that Rose Monroe becomes a MILF. I mean anytime a girl shows up on iMILFs that’s when I know it’s official. This scene is from Latin Adultery and it’s basically of this guys best friend going to visit his girlfriend. He lets Rose here know that he can break up their relationship at any moment because his best buddy listens to him. So she better treat him good or else. Well Rose isn’t going to lose her boyfriend over some dickbag best friend so she tells him don’t worry she can make them both happy. She unzips his pants and starts to blow him. Fucking is no big deal to this Latin lover even it’s cheating. Her pussy is always horny so whats the point of not trying to please it. She just better hope that this best friend doesn’t start to get any feelings or anything like that. As I mentioned earlier this scene is from Latin Adultery but many of you probably won’t know that this is part of the Naughty America network of sites, right now when you join their site you get access to 39 sites. That’s just a crazy deal. I will even give you another tip if you click on a banner from iMILFs there you will get 70% off.

Bribe The Ref


Diamond and India Bribe The Ref

India Summer and Diamond Jackson are taking the term “Soccer Mom” pretty serious I think. These two have kids who are about to play in the big game and they want to make sure they win. So India invites over Diamond because she knows she is as passionate about this as her. She tells her the plan, she has invited over the ref and they’re going to do whatever it takes to him to help their team win. So when he comes over and he isn’t to keen on the idea India pulls out the last resort. She lets him know load and clear that they’re both willing to fuck him if he agrees to rig the game. He can’t believe his luck and agrees right away the two MILFs get on the ground and one starts sucking his dick while the other one sucks on his balls. This Ref can’t believe that the job he makes $7 dollars an hour doing is enabling him to fuck these two hot MILFs. Diamond is the first one who is tired of sucking dick so she pushes him on the ground and squats on his dick riding him up and down while India sits on his face and gets her pussy eaten out. The guy then switches over to India pounding her pussy while Diamond licks her clit (what you see in this image). The video ends with him pounding away and India and pulling out when he is about to cum to drop a load in both of these girls mouth.

Brandi Love Diary of a MILF


Brandi Love Diary Of A MILF

I thought I knew all the sites you got access to when you joined Naughty America but apparently that is untrue. This is a new site for me it’s called Diary Of A Milf. They basically have a MILF like Brandi Love here talking about a time they had sex. This one is about a server at a restaurant that a MILF had been yearning for. She went to this restaurant and ate the shitty food time and time again just because she wanted to flirt with the waiter. Well today is the day that she no longer waits for him to ask her out she does the asking. She invites him over to her house to pick her up for a date. They don’t actually make it out of the door because Brandi tells him how she has basically been setting this up the whole time. He asks if she just wants to skip the dinner part and get straight to the desert. She agrees and undresses in from of him. She is a woman who knows what she likes so she doesn’t even ask when she mount his face and has him licking on that meaty pussy of hers while he strokes himself hard. They 69 for a bit after that and they this guy pounds away at the first MILF pussy he has ever fucked.

Luna Star Ass Masterpiece


Luna Star Ass Masterpiece

I know that most porn viewers always want to just see the video but pictures still do it for me. I mean I am posting this gallery only because of this picture no other reason. It’s so hot I think it by itself is good. I know that’s not how everyone thinks, that’s why I changed Imagepost to have videos too instead of just pictures. This isn’t a gallery I made and the gallery does have a video it’s of the beautiful Luna Star. That girl has a perfect ass doesn’t she and I love seeing her picked up and fucked like this. It’s a gallery from Naughty America and it’s from their ass fetish site called Ass Masterpiece. They basically just find girls with perfect butts and they put them on that site, Luna here definitely qualifies. The gallery is a short video but as I mentioned the pictures are where it is at he has a ton and there are so many good ones. This of course is the best, trust me I am a expert when it comes to great images.

Ariana Fuck It


Ariana Marie Naughty America

This episode right here starring Ariana Marie is from Naughty America but more specifically from their site “My Sisters Hot Friend”. So Ariana and Pete run into each other in the hallway and start to talk. They find out that Ariana’s friend and Pete’s sister have been talking shit about the other behind their backs. Ariana finds out that Mary (the sister) has been telling Pete that she is a slut basically and Pete finds out his sister has been saying he is a bad boy and a loser. So the two of them throw that B.S. out the window and get to know each other a little better. It turns out that Ariana is a little bit of a slut because she starts to really hit on Pete and they end up fucking in the sister bed. Pete is actually a bad boy because he has a girlfriend for a while know and cheats on her in a heart beat. You can’t blame him at all though Ariana Marie and those perky little tits and her round ass is just too irresistible to any man.

Remy Lacroix Hot Yoga


Remy LaCroix Hot Yoga

I have a couple of Naughty America scenes I want you to check out today but my favorite of course Remy LaCroix she just has a ideal body in my opinion with that nice round ass and that petite body of hers. This episode has a guy getting a private one on one session with Remy and he wants to learn about her hot yoga. Remy can tell he wants her special release package so when he does a stretch she puts a hand down his shorts to let him know she will give him what he wants. She goes down on him and sucks him until he is hard and then Remy lays him on the yoga mat and goes to work making him cum. It’s always nice to see Remy in this position right here she really knows how to ride a dick and her body just look incredible doing it. This scene was shot for Naughty Athletics just one of a bunch of different sites you can get when you join Naughty America. The other scene I want you to see that are not my “featured” post is this one with Jada Stevens she is doing anal in it so that’s for all you anal freaks out there. Then Brooke Wylde is on My Wifes Hot Friend. She goes over to do some tanning at her friends house be ends up fucking her husband, what a bitch right? Then last but not least Naughty America has Kendra Lust and Whitney Westgate together in a video where Kendra is teaching this couple how to fuck, in a real deal classroom!

Lily and Teal


Lily Love and Teal Conrad First Threesome

Teal Conrad and Lily Love here are playing the part of a couple of string breakers who just had the best time of their lives. One thing they want to do before they leave however is to pop their threesome cherry and what better place to do it at the bar where all their other fun memories where made. So the two of them ask the bar tender if he would be interested in getting laid by two girls and being a man he is so down it’s not even funny. As bad as this acting is the sex is hot enough to off set all of that. It did get me thinking though that you totally know each some college sluts do this. They go on a spring break and want to be very slutty what better way to have lesbian sex and get fucked then having a threesome, that’s just my opinion though.

Jodi Taylor Double Penetration


Jodi taylor dp na

When you’re invited to a pool party with Jodi Taylor you better be ready for anything…maybe it’ll just be swimming around and relaxing in the sun but maybe it’ll be more like this Naughty America update where she fucks both her guy pals at the same time! Usually with a threesome like this the girl just fucks one guy and sucks the other guy’s cock and then spins around to trade off, but not Jodi. She does some of that for sure, but that’s just her warmup…soon she’s got both cocks in her at once, and I’m talking double penetration with one pumping her pussy and the other guy deep in her tight ass for some anal action! Jodi looks great in her bikini but even better after it gets ripped off and she’s getting her holes plugged up with man-meat…I don’t remember seeing her do a DP scene before but maybe she’s got a taste for it now, so to speak. Also hahah check out the face the dude makes as he fucks her in the ass, it’s hilarious!

Selling Sex Toys


Remy lacroix naughty america

To make it as a salesperson in this day and age you’ve gotta have a gimmick or a special way of doing business, just something that sets you apart from the rest. Remy Lacroix has just such an ace up her sleeve in this Naughty America update as she goes door to door selling sex toys…she keeps heading from house to house looking for a married man who is at home with his wife out and about, and offers to give a little hands-on demonstration of how the different sex toys work! Unsurprisingly she is the employee of the month for a few years in a row now at her sex toy company…watch her work the ol’ saleswoman charm on this guy as she spreads her legs to get that pussy pounded in a hot hardcore scene! I hope her commission is through the roof because she’s earning every penny of it here.

Missy Martinez Anal


Missy Martinez Anal Naughty America

The Latin lover that is Missy Martinez is fucking a handy man that came over to her house to fix her squeaky bed. She isn’t just fucking him though she is letting that limp dick of his fuck her in the ass. She probably doesn’t even feel it LOL. This girl has such a nice pussy doesn’t she? I want to see that beautiful thing fucked not her butt! When you run a big site like Naughty America though you have to have a little something for everyone and this right there covers a lot of those people. A MILF who is also a Latina and who likes anal yea, you’re going to satisfy a lot of people with this. If you want to see that pussy fucked on her I don’t blame you check out the Porn Star Spa video Missy did. The video is as always super long on this Naughty America scenes but if you want to see the cumshot you’re going to have to join their site. I don’t blame them one bit there, you need to support sites like this because they make really good stuff and they always treat their members like gold.

Ariella and Ava


Ava Addams and Ariella Ferrera Naughty America

This is just too good of video not to post! It has two of the hottest MILFs I can possibly think of in the same video. Naughty America is pretty much the worlds MILFs headquarters. I think they have made a combination that has never happened before either. I first checked out site if Ariella Ferrera and Ava Addams have ever done a scene together before but couldn’t find a thing. Then I went over to the MILF site of MILF sites and he didn’t have anything either! So I am going to declare that this is the first time that these two MILFs have shared a cock let alone eaten each others pussy out. Both of them have nice big tits, Ava’s being a little better I mean that’s just a fact. They both have round giant asses and this Johnny guy has to just be thinking to himself that he is living the life while he puts his dick in each of these amazing pussies. The scene is all about how Ariella is being wished a happy Mother’s Day from Johnny. She has known him for a long time because he was best friends with her son. So when he comes over and Ava see’s how hot he is she asks Ariella why she hasn’t tapped that yet. Ariella thinks it’s too weird but Ava is a horny MILF and that’s the only thing in her mind. So with that being said Ava spearheads this threesome and basically makes it happen by being overtly flirty with Johnny.

Kagney Linn Karter The Cheat


Kagney Linn Karter The Cheat

Kagney Linn Karter is going for a ride on a dick on her kitchen counter the guy getting deep inside that pussy of hers however is not her husband. Welcome to the latest fantasy video from Naughty America to be more specific it’s from their mini site called the Dirty Wives Club. The video starts off with Kagney’s husband getting ready to go to the gym. Kangey gets ready because as soon as he leaves she is going to be calling up her fuck buddy and getting him right in the house for a quickie. The plan goes accordingly and when her sex buddy gets there they don’t even take the time to talk he just pushes her up on the counter and starts to lick her pussy and ass. Then he bangs that pussy of hers in a bunch of different positions. Kagney likes living life on the edge, almost getting caught by her husband it makes the sex that much better for her.

AJ Applegate Bullzeye


My Friends Hot Girl AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate is turning through some anal sex scene’s. She just put out one for Monster Curves and now she is on a Naughty America site called My Friends Hot Girl. So Johnny here is at his buddies house hanging out with his girlfriend. They playing darts and Johnny is talking about how good he is at them. Then he makes a bet with AJ that if he gets a bullzeye he gets to fuck her in the ass. When he actually does it AJ doesn’t have a problem paying up because she knows she is a slut and she really just loves to be fucked in her butt. AJ Applegate is the best girl to watch having anal because her ass is so nice. It’s one of those big fat juicy ones. When you have a nice ass like this it’s just a matter of time before some porn company gets you to take it in the butt and AJ just came into porn already willing to do it because she did it so much in her personal life. Naughty America has some really good sites and I always like their porn make sure to click through these links if you’re actually going to join Naughty America because you will get a discount, 40% to be exact.

Alexis Gets Happy Ending


Alexis Adams Gets Happy ending

Let’s talk about just how awesome Alexis Adams titties are. I just love looking at these things they look so different compared to any other girl in porn. They’re completely natural and they’re some of the most perky titties I have ever seen. They’re like puffy or something you know? In this gallery Alexis Adams is back on My Sister’s Hot Friend. A mini site from Naughty America that is shot in the guys prospective, he is fucking his sisters best friend. In this case this guy is going over to his sisters friends house to log some massage hours because he is going to school for this. When he gets there though he see’s that Alexis isn’t to interested in actually getting a massage. He finds that out when she gets completely naked in front of him without even batting a eye. It’s hard to not want to fuck a girl when she looks like this when she is naked am I right or what? He tries to just start the massage but once he has the oil on her and Alexis is asking him to massage her private area’s he gives and and goes muff diving on Alexis. They then proceed to fuck right there on the massage table, not a lot of room to work with but they made it happen.

Dani and Jada Easter Special


Jada Stevens and Dani Daniels Easter Update

You can’t tell me these two girls don’t belong together! I am not just saying that cause Jada Stevens is dressed up as a bunny and Dani Daniels has her tight pussy painted up as a cabbage. This is from a Naughty America site called American Daydreams. It’s a site where basically someone has fallen “asleep” and they have a sex dream. Well the person who feel asleep in this episode is Jada Stevens and her dream is fucking weird. She is basically a bunny she has her little butt plug in to give her a bunny tail. She starts to munch on Dani’s pussy and then she moves on to a dick that is painted up like a carrot and gives that a sucking (hopefully she wasn’t biting). Then somehow Dani and Jada start having a threesome together. Then scene ends with Dani getting her pussy covered in cum and Jada goes between those legs and laps it up.

Anissa Kate


Anissa kate naughty housewife

Most of the updates that come our way from Naughty America have to do with cheating on someone’s wife with say a maid or a co-worker or whatever…well this one on the other hand is in the opposite direction, it features horny housewife Anissa Kate fucking her lucky husband! Things start out in the bathroom when he finds her in her sexy red bra and panties, slipping his cock into her mouth and pussy in a hot POV fuck scene before they go to the bedroom to have a little more elbow room. Anissa looks completely hot as hell with those big tits and gorgeous face, it’s no wonder this guy came home early to give his wife a nice deep dicking! She ends up taking a cumshot that is sort of half facial and half gets on her big boobs, either way she seems pretty stoked about the whole thing.

Sara Jay’s Birthday Present


Sara Jay's Birthday Present

Sara Jay is giving one of her sons friends a birthday present he will not forget. He came over because his buddy said that he would be off work at 3 but it turns out he isn’t off until 4. That gives Sara Jay time to do something she has been thinking about for a long time. She has always wanted a black cock in her tight little pussy and today she’s going to make it happen. It’s this guys birthday today so she sits him down and tells him that she has a little present for him. So goes into the bathroom and changes into some panties that really show off her big fat ass and this bra that you see here. Then some comes out and sings the Happy Birthday song like Marilyn Monroe did all those years back. The guy doesn’t even question what is going on because he wants this thick MILF more then she wants him probably so he just sits back and enjoys the show. once she goes down on him he bends her over the bed and eats that pussy out doggystyle, that’s before Sara realizes it’s not her birthday so she goes back to work on him until he cums all over her face. This scene comes from a Naughty America site called My Friends Hot Mom. If you like MILF stuff this is one of the few sites that has MILFs sites the update on the regular.

Dani Daniels


Dani daniels round ass

That big round juicy booty belongs to none other than Dani Daniels and in this update from Naughty America you get to see her doing some work with it! That ass masterpiece (or as I like to call it, her Assterpiece) is the main event in this hot update as she shoves some lucky guy’s face between those plump buttcheeks and grinds her pussy on his mouth before pulling his pants off, sucking his cock and then riding him to orgasm on the couch! Dani always looks amazing but man it always makes me happy when a set of hers comes out that focuses on that perfect spankable fuckable delectable butt of hers. Add to that the fact that she keeps her sexy red high heels on throughout this hardcore fuckfest and you’ve rustled yourself up a winner of a scene!

Ava Addams Fucks Sons Friend


Ava Addams Naughty America

In this Naughty America scene Ava Addams was caught by her sons friends kissing a guy who was not her husband goodbye. Ava thinks on her feet and tells Tyler to meet her at her house and they can talk about it there. When he shows up to the house Ava answers the door wearing panties and her bra and is of course looking really really good. She tells Tyler that they can do this the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is Tyler snitches on her infidelity to her son and her husband and she looses everything. Or Tyler can just have some fun with her and have sex with her right here right now. Tyler of course chooses the later because no man is passing up a chance to fuck a MILF like this. They bang and Ava loves it and it ends with Ava getting cum squirted right in her face, Tyler after all gets to do whatever he wants cause he has dirt on her.

Noelle on Naughty Athletics


Noelle Easton on Naughty America

Noelle Easton is on Naughty America and she is looking pretty good am I right? She is in the shower when a guy comes in and is like WTF. First of all no guy is going to complain seeing a busty babe like Noelle taking up the shower. Shit she could take all the hot water as long as I can watch LOL! The scene progresses with Noelle telling him to just man up and jump in the shower with her, it doesn’t matter. The problem is this guy couldn’t help but pop a boner and can you really blame him. Noelle is a horny girl so she takes the opportunity to get her fuck on and she gets rid of that boner for him. It’s a really good scene and I think Naughty America was probably not to happy when they got it because it’s only 18 minutes long. It looks like the just couldn’t hold his liquid with Noelle riding him. She is riding him right and he has the look of panic on his face and he throws her off and cums on her face. I imagine the scene end about 30 minutes sooner then it should have but that’s what happens when you have a girl with tight little pussy like Noelle Easton here.

Lisa Ann and Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust and Lisa Ann Naughty America

This is like the MILF power couple right here. Kendra Lust has her legs spread apart while Lisa Ann helps her orgasm by rubbing her clit and thighs. This scene isn’t a new video from Naughty America it’s actually old but man anytime these two are together in a scene you just have to share it! The video is for Naughty America’s site called 2 Chicks Same Time and the plot of this video is that this guy answered a ad for a roommate. He shows up and Kendra Lust answers the door and he is already willing to sign the lease then he see’s her roommate Lisa Ann and he pops a boner right there. These two MILFs don’t mind that because what they’re looking for in a roommate is someone to fuck them during those lonely nights they can’t bring anyone back from the bars. The give him a test run of what it would be like fucking them each taking a turn on his cock and giving him a threesome he will NEVER forget.

Alexis Adams Sisters Hot Friend


Alexis Adams My Sisters Hot Friend

Naughty America has a series called “My Sisters Hot Friend” where you see the senerio where guys end up banging their sisters friend. For anyone that has had a sisters there has always been a friend or two of theirs that you would totally bang well this site will be up your alley for Sure. In this new video with Alexis Adams she is coming over to her friends house to show the latest goods she got at a modeling shoot. Alexis and her friend are lingerie models so they also go home with cute little panties and bras and what not. When her friend isn’t home she goes into the kitchen and chats it up with her friends brother. When he finds out his sister is a lingerie model he is pretty shocked, but when Alexis starts trying on things for him that all goes away and he can only think of one thing. He can only think of all the times he wanted to bang this perky tit girl and here she is half naked in his kitchen. So he does what he man would do and starts to try and get in her panties and sure enough Alexis is looking to do the same thing. They have a nice fast sex session so they don’t get caught and Alexis swallows done a load of cum in the end.

Ava Sparxxx


Ava Sparxxx naughty bookworms

I don’t know if you guys all know this already and it’s old news or something but just to make sure, let me just point out that when you join Naughty America you get access to a ton of their mini-sites too. They have all kinds of niches but one of the hottest in my opinion is Naughty Bookworms where schoolgirls get pounded in the classroom by their professors…in this episode for instance we’ve got the delectable Ava Sparxxx showing off those perky boobies and getting her pussy fucked in exchange for a passing grade in English!

Alina Li


Naughty bookworms alina li

Stunning Asian hottie Alina Li shows why she’s the teacher’s favorite pupil in this update from the Naughty America site Naughty Bookworms, staying after class to get a little ‘hands on’ studying done, sucking her professor’s big cock and bending over his desk to get that sweet tight pussy licked and fucked! Her glasses look cute as hell but man that body is the star of the show here, every inch of that body is hot as lava and she looks like she loves to get her hole pounded if this episode is any indication. If every schoolgirl looked like Alina here I think attendance would be way up, that’s for sure!

Kendra Seduces Sons Friend


Kendra Lust Fucks Sons Friend

Kendra Lust is waiting around with her sons friend Bruce who is waiting for his buddy to go see a movie. While she is waiting with him she fucks with him bending over to look for her lost remote she knows she doesn’t have any panties on. Bruce doesn’t take the bait though so she decides to give up and go take a shower and then take a nap. She does just that and then starts to go to sleep naked except for her silk black nightie. When Bruce comes in to take some upskirt pictures of his buddies “sleeping” MILF. Kendra isn’t asleep at all but she lets him take some quick pictures and just when he is about to leave she confronts him. She lets him know he can keep the pictures and actually have a couple more but he has to take them with his dick in her pussy. It’s been a while since this MILF had some young cock and her pussy is craving it even though it’s her sons’ best friend! They fuck in every position and in the end she tells him to keep their little secret and she kicks him out the door and sleeps off the amazing sex she just had.

Phoenix Marie


Phoenix Marie

Sexy busty blonde MILF Phoenix Marie knows she can convince pretty much any guy to do whatever she wants, and she tests out her theory by ordering this guy to lick her asshole…he resists a little at first but then gives in and drops to his knees to tongue her balloon knot! I guess he made a good decision because she lets him fuck that wet pussy of hers in return, riding him hard and deep right on the stairway in a steamy hardcore and slightly kinky scene from Naughty America!

Mia Ass Masterpiece


Mia Malkova Ass Masterpiece

You guys are forewarned that this site has a automatic video on it so turn you volume down if you’re somewhere were you shouldn’t be watching porn. And good for you for watching porn where you shouldn’t LOL! This scene is from Naughty America’s Ass Masterpiece site. This site is like Bang Bros’ Ass Parade along those lines. They go out and find pornstars with great butts and put them on this site. There is no better white girl with a perfect ass then Mia Malkova here. It’s been a long stretch since the last “new” video has come out for Mia Malkova so it’s nice to know she is still around. This is brand spanking new I mean I just checked out the tour and it was put up today. She is outside poolside letting that camera get a up close view of her butt and then she takes this dick for a ride. Lots of reverse cowgirl and such because that’s how you get a good view of a girls butt if you didn’t know fucking noobs right guys? I hope you like it I know I did and click here for more Mia Malkova videos!

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