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Cindy for brcc

I’ve heard that some girls get super horny when they get pregnant but I don’t think I ever quite believed it…well consider me a true believer now because this blonde chick Cindy is like 8 months pregnant in her Backroom Casting Couch update and she’s horny as hell! She is in fact so horny that a single cock isn’t going to satisfy her so the casting director calls in his buddy so they can tag team this horny hottie. She sucks both their cocks and goes fingercuffing, taking one in the mouth and one in her pussy for this hot threeway. She’s not going to stop there though, she also gives anal a whirl and gets DP (that stands for Double Penetration if you’re brand spankin’ new), and she seems to love having these guys fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. They both end up busting their nuts on her face, giving her a double facial finish…some girls just sort of go through the motions but not Cindy, she fucks these guys with gusto that’s for damn sure! I don’t know how much of her enthusiasm is from the pregnancy and how much is just her natural libido, I guess we’ll find out in a month or two.



Laura for brcc

There’s a fine line for girls to walk in general I think, between being so noisy it’s irritating and distracting, and so quiet that you wonder if they’re even into whatever’s going on…this goes double for girls doing porn scenes! This redhead Laura is hot as hell but the fact that she’s like dead silent throughout her Backroom Casting Couch fuck scene makes it hard to tell if she’s enjoying it or what and who wants to hear just some dude’s grunting and heavy breathing in a porn vid? She knows she’s quiet though apparently, so it’s not like she was just hanging out not having fun while she got that pussy pounded, which is good. Like I said though she is mighty hot so if you watch these things on mute it doesn’t make a difference anyway I guess…just check out this sexy ginger getting bent over the table and fucked in hopes of getting some paid gigs in the adult industry (good luck with that, charlie chaplin) and getting a big load shot all over her perky boobies! As an added bonus, if you’re into piercings or alternative chicks this girl has snakebites, if you don’t know what those are you’ll figure it out really quick if you look at her face.

Taybre and Khaleesi


Brcc khaleesi taybre

With a couple of names like Taybre and Khaleesi you know you’re in for a treat or a terror…well I’m happy to report that this Backroom Casting Couch update is much more of a treat with these two horny curly-haired amateur blondes! I guess only one of them really sucks cock and gets fucked but hey, her girlfriend came along for the experience and ended up getting roped into doing some camerawork while her friend got a face, pussy and ass full of the casting director’s hard dick! She doesn’t seem too fazed by seeing her pal get an anal ramming, in fact it seems to turn her on! Taybre is the horny busty MILF getting pounded and Khaleesi is the friend…she at least gets naked throughout and shows off her own big tits which are just as nice (if not nicer) as her Taybre’s boobies, which go for a nice bouncy ride when the guy starts pounding that pussy and tight ass from behind for this hot update. Khaleesi doesn’t join in on the hardcore action (apart from kissing Taybre a bit) but she does get into the mix at the very end, laying on her back next to her friend so the guy can shoot his load onto both of them, creaming up all four of those huge breasts!



Layla on brc

Meet Layla, a cute young mom with a bang body and not much self confidence…some of the girls that show up on Backroom Casting Couch seem to be genuinely interested in getting into the adult industry as a career, but Layla here gives the impression that she just wants some validation and wants to cum hard! I guess her babydaddy isn’t exactly cashing her chips in, if you follow me…it’s a shame, too, because this girl has a pretty smokin hot body with a fantastic ass, cute face and some nice skills in the sack! She’s eager to please for this update, sucking cock well and masturbating her amateur pussy before getting the orgasm she was after. After she cums it’s time for the casting director to have some fun so he gives her the whole nine yards, fucking her pussy left right and center and then talking her into some anal…if you’ve been on BRCC before you know how much the guy loves to fuck a nice ass, so it’s pretty much expected when he saw Layla’s fine booty that he’d be giving it a nice deep dicking! She takes his load all over her chops for a nice facial and is sent packing, probably never to be seen again. But everybody got what they were after I think, so it seems like a win all around!



Aspen on brcc

You can tell this girl Aspen used to be quite the hotness, she’s a mother now and is sort of hovering between MILF status and non…it all depends on how she holds herself. Like in the thumbnail up above she’s got that sort of weird hot thing like the kooky Breakfast Club chick has, but sometimes in the video she’ll speak a certain way and you can see the years. She’s got a lot of enthusiasm though which goes a long way, not to mention the fact that she’s willing to take a cock in the ass and if you’ve been to Backroom Casting Couch anytime previously you’ll know that this guy is a big fan of anal! Aspen here gets naked and gets her pussy and ass fucked nice and hard and finishes things off with a great two-handed blowjob, taking a big load of cream in the mouth and swallowing it down. Maybe she can get some work with some of the MILF sites out there, who knows!



Tifini for brcc

The fake casting director at Backroom Casting Couch must have been pinching himself when this chick Tifini walked into the studio for her ‘audition’…she’s everything he loves in a girl! She’s hot, great personality, naturally big tits, loves sex and even loves getting fucked in the ass, it’s like she was made for this site. So much so in fact that after the shoot the guy’s considering letting her in on the fact that the whole thing is a setup and there’s no modeling gigs waiting, just a website for a bunch of horny guys who love seeing aspiring models get filled up with cock! I’m trying to think of any flaws or whatever I can talk about for this chick but really there’s not much, apart from the fact that she spells her name Tifini. When that’s the worst thing about a girl you know you’ve dialed up a winner…did I mention she loves anal? I guess I probably did but it bears mentioning again because it’s not all that common for a girl to be into that from what I’ve seen. If the director spills the beans and lets this chick in on the trick he might just have a partner in crime for the future…wouldn’t that be hot? Turns out she swings both ways so I bet she’d be down for coaxing a new girl into a threeway!



Destiny on brc

Well, Destiny here has a serious boyfriend (so serious she’s wearing his promise ring) and he’s not in the know that she headed to Backroom Casting Couch to make a hardcore fuck scene for some extra spending cash, and if she wants him to keep on not knowing she had better hit up the drugstore for a little Plan B because the ‘casting director’ shoots his load in her cunt for a creampie here! She looks like she’s feeling a little guilty as she gets that wet pussy pounded but I guess not so guilty that she would stop or anything like that. Either this girl is seriously strapped for cash or she is horny as hell and the guy isn’t scratching that itch, so to speak…whichever way it is, we end up on top because this ‘casting interview’ is just a hardcore fuckscene in disguise and we get to watch!



Chloe on backroom casting couch

Say hello to Chloe, a cute Asian spinner with a sweet tight little body and a penchant for getting fucked in her ass, which makes her ideal for Backroom Casting Couch! She’s all of 4 foot 9 so you’d think she’d get split like a piece of firewood but she gets her tight butt fucked hard and deep and loves every second of it, holding onto the desk for dear life as the BRCC guy pounds her hole and shoots a creampie deep inside! Chloe takes it like a champ and kisses the camera goodbye, waiting for word that she was heading towards fame and fortune in the adult industry…too bad the casting director isn’t really a casting director, just some horny dude with a site to put her on! It’s pretty much the classic ‘don’t call us we’ll call you’ scenario.

Mom Desiree


Mom desiree on backroom casting couch

I’m not sure if Mom Desiree is the name this chick wants or if she’s just a MILF named Desiree so it’s more of a description but I guess it doesn’t matter…what does matter is that she’s here on Backroom Casting Couch trying to scrape together a little extra cash and she’s down to get naked and get fucked on the big screen of the internet! She might not be as mind-blowingly hot as some of the young fresh amateurs he usually gets on the site but hey the advantage of fucking a MILF is that she really knows how to give a great blowjob and how to fuck, since she’s had some practice over the years! Sure enough she gives a fantastic suckjob before spreading her legs for the cameraman, and I guess having people watch is turning her on because she orgasms while he’s eating out that pussy before he even fucks her. He ends up shooting a creampie into her snatch and she plays with his cum, using it as lube to rub her pussy until she has yet another orgasm.



Brcc carlynn

We all know the fake casting director at Backroom Casting Couch is a huge fan of anal, so when a girl shows up saying she loves to take it up the ass she damn well better mean it! This new girl Carlynn says she’s a fan of anal but as it turns out she bit off more than she could chew, so to speak, and it turns into painal! She’s desperate to make a name for herself in the adult industry and goes a little overboard with the pornstar type moaning which is a bummer, but she does keep her glasses on the whole time that she’s sucking cock and getting fucked which is pretty hot, and even takes a facial all over them! The trophy moment of this update though has gotta be when Carlynn uses her own shirt to wipe the cum off her face and glasses and then puts it back on before heading out to meet up with her boyfriend. That’s a pro move right there.



Charley for brcc

Some girls get into the porn industry because they have aspirations of making it big as a pornstar with huge dollar signs in their eyes and lamborghinis revving in their ears, and then there are girls like Charley here on Backroom Casting Couch who just like to have a good time and figured it would be a fun and easy way to make a few bucks and have a nice solid fucking at the same time. This girl next door type has a great personality, doesn’t take things super seriously, and oh by the way she has huge bouncy titties to play with! All that plus she takes it up the ass, I think this guy is the first to spelunk into that territory on this chick so it’s like an extra bonus…he finishes things off by shooting his load into her pussy for a nice creampie, but she’s smart enough to be on the pill so that grin of hers is still in place by the end of this shoot just in time to collect her fistful of cash and head out on the town for a good time. Fun girl all in all, cute as hell with a nice body and looks like a great time in bed (or bent over the desk)!



Brcc callie

You can tell right off the bat this girl Callie is pretty nervous about her first foray into the porn world via Backroom Casting Couch…during her interview she keeps leaning away and hugging herself and just showing defensive body language so it’s pretty apparent she’s not going to be a big hit in the porn world. Sure enough, once the clothes come off things don’t change too much…she refuses to masturbate on camera, she almost harfs when she gives the casting director a blowjob, the works! I mean, if this was actually a real casting call there’s no way she’d get a callback…good thing it’s all bullshit, huh? The girl is pretty cute, I’ll give her that, and she does get a pretty gooey creampie to finish things off. I don’t think she’s on any kind of birth control though so she’d better put plan B into effect, if you catch my drift!



Leo on backroom casting couch

This girl Leo is a gorgeous, horny 18 year old fresh out of high school but already she’s got a pretty mature and down-to-earth personality and man does she love to get fucked! Between that libido and the allure of easy money it was a no-brainer for her to head to a site like Backroom Casting Couch to make her first steps into the porn world to see if she had what it takes to make it in the biz! Leo has a few pounds more on her than we usually see in this industry but it doesn’t make her look chubby so much as soft and sensual…she apparently has sucked a dick a time or three before as well because she gives a pretty nice blowjob for a teen! She gets that tight wet pussy pounded and then gives anal a try for the first time…she manages to take the guy’s hard cock in her ass all the way and fucks him for a few but I think the pain was a bit much because soon she convinced him to switch holes and fuck her pussy again, but his price for the switchover was that he shot his load inside her cunt for an ambush creampie to finish off this hot scene. Hopefully Leo sticks around in the industry, we can always use more young gorgeous redheads willing to take a dick in the ass for cash!



Alyssa from Backroom Casting Couch

So most of the time I complain that girls in these casting videos don’t smile enough and that they look way hotter when they relax and have a little fun…in Alyssa‘s case however I wish she’d either keep her mouth closed at all times or else have a cock shoved in it because there is something unspeakable about that maw. Anyway, this chick tells the guy she likes to take it in the ass and that’s the end of that interview! She sucks his cock and masturbates a bit and he fucks her, but if you know Backroom Casting Couch you know the guy loves him some anal and sure enough soon he’s fingering and lubing up that back door of hers and fucking Alyssa’s tight little ass! He pumps her full of cum for an anal creampie and calls it quits, sending Alyssa packing back to the stripclub while he ‘talks to his contacts’ about her promising pornstar career. Don’t call us we’ll call you, basically.



Tessa for backroom casting couch

Tessa is an amateur with dyed reddish hair who thinks she’s pornstar material because she gets fucked a lot. Well the bad news for Tessa is that if every chick who gives up the pussy a bunch is a pornstar the market would be pretty flooded…the good news is that not many girls would take it up the ass from a stranger for a modeling job! The other bad news is that the modeling job doesn’t exist. Anyway, Tessa starts out masturbating with this huge dildo before getting her pussy fucked, then gets bent over the table to take the cock of the ‘casting director’ up her butt…he fucks her for a bit and then shoots his load inside for an anal creampie, so we’ll see if this girl stil wants to be a pornstar after getting the Backroom Casting Couch treatment!



Jessica on backroom casting couch

Looks like the Backroom Casting Couch guy rolled up a winner this time! This is Jessica, a hot and sexy MILF of a blonde with huge tits and a nice round juicy ass, not to mention legs like a damn stallion! This amateur babe is a massage therapist so she knows how to take care of a guy with her hands, but after watching this update it looks like she knows how to give a good massage using her mouth, pussy and ass as well. The regular sex is fine but man I’d have to go out on a limb and say the anal is the highlight of this update. She loves a good buttfucking and is good at it, I guess she’s got a few years of experience under her belt and has put her time to good use!



Danielle for backroom casting couch

Does it count as a MILF if the girl is only 20 years old? The answer to that will determine whether Danielle here is a MILF or not…she has 2 kids so she’s definitely a mom, and from the looks of things she’s a good time in the sack so I’m pretty sure she’s meeting the requirements! She’s here at Backroom Casting Couch with her weird cackling laugh and loud orgasmic moaning getting her pussy and ass pounded before taking a creampie, which she doesn’t seem to mind at all. I guess she’s taken loads before if her kids are any indication so she’s had some practice…she also has practice giving blowjobs from the looks of things, this girl has got some skills! She seems like she came straight from the trailer park and she had a fantastic time getting her pussy pounded and taking the guy’s dick in her butt for some anal fun too.



Latina kiera on backroom casting couch

It’s always nice to see enthusiasm when a new chick shows up at the Backroom Casting Couch hoping to make their big break into the adult business but this Latina chick named Kiera is misreading the industry a little I think. She’s not ugly by any means but she’s got very small boobies and is a little, I don’t know, sloppy around the midsection? She’s trying to bridge the gap between curvy chicks and skinny chicks but is getting some of the bad parts of both if you get me. I don’t usually approve of boob jobs but in this case I think it would be for the win! Kiera does do a great job taking a cock in the ass though, this is one of the best anal scenes to be on the site in awhile and she even takes an anal creampie but I can’t imagine this chick will get too many callbacks. UPDATE actually after watching this thing again I kinda take it back…this girl is pretty hot overall, she just needs to hit the gym a little and she’ll be a rockstar. So I was sorta wrong, happens to the best of us.



Missy on backroom casting couch

Missy‘s a cute college student with a pretty face, big tits and some very sexy curves…when she walked into the Backroom Casting Couch studio and stripped down nude you can tell the ‘casting director’ took one look at that juicy round ass and knew he had to have his cock in it. So, after warming her up with some masturbation and blowjob action, as well as getting his dick wet by fucking that tight pussy, he introduced her to anal! He fucked her backdoor for a bit and once she relaxed she ended up liking it quite a bit I think…most of the chicks on this site the guy just bangs and sends on their way but you can tell Missy here had a bit more chemistry with him as they made out quite a bit while they fucked. He ended up shooting his load of cum inside her for a bit of an ambush creampie, and her response was fucking priceless. He asked if she was on birth control and she said that swallowing was her birth control! Whoopsadaisy.



Paisley on backroom casting couch

Meet Paisley, a self-confessed slut who wants to get into the adult industry but only wants to do girl-girl action. Well, she’s about to get a lesson in how the industry works when she shows up for an ‘audition’ at Backroom Casting Couch! She takes a little convincing but eventually the idea of a fat wad of cash wins out over her reservations and she drops to her knees to give what admittedly looks like a fantastic blowjob. Soon she’s getting her pussy pounded and then is taking a cock in the ass for the first time! She gets her ass plundered but from the looks of things I don’t think she expected to be taking a shot of cum in the butt for a nice anal creampie!



Lyla backroom casting couch

This 19 year old amateur blonde waitress named Lyla wants to break into the adult industry and leave her tedious 9-5 behind but when it comes to a couple of the more ‘taboo’ bits of the biz, namely anal sex and creampies, she’s a little hesitant! Maybe it’s the heat; judging from the casting director’s soaked shirt it’s at least 130f in that office. Anyway, this girl Lyla is a super hot blonde with a spectacular pair of perky boobs, a nice wet pussy and a tight firm ass that gets penetrated as she grimaces in this update from the Backroom Casting Couch. Lyla loves to suck dick though so she warms up pretty quickly with a little hot blowjob action before getting to the real meat and potatoes of getting fucked hard left right and center! The guy shoots his load in her cunt before sending her on her way a little dazed and maybe a little more realistic about her pornstar dreams.



Zenia on backroom casting couch

When this 20 year old Latina named Zenia showed up at Backroom Casting Couch things started out like any other interview for a nonexistent position…but when she mentioned she had a boyfriend who didn’t want to fuck her, and showed off an absolutely spectacular ass, the ‘casting director’ knew this would have to be a special kind of pounding! She was only interested in doing girl-girl porn scenes but with a cock-hungry pussy in her pants she wasn’t hard to convince and soon she had dropped trow and was playing with her clit. He worked that tight hole of hers, giving her what she’d been craving while her stupid boyfriend held out. As she moaned and worked her cunt on his cock she got more and more turned on until she basically begged him to stick his dick in her ass! He’d been staring at that perfect butt the whole episode so he wasted no time in lubing up and sliding his cock in her back door for some very hot anal action before shooting his load into her pussy for a nice (and for her unexpected) creampie! Welcome to the industry, Zenia.



Mira on backroom casting couch

20 year old Mira here doesn’t have the body you might normally associate with a pornstar hopeful, but she’s a Psych major in college so she has an interest in what makes people tick and for some girls, what makes people tick is dick! So, she headed to Backroom Casting Couch because she wanted to explore her sexuality a bit and also because flipping burgers at her local fast food joint wasn’t doing her wallet or her hips any favors if you know what I’m sayin. She’s got a few extra pounds but is very hot and has big tits, plus she loves to fuck so this turns out to be a win all around…she sucks cock, has some painful anal (or ‘painal’ if you will) and even gets a bit of a surprise creampie so hopefully she’s on the pill or she might be taking home a souvenir of her little jaunt into the adult industry!



Melody on backroom casting couch

Some girls get into the adult industry for the money or for the fame but the best seem to be the ones who get into it because they love sex! That’s just what’s coming down the pipe in this update from Backroom Casting Couch starring Melody…she starts out with the introduction interview but you can tell she’s just itching to get to the fucking and I guess the casting director could tell too, especially when she makes herself cum from masturbating for about 30 seconds! He puts her through her paces, fucking her face and pussy and even going for some nice anal action which she doesn’t mind at all, before shooting his load into her mouth for her to swallow down. I don’t know if she’ll be a big hit in the adult industry but she certainly looks like a good fuck!



Backroom casting couch wtih canyon

When I hear a girl’s porn name is Canyon it makes me think she’s got a lot of room between her thighs and honestly probably a lot of room between her ears too, know what I’m sayin? This girl just turned 18 and is ready to show she’s got what it takes to make it in the adult industry as she heads to Backroom Casting Couch. Well right off the bat I can tell you she probably won’t be a superstar in this industry as she says she doesn’t want to give a blowjob, she’d rather get right to the fucking! Well there’s no point in saying no to that so the ‘casting director’ proceeds to slam that sweet teen pussy, fucking her forwards and backwards for this casting call before shooting a big load all over her face. She seems pretty nervous about the whole thing, which is another strike against her I think…most of the girls that really make it in this industry tend to be not only willing to suck cock, but have more confidence and poise in general. Maybe she was just so horny she had to get that cock in her cunt right away though, who knows?



Backroom casting couch with emjay

Meet Emjay, a bubbly blonde who loves to work out and loves to get fucked in that sweet tight round ass! She’s like a dream come true for the ‘casting director’ at Backroom Casting Couch, and ends up being one of the hottest scenes they’ve had on there in awhile. She starts out on a bad foot actually, breaking the ‘what happens in Vegas’ rule during her interview but since she’s talking about a threesome fuck she had there, I guess we can forgive her this time. Emjay (whose name keeps making me think of either Michael Jordan or a pig latin version of Jem) starts out giving a nice blowjob, then bends over the table to get fucked from behind…she loves anal so she gets that hard cock in her ass as well but the guy finishes off back in her pink pussy to give her a nice creampie. Overall she’s a hot, sexy, personable blonde with a bangin body and a thirst for great sex so this update is a winner in my book!



Bryce on backroom casting couch

Bryce is a tall, pretty amateur who seems a little nervous but really wants to make it in the adult business so she’s giving personality as well as looks…she sounds a little hesitant when the Backroom Casting Couch casting director tells her to suck his cock but once she gets that dick in her mouth it’s like she’s jumped off the cliff! She’s down to get fucked on his table, showing a great pair of tits and a gorgeous ass by the way, and I guess that cute butt of hers was noticed by the guy as well because he really wanted to fuck her in that tight back door. She said ok so he introduced her to the pleasures (and some pain I’m sure) of anal sex, sliding into that tight pucker and fucking her while she lifted her legs and moaned with every thrust! Sometimes they get a dud or two on this site I’ve gotta admit but this girl is truly hot and it’s awesome to see her pushing her sexual envelope a little on this video, finishing up by taking a big facial.



Lexas on backroom casting couch

This 19 year old Indian-Mexican babe Lexas has only ever had sex with one guy before, that being the dude she married! It’s a shame that she didn’t get to play the field more, she’s gorgeous and can really take a dick…well she says she’s getting a divorce so I guess she’ll be figuring that out pretty soon. She wanted to make up for lost time apparently so she headed straight for the Backroom Casting Couch to give the adult world a whirl and basically jump in headfirst, so first she had to give head! She might not ever become a big pornstar success but hey she’s having fun and pushing her boundaries as she gets her pussy eaten out and fucked, then turns around for some great anal sex in this hot update.



Backroom casting couch tatum

Tatum might look like Marilyn Manson did her makeup but hey don’t worry about it; for a lot of this Backroom Casting Couch update she’s on her face getting fucked in the ass. The fake casting director loves anal (or painal as he calls it) so after shooting his load into her pussy he spins her around and rams her tight backdoor to shoot another load for the elusive double creampie! She’s a stripper looking for some easy money but she’s gotta work for it in this update, taking that cock in her mouth and pussy and ass one right after the other…once the makeup comes off this petite spinner might be kinda cute but who knows if we’ll ever find out, I don’t really think she’s got much future in the porn biz but I guess we’ll see.



Backroom casting couch eva

Amateur Israeli girl Eva wanted to take a stab at the adult entertainment world she she headed to the Backroom Casting Couch but the office was closed for the day, so they had to conduct the ‘interview’ at a local hotel. She’s not a big fan of swallowing or anal but hey if she wants to make it in this biz she has to be adaptable so the guy makes sure to put her through the paces! He gets a nice long slow blowjob before pumping her tight pussy and shooting his load into her mouth, which she doesn’t particularly appreciate. She’s got a cute little tight butt and he’s got a hankering for some anal so he just has to fuck that backdoor (or maybe he just didn’t want to stare at those chicklet teeth anymore), squeezing his cock in and making her whimper a little…he slides in and out of that ass until he shoots another load, this time giving her an anal creampie and sending her on her way.

Painal for Page


Page for backroom casting couch

This long haired brunette named Page is a mother of two so she knows a thing or two about getting her pussy filled up with cum…she says right off the bat that she’s into rough hardcore porn which made me wince because I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into on Backroom Casting Couch! She’s an odd duck for sure…she thinks she can squirt (but only when she has to pee, so it doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s going on there) and she thinks she can handle anal just fine (although she about cries for mommy when the guy jams his cock into her backdoor for a little painal). She wants to be a pornstar but man I just don’t think she’s got the goods…she’s sorta cute I guess but not stunning and that would probably be her only saving grace is if she was just mind-blowingly attractive. Well the guy fucks her face and fucks her pussy and fucks her ass before tossing a load inside for a little ambush creampie to make it a memorable experience before she hits the bricks.

Jojo Creampied


Jojo for backroom casting couch

I don’t know what it is about 18 year old girls and their fashion sense, it’s like all of a sudden they get covered in glue and just roll around in clothes until they’re covered with whatever. Jojo here looks like she just ran through a thrift store with her eyes closed, but luckily underneath her wardrobe there’s a sweet tight bangin body with great tits, a great ass and a pussy that is just begging for a good hard fuck! That’s what she gets in this update from Backroom Casting Couch, taking the cameraman’s dick in her pussy in exchange for a little extra cash to pay the bills. I guess she didn’t expect him to cum inside her though so when he busts out a creampie ambush they have to rush to the store for a morning-after pill! This girl is seriously cute though, hopefully she comes back sometime or at least sends some of her hot teen girlfriends over to the studio.

Spinner Gigi


Backroom casting couch gigi

Apparently this girl GiGi has a boyfriend but that didn’t stop her from signing up to do this Backroom Casting Couch update! It’s not in the usual studio this time, the guy was on vacation but hey the work must go on, so he paid a house call to this chick who turned out to be a tight little spinner with great perky tits, a spectacular ass and just the right amount of flexibility with her morals. She was hurtin for cash and this seemed like a fine way to pick up some bucks, so hopefully her boyfriend never wanders around this way and sees the video of her sucking cock, getting fucked and taking that dick in her ass for an anal creampie in his own house! From the looks of things it hurts her a bit getting fucked in her ass like that but she’s a trooper about it, I guess it’s that mix of pleasure and pain that turns her on so much. Whatever it is, it’s hot as hell!



Vedrana on backroom casting couch

At first I thought this blonde Russian was totally acting when it came to her talking about her sexual experiences (or lack thereof)…I mean in this day and age how likely is it to come across a blonde with big tits, a big ass, nipple piercings and a barbed wire arm tattoo who doesn’t know how to give a blowjob? Once she got naked and started in on the sex though, I got the feeling that she wasn’t acting at all…she seriously did not know what the hell she was doing as she sucked his cock! Soon she was on her back and thus began what might have been the most awkward anal and vaginal hardcore scene ever put on video…Vedrana looked like she would rather be anywhere else in the world than getting her amateur pussy pounded, not to mention doing anal for the first time. To put the icing on the cake so to speak the casting director came inside her pussy for a creampie finish, too bad she didn’t know ahead of time that he was going to bust a nut in her hole! He told her and she freaked…she’s not bad looking and she was so awkward that this Backroom Casting Couch update was totally entertaining to watch. I don’t think she’ll be getting many callbacks from porn producers after this casting tape, though, let me put it that way.

Mandy anal


Mandy for backroom casting couch

Most girls hate anal or are scared to try it and sometimes even when they do give it a whirl it hurts so much they just tolerate it as best they can. Once in awhile though you’ll run across a girl who is a true anal slut, who just loves having a cock in her ass…that seems to be the case with this latest girl on the Backroom Casting Couch by the name of Mandy! She had taken it in the butt before but only once and briefly…this time when the casting director slides his cock into her ass she goes “is it in?” and I laughed my ass off. The guy wasn’t put off by it though, and I mean hell he’s the one with his dick in a hot girl’s ass, what would he have to be embarassed about? Anyway he pounds her from behind and she loves it, rubbing her clit while he fucks her ass, then moves to her pussy to finish off with a nice creampie as he shoots his load deep inside her pink twat. She could use a razor for her ass though, it’s a little on the hairy side back there…I guess she doesn’t notice or care but if she wants to actually make it in this business (as opposed to fucking and sucking a fake casting director) she might want to take that tail for a trim or else focus just on hairy sites!

Katy on the Couch


Brcc katy blonde

They say blondes have more fun, even if the blonde comes from a bottle like what Katy‘s got going on in this update from the Backroom Casting Couch! This dizzy starlet has big dreams in her eyes but not a lot of neurons firing in the old rusty cage up top, so she believes the ‘casting director’ when he tells her he’s going to be submitting her tapes to different porn producers and that she’d be raking in the big bucks in no time. Her boyfriend is apparently not the brightest bulb either because he’s aware that she’s doing porn and will be getting fucked and facialed for the whole damn internet to see and is ok with it. Brainpower aside, Katy’s got a great ass and a decently pretty face, so it’s a win to watch her bent over the table and penetrated from behind before she drops to her knees and takes a mouthful of man cream. Hey at least the guy didn’t creampie her, her boyfriend might have had an objection or two to that at least!

Dakota Anal


Dakota on backroom casting couch

It’s a big leap for a girl who’s never tried anal to give it a whirl on camera for everyone to watch, but that’s just how this 19 year old college girl Dakota from ASU decided to play it on Backroom Casting Couch. It turned out great too, with her getting that cute tight butt fucked until the casting director shot his load inside her ass for a nice anal creampie! She reacted with just a giggle when he told her…what a girl. Dakota is hot as hell too with long dark hair, perky little boobies and a tight package all over! I don’t know if she’s a fan of anal sex now or what but she definitely took it in the ass like a champ with that backdoor creampie.



Becky for backroom casting couch

Becky is a 20 year old with pigtails, an attitude, and a spectacular ass. She’s trying to bust her way into the porn world by getting on camera at Backroom Casting Couch but from the way she sounds she could already be a seasoned pro! She’s fine with getting naked and sucking cock, not to mention bending over to get that pussy fucked as the videographer’s balls slap against her beautiful round ass. From the sound of things she’s not as good at giving a blowjob as she thinks she is (most girls aren’t, I’d imagine, not that any guy in his right mind would tell them that), but man that ass is a thing of beauty. The cameraman cums in her pussy not once but twice, although I think she only knows about the second time…lucky for him she was ok with getting a creampie, because she already had her cunt squirted in by then!



Backroom casting couch with adrianna

Some girls head to the Backroom Casting Couch because they want to become pornstars, some go there for a little spending cash, but girls like Adrianna here go there just for a good hard fuck! You see, her babydaddy-to-be is in the clink and she hasn’t gotten laid in quite a while so she’s champing at the bit to get that pussy of hers pounded. She loves getting fucked hard and wants to get the interview questions of the way as soon as possible! This girl isn’t going to get any real modeling jobs through this casting call but at least we get to see a genuine horny woman coming all over the place as she gets fucked. She even tries anal but it hurts so she wasn’t too into it, but good on her for giving it a whirl. She does take a creampie cumshot though, which I’m pretty sure is because she was already pregnant…I tried to find a video that had her horselaugh clipped out but there might be one or two on there still, for which I’m so sorry you guys.

Pepper Anne


Pepper anne on backroom casting couch

Redheaded 24 year old Pepper Anne might not win the Miss Universe contest anytime soon but she’s got a great personality (stay with me, I don’t mean she’s ugly or fat) and certainly knows how to fuck! She came to the Backroom Casting Couch to try to make her first baby steps into the world of porn and I don’t know that she’ll make it big, but she definitely gave it the old college try! She gave a nice blowjob and didn’t mind taking that dick up the ass, so any potential agents feel free to put a checkmark next to anal and oral if you’re thinking of hiring this girl. She has better chance of getting a modeling gig from what I just wrote than from the ‘casting director’, that’s for damn sure…he’s just down to get as much pussy as possible and put it out on the net! Oh you can put a checkmark next to the word facial too because she finished off this hardcore update like that, laying back and getting her face hosed down with a shower of cream. Oh also I might as well mention, she’s got a really soothing voice…I know it’s a weird thing to say but there it is, she could be on the radio or something.

Amateur Lydia


Backroom casting couch lydia

If you hear a persistent buzzing throughout this Backroom Casting Couch update with Lydia it’s not a problem with your headphones, it turns out it’s the horny amateur chick’s boyfriend calling over and over making sure her interview is ‘going well’…it’s a little weird if you ask me, the girl turns out to do ‘bodyrub’ (like, erotic massage) and the boyfriend’s mom “was” an escort, so it sounds like there’s a whole shitshow behind the scenes with this girl. Well luckily the whole casting call was basically a fake-out from the beginning so the cameraman is probably thanking his lucky stars that he won’t have to deal with this girl again and that she insisted he use a condom! He did get her to do some anal and busted a huge facial cumshot all over her eyes and mouth so it wasn’t exactly a total loss.

Busty Madeline


Madeline on backroom casting couch

Say hello to Madeline, the newest girl to come face to face (or face to cushion, more like) with the Backroom Casting Couch. The ‘casting director’ found her working at a shop in the mall and told her about the fame and riches that can come from being a part of the adult industry…being not the brightest spark in the plug she believed every word of it and stopped by for her ‘audition’, which of course consisted of her stripping down nude and getting fucked on the guy’s desk! She’s got big round fake tits and a nice ass, and he takes advantage of the latter by getting her to try out some anal sex…she takes it up the keister and then has a big creamy load shot in her mouth before she’s sent packing with the old “don’t call us we’ll call you” action. Who knows, maybe she’ll make it big in this business!

Sexy Chloe


Curvy chloe on backroom casting couch

Skinny chicks might be nice to look at once in awhile but who wants to fuck a burlap sack full of chicken bones day in and day out? Not the casting director at Backroom Casting Couch, that’s for sure…when a girl with actual womanly curves like Chloe shows up this guy thanks his lucky stars, it means he won’t get bruises on his thighs from fucking that pussy! Chloe has a pretty face, the aforementioned curves, and a beautiful ass that is just right for bending over and fucking. Sure enough, soon she has her elbows down and is taking that dick from behind but I guess it hurts a little too much because soon she begs him to take it out. Despite her not being able to handle the buttsex she does love going doggystyle and even takes a creampie finish for this hardcore fuck session!

Selma goes Anal


Selma on backroom casting couch

Sometimes they show up and figure out what the scoop is and just walk right out the door…adorable Dominican spinner Selma here almost got up and left when she heard she was expected to do a hardcore fuck scene on camera, but the promise of a big chunk of change was just too seductive to bail on. Once the cameraman flashed a fistful of benjamins she was hornier than a nun in a dildo factory and quickly got her perky little titties out to play! Selma turned out to be quick the cockhound in this Backroom Casting Couch update, getting her tight pussy wrecked and even getting into some hot anal action for a few extra bucks…I do believe it was her first butt-sex experience and she took it like a champ!



Backroom casting couch rylie

There are plenty of girls out there who think they know everything there is to know about the world and put on a tough exterior but deep down they’re vulnerable and shy, but sometimes the tough front gets them in over their head! That’s sort of the case I think with this scene girl Rylie from Backroom Casting Couch…you can tell from her facial expressions when she starts getting her shaved pussy slammed that she didn’t quite think her plan through, but at least there’s a modeling gig coming after this hardcore casting call right? Well I’ve got some bad news for you Rylie…there’s no modeling gig and there’s footage of you getting your hole pounded on the internet. Hopefully she uses the cash from this shoot to go back to school, after buying a little mouthwash to help get the taste of jizz out of her mouth! Oh who am I kidding…Liono here is going to blow it all on a couple more tattoos and some hair gel.

Isabelle Walk Out


Isabelle Backroom Casting Couch

So this isn’t actually a porn video guys. This is more just proof that Backroom Casting Couch is the real deal. Rick doesn’t always post his “walk out” videos but for some reason he decided to post Isabelle here. She walks in and is shocked to find out she is auditioning for a porn. When Rick dropped the “there is no male talent today, so I will be him” she asked if she could go to the bathroom to freshen up. Rick of course was like sure thing gave her directions and then he just sat there waiting and waiting LOL! She just got up and left, there isn’t a big scene or anything like that this girl just slid on out.



Vivian Backroom Casting Couch

When I say Vivian is petite I mean she is really really petite. If I was Rick from Backroom Casting Couch I would be scared that I would break this girl. Not only was he not scared of that but he ends up fucking her in the ass! He tries two times and fails because she is in too much pain. She however is like “No, I want you to fuck me in the ass keep trying”. So Rick of course does and he finally succeed. Surprising enough once he got in there and gave it a little fuck Vivian said she could see how that could actually be pleasurable. Rick might have just turned another girl onto anal. This girl is a little on the small side but she has a very beautiful face and she really just loves having sex. She also really loves oral sex as you will see when Rick licks that pussy and fingers it as the same time. It looked as though she was going to wiggle off the table she was enjoying it so much. The scene ends with her riding his cock like a real champ, I mean she goes up and down so fast you won’t even believe it.

Redhead anal


Backroom casting couch taylor

This redhead named Taylor said those four little wonderful words to the Backroom Casting Couch people: I love anal sex! That pretty much sealed her fate so this chick giving a blowjob and getting fucked in her pussy is just a warmup to the main event…sure enough, the guy is soon shoving his cock inside that tight ass of hers and she gets her backdoor knocked on for a good long while in this hot hardcore update! Some chicks can take it in the chute and some can’t, and this chick definitely fits into the former category. She even keeps a smile on her face when she takes a big facial cumshot, so this girl is a trooper no matter how you cut it!



Brcc ashleigh college girl

Ashleigh is just like a billion other 21 year old college girls out there…broke, cute and horny as hell! What better way to take care of things than by using her looks (the cute part) to land a modeling gig for cash (takes care of the broke part) and getting fucked hard in the process (taking care of the horny part)? Perfect plan, except there’s not really a modeling gig waiting so this chick’s dreams of riches might not pan out how she wants from Backroom Casting Couch. Well, at least she gets a good fuck out of it and maybe learns a little life lesson along the way, right? This blonde has a nice ass, too bad anal didn’t really work out too well…she also takes a big frosty facial to finish things off!

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