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Payton Simmons


Payton Simmons Teens Love Huge Cocks

I have a new Payton Simmons gallery for you guys this time it’s from Teens Love Huge Cocks. The name of this episode is called “Payton Pussy” and it’s fucking hot. As you guys know Payton has a nice big ass and in this video she is rubbing her ass and pussy and turns to the camera and says “I hope the stunt cock is close, cause I am horny”. Lucky for her he was watching her the whole time and she was just minutes away from getting fucked. He comes over and she does her best to deep throat his cock. Then she got on top and got to fucking him she loves a dick deep inside of her that’s what she kept saying to him. She just wants it deeper and deeper. This video isn’t super long and because of that I will hook you up with a longer version of this video for those of you who actually read our little blogs that’s a little perk. The video ends with him kind of on the side of her plugging away at her pussy and then he pulls out and straddles her and cums all over her face and chest. Payton has that girl next door look to me, like you wouldn’t expect this girl to be in porn and maybe that’s why I like seeing her fuck so much.

Really A Fat Ass


All That Ass Diamond Monroe

I came to a realization just right now… I have been miss using the term “fat ass” for far to long because this big black ass right here is the definition and I haven’t seen anything like this. Her name is Diamond Monroe and she has only done two scenes for Bang Bros. This is the new one that just came out today called “All Of That Ass” and then she had another one that came out from Ass Parade you can see that one here. I am sure I could find her on a bunch of different sites if I googled around but I am too lazy. She is pretty easy to spot you just have to find a black girl with a giant ass and a paw tattoo on her left butt cheek. You don’t even have to see her face, in fact I would say you should avoid it if you can LOL! She doesn’t have any tits to write home about this is one of those girl you just have ride you reverse cowgirl and enjoy the show. With this ass though you might be a little worried, it’s like a battering ram going up and down when she is riding.

Baby Cakes


Baby Cakes Round and Brown

I went ahead and looked up the definition of thick in the dictionary and this was the only thing I found in the entry! Her name is Baby Cakes and she is the the perfect kind of thick isn’t she? She has big floppy tits and that ass is multiple handfuls LOL. This scene comes from Round and Brown a great black site and it’s a interracial site too actually because almost always the guy is white who is fucking these black girls. This girl starts off in her bikini and she gives the camera good look at her hot body and then she strips down to nothing. That’s when the guy who is about to fuck this girl just couldn’t take it anymore so he told her to go back to the house where proceeded to pound this cocky black pussy into submission.

Richelle Ryan Ass Parade


Richelle Ryan on Ass Parade

Richelle Ryan is back on Ass Parade after 3 years and 4 months! Yea I was counting… This time though she is doing the scene all by herself so you get to enjoy that big butt of hers for 30 minutes plus! The other time she was on it was with a girl named Bella click here to see that one. This one the start out right by having Richelle turn around so they can film her ass at every possible angle. They then have her sit on the edge of the bed and get shots of it from below. The strip her down to her little g-string yellow panties and then rub oil all over that fat ass of hers. Then the sex begins with Richelle sucking on a limp dick and making it hard in a instant. There was a ton of different positions in this update but the guy who made this video really only got two. The two that matter I should say! The first one is of her of course riding his dick like you see here and the other one she is laying flat on her stomach and he is pounding away from behind, it’s also very very hot. The video ends with him pulling out of her wet MILF pussy and spraying his cum on her tits and face, great ending for yet another amazing Bang Bros video.

Kiara Mia Creampie


Kiara Mia Rides To A Creampie

That big giant ass of Kiara Mia is back on Bang Bros this time she is getting a creampie for their well creampie site called Big Tit Cream Pie. She probably felt she was already getting fucked by this mechanic just by the prices she was charging so she figured she may as well get some pleasure out of hit. She gets the guy ready by laying him down on the hard concrete floor and giving him a blowjob that would make any normal guy cum. Kiara Mia however would have bene pissed if that happened because she needs to get that Latin pussy of hers fucked. Once he is hard and ready to penetrate her she goes right for her favorite position being on top, using all that big butt weight of hers to grind on this guys big cock. This is actually how she ends up making him cum by being on top. He tells her he is about to cum but Kiara just loves the feeling of cum being shot in her pussy so she doesn’t move and just keeps on riding. Once she stands up off his dick the cum starts dripping out and this guy dropped a fucking epic load up inside of Kiara let me tell you!

Fat Ass Maid Fucking


Big Ass Maid Fucks Her Boss

I wish I knew who this girl was but I just can’t recognize her. I mean with a ass like this I am pretty sure I would just know her if she was a well known pornstar or something. It’s definitely a European scene because I think most of the girls that are on Joybear are from Europe. This is a really cool site because their porn scenes all have complex story lines and are just not Gonzo scenes. This is one of those erotica sites that you see so much nowadays but it’s a newer one so make sure to check it out because odds are that you haven’t seen it before. This video is pretty long but the sad thing is you don’t get to see how it ends! The guy is just pounded this girl pussy from behind and it looks like he’s about to cum inside it but we will never know another good option would be putting it on that fat ass of hers. She is a really thick girl who just loves to grind on a cock, she isn’t much of a rider more of a grinder but you don’t get a big butt like this but working a ton LOL!

Kendra Lust 3rd Ass Parade Vid


Kendra Lust 3rd Time on Ass Parade

That beautiful big ass that Kendra Lust has is making it’s 3rd appearance on Ass Parade. You know I like to be thorough in everything that I do so I have the other two scene she has done for them here and here. If you think that Kendra’s ass is just round and fatter you might be right because the guys who run Ass Parade think that and Kendra Lust isn’t exactly putting that rumor to rest. They have her walking around out in public in some little booty shorts. A girl with a good ass just walking around is hot, that’s how you know a girl has a good ass. If you can just sit there and watch her walk and it hot that right there is a good ass. Once she goes back into the house she fucks one of her favorite dicks in porn. This guy gives it to her just right and she comes all over him. Kendra just has a beautiful body I mean the perfect hour glass and then when it comes to having sex she is so damn good. Just look at her here fingeirng her ass while she is being fucked, she is just a freak in the sheets and that’s what any man dreams about.

Jillian Janson Monster Curves


Jillian Janson Monster Curves Reality Kings

Monster Curves is always looking out for a big titty big ass woman and I think they found it with Jillian Janson here. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out how I knew her already and it’s because I guess she started out doing porn under a different name. She first started as “Anna Lynn” but now it’s changed. I hate when girls do that, I just like consistantly and it definitely makes it way harder to find more galleries of her. In the gallery on the right sidebar you will find all the related galleries I have found of her if you were looking. The video I have for you guys starts off with Jillian on all fours showing off that big ass and tight little pussy of hers. They bang like that for like 2 minute and then she takes a turn on top. The hottest thing about her being on top is she does a little twerking on his dick, it looks really hot.

Phoenix Marie PAWG


Phoenix Marie PAWG

I just didn’t have the time to make this PAWG update for you guys so you’re just going to have to see it over at this MILF site. I am not sure if Phoenix Marie is even in that category. She is more just a pornstar at this point, definitely not old enough for MILF status. Hopefully she will keep in porn so we can see her when she does reach that. This video is awesome because you get to see a of of ass in it. They follow her around in these cut off little yoga pants. It’s funny how crazy clothing like this can be so hot. She jumps up and down and then shakes that ass a lot as well. They go back to the house where Phoenix sits on the guy-who-will-be-fucking-her’s face and lets him enjoy that amazing tight pussy of hers. Phoenix just isn’t a big ass pornstar, she is also a prefect pussy pornstar and she has those nice big fake titties as well, she is everything you want in a slutty whore and more HAH!

Jayden Starr


Jayden Starr Fat Ass

I got a nice big fat black ass for you guys. This girls name is Jayden Starr and she has been on a couple of times now. The time before this was when she was on Round and Brown with another girl. This time she is on the world famous Ass Parade a site that has a lot less black girls then you would think! I mean bang bros has a PAWG site for Perfect Ass White Girls they have Brown Bunnies for black girls so Ass Parade should really just be a mix of both but it isn’t. Maybe they’re getting to that right now and Jayden is the first in a long line of exotic girls that will be on the site. She comes on and they oil up that ass like they do with every big booty hoe that comes on. She shakes it for them but gets a little tired out in the heat and asks if she can just go inside and get her fuck on already. The guy who fucked Jayden here was a total loser, he couldn’t keep that dick hard to save his life this tight pussy and big black ass must of scared him. He was able to get a nut off though limp dick and all. Jayden though wasn’t done and she just sat their and shaked her ass telling the camera she was ready for another dick. Bet you dollars to donuts she got some dick from the camera guy after her put it down!

Liza’s Perfect Ass


Liza Del Sierra Bang Bros Ass Parade

Liza Del Sierra has one giant fat ass and Bang Bros agrees with me! They have her in a brand new scene for Ass Parade where she is just killing it. She dresses up super sexy in a outfit that really highlights that booty of hers. The guy fucking her basically spends the ole time fucking her trying not to cum. He is able to get her to orgasm though while she is riding his dick. So if you have a membership make sure to check that out. Once she cums she can’t get fuck any longer because it’s too sensitive so she lays back spreads her legs and tells him to eat her out. Liza doesn’t speak much english but what she has mastered is telling guys what she wants. She is pretty much just teaching this guy how to fuck her. She puts his hand around her throat and keeps telling him to fuck her harder and harder. I think he is about to break her at one part during the video because he is pounding that pussy so hard!

Kelly Cheats on BF


Kelly Divine My Friends Hot Girl

I never actually thought that Kelly Divine had a fake ass but this picture sure looks to perfect to me! I guess she has always been known for that big ass of hers but damn you could have a dinner on that butt self. She is doing some jump rope kind of waiting out her boyfriend. She wants him to leave so she can go over to his friend and make her move. He is over at their house taking advantage of their pool and probably the good views, YOU KNOW what I’m sayin. Kelly Divine walks out there in nothing at all and that’s all the message this guy needs before he betrays his friends trust and fucks his girl. There is some pretty damn good pictures in this gallery too so don’t waste all your time watching this long as video, I mean this picture is like wallpaper material.



Fat MILF Rides Dick

This video isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are to interested not to click don’t worry it’s not that long of a video. This is a very amateur scene of some fat ass BBW MILF taking a black did for a ride. This lady her whole life has always wanted to do this and she is taking full advantage of her opportunity. She is riding him fast and hard like she NEEDS it you know. I am not even sure he wants to be there look how he is just laying back arms spread eagle. He is probably imagining he is being banged by something a lot different then this beast LOL! It’s surprising how many videos you see of white MILFs like this fucking a black guy why they’re husbands watch on. It’s a whole thing, I don’t know if there is a name for it or not but I tell you it’s a thing for sure.

Lizzie’s Bunny Booty


Lizzie Tucker Teen Curves

Lizzie Tucker has been out of porn for some time I thought so I don’t know if this is a real deal “new” scene but it was definitely just released on this brand new site Teen Curves. These guys look like the spent some time getting this site together because they have some of the best bubble butt newbies in the business on their site. There is definitely a couple of them that are not teens that’s for sure. Alby Rydes is a example of that, if she is a teen that I’m fucking Peter Pan. The video I have for you is super long and it starts off with Lizzie in a little bunny costume. I bet they were trying to release this right on Halloween but kind of forgot about it, or got delayed for some reason. Anyways she takes off the silly costume and then gets that amazing butt of hers played with and then she takes this fat cock for a ride. When you have a girl with a fat ass you need to always do yourself a favor and have her ride you just like that so you can squeeze that booty and really just enjoy the show!

Fat Ass Lesbians Strap On


Fat Ass Lesbians Use Strapon

Two fat ass black girls are using a strap on in this hot little scene. I think the girl with the red hair is Pinky. She is a pretty famous pornstar the only black girl I know of with red hair. She and some unknown girl with a equally as big ass as pinky are getting after it in this video. They are fucking with a double sided dildo. This screenshot is pretty bad from me, my bad dogs but it’s the best I could do. You might able to see it but one end is in Pinky the other is in her friend and she is riding it up and down slamming their big asses together. If you like ebony girls or just big ghettto booties check this video out, it’s nice and long and it’s exactly what you will want to see!

Alura Jensen Fat Ass


Alura Jensen Big Fat Ass

Alura Jensen sure has a lot of junk in her trunk I mean god damn! She is fucking some lucky ass college guy in this video. Not only is he getting to fuck this curvy MILF but he is getting a discount on rent on top of that! Alura Jensen went over to her rentals in this video from Naughty America’s Seduced by a Cougar to interview a guy that wanted to rent it. When she saw him she knew that she was going to be able to get this dick in her wet pussy so she played with him for a bit and then finally just came right out and told him if he fucked her she would hook him and his college Bros up. With the dicking he put down in this video I am pretty sure these guys are getting a screaming deal! You have to love Naughty America for always having nice plot lines and stuff like that, it’s not just straight up gonzo porn, these guys put some effort into every single video!

Fat Ass Black Girl


Juicy Ass Black Girl

This black girl must have some back problems with a ass like this! She gets in the shower where the guy that is going to fuck her gets in the mood by playing with that fat ass of hers. He oils it up and then washes it, playing with it and touching her pussy at the same time. Once he has had his fun with this big ass he takes her into the other room where he bangs her. He loves having a view of her juicy ass so there is lots of doggystyle and lets of her riding him. Once he is about to cum he pulls out and of course gets that black ass wet again.

Kelsi Monroe Teen Curves


Kelsi Monroe Team Skeet

I have a hot tip for you guys, Team Skeet is going to be putting out a new site called Teen Curves! I found one of the galleries that they made for that site and it’s fucking awesome because well they picked one of my favorite curvy teens and that’s Kelsi Monroe. Kelsi has one amazing big fat ass and you get to see that ass bouncing up and down on this guys cock. He does a little pounding himself though especially when she is doing the splits like this he is just going to town pounding that puppy. Not only does Kelsi have some nice thick assets but look how damn flexible she is! Team Skeet is the only place you can watch this full video right now so if you want to see it that’s where you need to head. The best part of this video isn’t even this sex probably… It’s probably when Kelsi is walking around Miami in this little skirt flashing us her ass, seeing a girl like this with a perfect ass walking around is just too hot, especially if that have the walk down. You know those girls with the big asses that just know how to make it look amazing as they walk, well Kelsi is one of those girls o if you have no idea what I am talking about you soon will.

Loving Sex W/ Roc and Shay


Roc and shay Home Fucking

Here is a hot new homemade sex video from Roc and Shay. He starts off moving her panties to the side and licking her pussy until she is nice and and wet. he then gets to pounding that sweet pussy and the way the camera is setup you get to see that amazing juicy ass that Shay has. Like all the video that are shot for Roc and Shay they’re a lot of 3rd person and sometime Roc will pick up the camera for some POV. It’s just them who run this site, it’s a real couples site. So if you like a nice big ghetto booty and real sex between a married couple or boyfriend / girlfriend not sure what they are, this is the site for you!

Desire5k Rides Dick


Desire5k Reverse Cowgirl Dick Ride

Was over at my buddies site and saw this fat ass black girl named Desire5k. She has a site that she runs and it is basically just a bunch of homemade sex tapes that she has done with her husband / boyfriend whatever it is. I noticed that she loves to ride a dick because a lot of her videos has her on top. This one is one of those videos where she spends the entire time riding her man reverse cowgirl. She can shake her ass on a dick like you won’t even believe, I have watched a lot of porn in my day and I will say that this girl is quite unique. Check her out see what you think and if you don’t like it don’t worry, we have plenty of other porn here I am sure you will enjoy.

Insane Ass


Natalie Bang Bros Ass Parade

I have posted pretty much every gallery that Bang Bros has done with Natalie so I thought why not stop now. I didn’t make my own gallery because I found this one first and I just didn’t feel like it. Here she is again a scene called “Insane Colombian Booty” they got that title spot on right? It’s the same Bang Bros guy that has been in Colombia for a while now it seems and he keeps coming back to this gorgeous girl Natalie. He has fucked her 4 times now and I bet there will be more then that! I mean she is really good at what she does and if you’re a ass man it just doesn’t get much better then this bubble butt!

Two Facials, Two Guys


Two Facials Two Guys

Here is a super hot MILF teacher that’s right a teacher! She is about to get in big trouble for this! She not only fucks the owner of Mom POV but she also fucks his friend in the s same day! I guess the owner guy just wanted to get his dick sucked today or he promised his buddy that he could fuck this MILF because he just gets head for the first part of the video. This girl is pretty good at giving blowjobs she makes him cum all on her own. Considering he usually bangs and gets his dick sucked for a hour plus for her to knock him out in like 5 minutes is pretty damn impressive. She then gets in her bikini and goes down to the hot tub to get the next guy ready to go. They get back to the hotel room where she gets fucked nice and good even having a couple of orgasms! You will see one in the video where she is riding him reverse cowgirl. She has a really nice body for a older chick, fake tits but this round ass is what’s the real winner in my opinion.

Natalie’s Big Ass


Natalie Big Tits, Round Asses

It looks like Natalie is making her rounds through the Bang Bros sites this week she is on Big Tits, Round Asses. Make sure to check out her other two scene with Bang Bros by clicking here and here. This one has her all oiled up and in a bathtub showing off that big fat ass of hers as well as her big fake boobies. In The video you get a longer clip the only problem with it is I kinda of fucked up and just gave you a whole clip of her riding this guys dick. It’s not even from the right angle either! Should have got the angle where she is was reverse cowgirl so you could get a look at that perfect bubble butt of hers. I mean let’s be honest here anyone can get fake tits but the ass that she has it’s quite rare.

Phoenix Big Ass


Phoenix Marie Big Ass

Bang Bros Ass Parade site took their time with this update! They got Phoenix Marie to try on a whole bunch of different panties that would show off that amazing big ass of hers and they took pictures of it and of course filmed it. She ends up fucking the camera guy but he makes sure to get even more ass shots of that! I would say Phoenix Marie isn’t all ass though because she really does have it all. A Pretty face, check, a set of big tits, check, and amazing tight perfect pussy double check! I mean just check out some of these pictures of her pussy and tell me it’s not one of the best ones in porn!

Phoenix Looking Amazing


Phoenix Marie Tonight's Girlfriend

Phoenix Marie has been on Tonight’s Girlfriend a couple of times now(1,2) but I don’t think her ass or pussy has ever looked this good! This guy who hired Phoenix is a big fan and he is a fan of her perfect bubble butt so Phoenix went out of her way to really show it off! I think her pussy was the real star of this update though but that’s just me. Phoenix does anything this guy wants and for some reason he wanted to lick that ass of hers, to each their own I guess. Once he got his dick in that tight pussy of Phoenix it was almost too big for her I mean it’s a tight pussy for sure but you would think she could handle something like this after all the porn’s she has done. I don’t know if it’s just a act to make a guy feel good or what but she pretending like this guy was the best thing since sliced bread. It ends with her taking a facial to the fest and then she goes in the bathroom cleans up and goes away, the best part about fucking a hooker!

Paola Bang Bros


Paola Bang Bros

Bang Bros set over a guy to Colombia to find girls with big asses and not only has he probably exceeded their expectations but he is finding GIANT asses over there! Check out this girl named Paola who has one of the fattest asses I have ever seen! You get to see this big ass bouncing up and down on a dick in a hot sex scene that they did on the stairs. It’s actually a great place to fuck because it gives the girls feat sometime to stand on while she rides him. The way that ass jiggles as she rides it’s almost hypnotizing. I think I have posted almost every gallery they have done of these hot Latin woman and so if you want to see the other ones, you can check them out here: 1,2,3,4! You guys have to show some love to Bang Bros for bringing us such great porn so all I ask is that you take the tour at least to see all the porn you get for one low price!

Natalie Bang Bros


Natalie Bang Bros

I don’t even know why I bother to write stuff when I have a picture this hot. I mean how do I expect you guys not just to click on this right away? Her name is Natalie and she has one of the best big butts I have ever seen! She not only has a big ass but she has big tits too. Her tits may be fake but when you have a ass like this you have to balance yourself out. She is starring in a hardcore scene for Bang Bros this is the first one that she has ever done and man is it good. She is a Columbian chick and she now has me thinking that Columbian woman might have better asses then Spanish / Mexican girls. I home that I can find more of this girl but just going off the name Natalie is going to be hard.

Shay Tries Anal


Roc and Shay Anal

Roc and Shay do something I have never seen them do before and that’s try anal! Roc put his big dick in that big black ass of Shay while she used a vibrator on her pussy to make it extra pleasurable. They start off the video having regular sex, well regular for them not for you and me. These two fuck in some pretty crazy positions I think Roc just likes to look at Shay’s ass while he bangs her that’s why they fuck in this positions. The video starts off with Roc eating her out and ends with him busting his nut all over that fat ass, a great scene for you ebony lovers.

Eva Notty


Eva Notty Mom POV

Eva Notty is breaking the mold on Mom POV! Usually this guy only goes for real deal amateur MILFs but I don’t think you can blame him for making a exception for Eva Notty. I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck this nice thick MILF. She has a nice fat ass and her tits are all natural and fucking HUGE! She is a totally professional and she has just as much fun fucking this guy as he had fucking her. She is able to have a orgasm a couple of times when she is on top riding his dick. She does both the grinding ride (that’s what made her cum) and the up and down ride as well. She is a bigger girl so you wouldn’t except her to be as nimble as she is when she rides a guy. The thing is she is bigger just from those curves of hers I mean her tits have to way like 15 lbs each or something! That ass of hers is the other half of all her weight or something like that LOL.

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa Ann Tonight's Girlfriend

Lisa Ann is back fucking guys for money in this episode of Tonight’s Girlfriend. She isn’t doing anal like her last time probably because she wasn’t paid the big bucks but it’s still a really hot scene. It’s kind of funny because as we all know Lisa Ann is one thick MILF and the guy who is fucking her looks like a little mouse. I bet Lisa has a couple LBS on him so it just looks funny when that big ass of hers is riding him. The guy is one of those young successful engineers and has a lot of money to blow and a really boring marriage. So he went to Vegas when Lisa was in town and booked her to come over to his hotel and fuck him like crazy. Lisa Ann never disappoints when it comes to sex and this is no different, the video is nice and long and you’re definitely going to love it. If you somehow missed Lisa’s anal sex, or threesome with Jayden Jaymes Tonight’s Girlfriend scenes you’re going to want to see those to so click away.

Nice Big Ass MILF


Milf With Big Ass on Mom POV

The guy at Mom POV knows what the guys on his site want to see. If the girl has a nice fat ass they want to see her ass, big tits they want to see her tits it’s pretty easy. This girl as you can see has one fine looking butt and he makes sure to show off her best asset if you know what I’m saying. He has her seriously ride his cock in this position for like 30 minutes to get him off. He was going to cum on her face but once she got to riding him he wanted to give her a nice deep creampie. So when he was about to pop he asked her in the heat of passion she said yes of course and that’s the ending we got! She is probably just peachy about it though because her boyfriend lets her fuck other guys all the time and she usually does creampies with them while he watches, she is a swinger you see.

Ava Alvares PAWG


Ava Alvares PAWG

I would say this ass belongs on PAWG wouldn’t you? I mean she isn’t really a white girl at all but man that ass is just crazy! Her name is Ava Alvares or Natalie Nunez depending on which site you are on. On Bang Bros they call her Ava so I think that’s what I will go with from now on. They’re the gold standard of porn after all. Here is she in a comeback scene if, she had retired for a bit but the dick called her back the the porn screen. She has such a nice pussy but her Ass definitely is at the cent of attention in this video. They bang poolside and in the end her sexy little latina face gets covered in salty man milk.

Phoenix is back!


Phoenix Marie on Porn Star Spa

Phoenix Marie is back on Porn Star Spa and that big ass of hers is looking better then ever! She is definitely a girl you are going to like if you like thick chicks with perfect pussies. It’s actually nice seeing Phoenix massaged because I could just look at her vagina for a week straight it’s amazing. Make sure to check out the first time she was on Porn Star Spa because that too is a great scene. In this one she spends some serious time getting her body rubbed down and what’s she is ready to she tells her male masseuse to whip out his dick (you guys know Phoenix she tells it how it is). The first position they have sex in is this one right here because let’s be honest that ass and pussy look fucking awesome like this!

Kelly ‘s Bubble Butt


Kelly Divine Anal Sex Naughty America

I don’t know if you can call this a bubble butt I mean it’s just so fucking huge. Kelly Divine has become famous for it but the reason I called this Bubble Butt is before she has this dick up her ass she is in the bathtub and it’s filled with bubbles. A little play on words if you will. It kind of sucks when I explain it away but hey I had to. Kelly gets herself nice and clean just to get dirty again and man does she get dirty! It doesn’t matter where you fuck this pornstar she likes it all that’s what makes her so great!

Malibu Nights


Phoenix Marie Malibu Nights

I should have just made a picture of Phoenix Marie’s ass and seen how many of you could guess who it was. I mean her butt is pretty recognizable, I don’t know what it is but I can always tell it’s her just by seeing it! Phoenix Marie pretty much has it all especially that amazing tight pussy of hers. For all the guys she has fucked in her life it is still one beautiful looking pussy. The name of this scene is Malibu Nights and it’s from the only MILF site you should join it’s called Pure Mature. They have all your favorite older pornstars like Phoenix Marie here or maybe even a Lisa Ann. They’re awesome so once you watch this video take their tour and see what they have to offer.

Ass So Phat


Black Gfs Ass So phat

If you like black girls there is only really one place you should go to find your porn and that’s Black GFs. They have a whole collection of amateur homemade sex tape with some hot ass ebony beauties. This scene is called Ass So Phat and just by seeing this picture I think you can figure out why it’s called that. This black girl is your typical black chick with just one huge butt. I mean it’s so big the guy has to have her spread her cheeks just so he can get his dick in that tight black pussy of hers.

Ashton Pierce


Ashton Pierce Let's Try Anal

A gorgeous babe with lots of tattoos and super hot face and nice big fake tits is on Let’s Try Anal. Her name is Ashton Pierce and I would suggest you remember that name because I think she is going to make it big! The scene starts off with the normal sex and what not and then the guy filming ask Ashton if she wants to give anal a shot. Being the little hoe bag she is she spreads her legs nice and wide and tells him to get after it. No lube or anything he goes straight for the glory and pounds this thick babe home.

Deepthroat Contest


College Rules Deepthroat Contest

I say this is a deepthroat contest yet I am showing a girl riding a cock, I know it doesn’t make sense but once you watch the video it will. It’s from College Rules and it starts off with these girls in their dorm room practicing for this sex tape that they are about to make and then submit to College Rules. They are like showing off how far they could deep throat a cock and let me tell you there are a couple of these coeds that could take on a 1 foot cock, it’s just crazy! Once the girls get the real deal they spend some time deep throating this guys tiny cock but it just isn’t that hard so then they start to fuck. The girl with the little spade on her lower back is totally the best, I would have this college girl riding my cock as often as I could, especially with her nice big juicy ass that’s a big bonus!

Vanessa Luna


Vanessa Luna East Coast XXX

Vanessa Luna not only has a nice big fat ass but she has some matching big tits as well. The guy from East Coast XXX choose wisely when he hired her to come over to his apartment for a fuck. I can’t believe he was able to hold his liquid in while she rode him on the couch is was a crazy good dick ride. In the end though he puts her legs up on his shoulders and basically pile drives the thick MILF until he cums in her pussy. The guy has some seriously white and thick cum because it takes Vanessa a while for her to squeeze it though. It could be that he just drop a load super deep inside of her.

Show Girlz Exclusive Brooke D


Show Girlz Exclusive Brooke D

She definitely has a pretty face but I think we can all stop kidding outselves here…the real star of this Show Girlz Exclusive photo update is of course Brooke D’s incredible big round smooth gorgeous ass! This ebony babe is packing some serious heat in her back seat and she knows how to show it to her best advantage, as you can see. The rest of her is no slouch, but man that butt just makes you want to dive in facefirst doesn’t it?

Julie Cash


Julie Cash Bang Bros

As you can see this guy is putting his life in danger by getting his face sat on by this PAWG! I would do it too though just for a chance to fuck Julie Cash. This girl has such a nice big ass no wonder she is on Perfect Ass White Girls a site by Bang Bros. She gets her pussy eaten and ass licked before she is fucked because like most women Julie lets a little foreplay before having sex. There is a little anal play throughout the video but you could tell that Julie just wasn’t into the idea of getting fucked in the ass. I mean when you have such a big butt I bet she is pretty used to guys trying to enter from the rear. All in all a great scene and it’s exactly what to expect when you are a member of Bang Bros.

Jayden & Phoenix Anal


Jayden and Phoenix Anal

Jayden Jaymes and Phoenix Marie are both getting fucked in the ass in this Elegant Angel video. The scene is even more kinky then that because it ends with Jayden Jaymes getting a anal creampie. Like that is even kinky here is the best part, Phoenix Marie eats that cum out of her ass! That’s right these two pornstars get freakier then you have ever seen them before and you’re only going to see this video at Elegant Angel so go on get over there.

Shake That Fat Ass


Busty Latina My GF

This guy has it good let me tell you! First of all he has a big ass, big tit Latina girlfriend. Second this girl cooks for him and third look at what he gets away with in the sex arena of his life! This guy just sits back has his girlfriend gets him in the mood. What you need to check out is this video and see them fucking on the balcony of their apartment. At least I think they are fucking or he could just be fucking this girls thick thighs I honestly can’t tell. The video is from a site called My GF. Many of you have probably heard of revenge sites by now and this is one of those sites. So if you have a girl you want to get revenge on you can always submit your sex tape to them and MyGF will even pay you!

Ashlynn Sixxx


Ashlynn Sixxx Reality Kings

This is a nice ghetto booty for all you guys who like yourself a black girl. Her name is Ashlynn Sixxx and she is fucking in a Round and Brown scene you can see at the Reality Kings website. Ashlynn has one of those asses you just don’t see anywhere but on black girls. Its nice and round and her waiste to him ratio is just off the charts. You don’t get a lot of pictures in this gallery that are not of her butt because I mean lets be honest here that is what sets her apart from every other girl you see in a porn.

Airykah Kane


Airykah Kane Show Girlz Exclusive

I am going to hook you guys up with a girl with be best hour glass figure I have ever seen! Her name is Airykah Kane and she has great natural tits and just a beautiful thick body. That hour glass figure isn’t all she has to offer if she turned around you would see one amazing perfect round bubble butt. I mean this girl is fucking hot! She is a exclusive to a site called Show Girlz Exclusive that that has so many babes it will blow your fucking mind. Just like how Apple put the phone jack at that bottom of their phone, it’s that mind blowing.

Noe Milk


Noe Milk Cum Louder

Great booty on this Cum Louder model wouldn’t you say? Her name is Noe Milk and I have a feeling that can’t be her real stage name. I mean it’s just too damn stupid I think. I don’t really care what you call her though I just care that she is fucking hot! In this video your going to see a lot of her riding a big cock because well it shows off her best assest if you will. Noe is a ebony babe so if you like dark meat you have to check out this gallery. Cum Louder is one of the better sites out there and if you speak Spanish it’s the best possible site for you to join, so check it out.

Nikki Sexx Spa Day


Nikk Sexx Porn Star Spa

I want to know why Nikki Sexx just didn’t name herself Nikki Sexxx I mean the triple x would make a lot more sense. I just had to get that off my chest sorry. Back to this gallery, it’s from Porn Star Spa a Bang Bros site that is all massage based. Nikki goes on there and gets that juicy body of hers all oiled down and massaged. Once she is nice and relaxed and her pussy is wet enough for a cock the guy gets naked and gives this MILF a hard pounding. The guy fucking her has to be in his 20’s so it’s probably just a dream come true getting to fuck a girl as experienced as Nikki Sexx is.

Mandingo Massacre 7


Lisa Ann Jules Jordan

I am just impressed that Lisa Ann can take the Mandingo in that nice little MILF pussy of hers! Then I watch this entire Jules Jordan video and saw that she ends up asking him to put it in that bubble butt of hers! He fucks it just like it’s her pussy not slowing down a bit and Lisa Ann just loves it! I bet after all the sex she has had she can enjoy just about everything. She is just such a gorgeous MILF I didn’t really care that I posted a gallery of her the other day. This one is so much different, it’s Interracial and this guy is hung like a god damn horse I mean look at that thing!

Evi Pervs On Patrol


Evi Fox Pervs On Patrol

We all know that Evi Fox is one horny ass latina so when she is caught masturbating by some guy in this Pervs On Patrol scene she doesn’t even get mad. She basically just tells him “Hey Buddy, you’re going to fuck me now”. That is the only worlds I woudl want to hear come from this girls mouth. The video is nice and long and has both a third person portion and a POV as well. Evi has done a couple of porn videos for Mofos now, if you missed the others ones don’t worry you can see them all on the site that I am sending you too.

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